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  • X1200D-Outward Opening Door

    X1200D-Outward Opening Door

    Sayyas X120-od passive external door opening adopts large section foam type intermediate sealant strip to block indoor and outdoor air convection, and is implanted with new composite material X. This material is moisture-proof, mothproof and high strength to ensure that the frame is solid, safe and durable. It adopts winkhaus original imported hardware and senying customized hinge, which is high-end and simple.

  • X120-Inward Opening Window

    X120-Inward Opening Window

    To meet the needs of passive engineering construction, x120 is customized for engineering construction projects to reduce the frame thickness and widen the frame width. Low-e insulating glass argon is used to upgrade the thermal insulation performance of the product, double energy saving, and easily cope with bitter cold or torrid heat.

  • X139-Inward Opening Window

    X139-Inward Opening Window

    Sayyas x139 aluminum-clad wood window is a new passive window product launched by Sayyas in 2020. It innovatively uses a new composite material X with ultra-low heat conduction characteristics as a super thermal breaker. Large section foam type middle sealing rubber strip is used to block indoor and outdoor air convection, thus effectively improving the thermal insulation performance. After the passive configuration, it has super high thermal insulation performance, and Uw can be as low as 0.6W/ m2·K. It also has extremely narrow frame, extreme vision, flat inside and outside surface, with characteristics of sound insulation, noise reduction, moisture and moth resistance, ultra-high strength, as well as window and screening integration.

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