Brand History

  • 01

    In 1998


    Sayyas was established to introduce the German wood window system into China.

  • 02

    In 1999

    Sayyas completed its first project "Renhe Garden".

  • 03

    In 2000


    Sayyas completed the construction of its Phase II Plant.

  • 04

    In 2001


    Sayyas published the 1st Edition - Sayyas Windows, and obtained 13 patents.

  • 05

    In 2004

    Sayyas passed the fire protection certification of Building Materials Test Center in Japan.

  • 06

    In 2003


    Sayyas passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.

  • 07

    In 2008

    Sayyas's laser coding ID in products was officially put into use.

  • 08

    In 2010

    Sayyas dropped wood-aluminum composite windows that accounted for 60% of its sales, and focused on aluminum-clad wood windows.

  • 09

    In 2011

    Sayyas passed the CE certification to obtain the sales qualification to enter the EU market. Sayyas dropped wood-aluminum composite windows that accounted for 60% of its sales, and focused on aluminum-clad wood windows.

  • 10

    In 2012


    Sayyas launched the first passive window Passive120 in China.

    Sayyas obtained the Class B certification of PHI.

  • 11

    In 2013


    Sayyas's Passive 160 obtained the Class A certification of PHI in Germany.

  • 12

    In 2014

    Sayyas was successfully listed on the "new OTC market" to become the first enterprise in China's door window industry to be listed on the new OTC market.

    Sayyas was invited to participate in the compilation of the first "Local Standard for Energy-saving Design of Passive Buildings" in China.

    Sayyas joined the "China Passive Building Alliance (CPBA)" to become the only standing director unit from the window industry.

  • 13

    In 2015

    Sayyas launched the world's first passive hidden framing curtain wall - Pcw70.

    The first curtain wall product in China that passed the certification of PHI - Scw60 was put into use

  • 14

    In 2016


    The world's largest passive factory was completed.

    At the first Passive House Conference in Asia, Sayyas successfully held

    The sub-forum entitled "Exclusive Interpretation of Passive Windows and Their Important Components".

  • 15

    In 2017


    Sayyas began the construction of its factory in Nanjing.

    The world's largest passive factory passed the air tightness test (N50<0.2), which is far lower than the international standard of 0.6.

  • 16

    In 2018


    Sayyas won the Guinness World Records for "World's Largest Passive Factory".

  • 17

    In 2019

    Sayyas became the "standing director unit of China Passive Building Alliance (CPBA)" and won the Outstanding Contribution Award by the Passive House Alliance of China.

    The passive factory project won the Innovation and Energy Saving Award in Germany and the passive office building was included in the “13th Five-Year” National Key R&D Program.

    Near-zero Energy Public Building Demonstration Project

    The product PAZEN120 won the First Prize for Severe Cold Area of PHI.

  • 18

    In 2020


    Sayyas launched new air conditioning windows to lead the industry development.

  • 19



    Sayyas Nanjing headquarters office building for near-zero energy consumption transformation and through the ultra-low near-zero energy consumption building project evaluation, Sayyas cumulative patent applications reached 400

  • 20



    Launched a series of Slim Wood aluminum-clad windows, release the edge of the view, so that life can not only have the scenery, can also be owned by the scenery


    Successfully landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, as the first window as the main business of listed enterprises




Address of Shuangcheng factory:

Crossroads of Songhuajiang Road and Xing'an Road, New Industrial Park, Shuangcheng Economic Development Zone, Harbin

Address of Haxi factory:

No. 9, Xinnong Road, Nangang District, Harbin


Address of Nanjing factory:

No. 18, Zhonghuan Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing

Address of Nanjing office building:

Building F, Shimao 52 +, Yuhua District, Nanjing


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