Glass system
Insulate the room and keep it transparent.

The wood system allows the beauty of wood to shine gracefully

Select laminated woods imported from Europe

Sayyas visited all over the world to select the laminated woods imported from Europe


The glass system can insulate the room and keep it transparent

Establish deep processing workshop for glass

More than 75% of a set of windows is glass. Therefore, the quality of glass is very important. Sayyas has built its own glass processing workshop to fully ensure product quality and time limit, and ensure timely and stable after-sales service.

The glass processing workshop covers an area of 15,000m2, with 2 LISEC glass cutting and washing production lines, 1 Glastone tempering furnace from Finland, 1 LandGlass two-chamber tempering furnace, 4 LISEC insulating glass production lines from Austria and 1 Bystronic insulating glass production line from Switzerland.

All materials are carefully selected

LOW-E glass

The surface of LOW-E glass is coated with multi-layer metals and compounds. The coating layer has the characteristics of high transparency to visible light and high reflection to mid and far infrared ray. Compared with common glass and traditional coated glass, it has excellent heat insulation effect and good light transmittance. In addition, LOW-E glass can also reduce the UV radiation by 25%, so as to protect the sofa and other furniture in the house from fading.

3A molecular sieve

The hole diameter of 3A molecular sieve is slightly larger than that of water molecules, and it has strong adsorption on water molecules in the cavity. Sayyas selects molecular sieve with diameter of 0.5-0.9mm, and uses smaller particles and more quantity to increase the adsorption amount of water molecules, so as to ensure the internal drying of insulating glass.

Polysulfide rubber imported from Europe

Sayyas uses polysulfide rubber imported from Europe instead of silicone adhesive to provide effective guarantee for the sealing of insulating glass.

The water vapor permeability of polysulfide rubber is about 30% of the common silicone adhesive, and the permeability of argon is about 20% of the common silicone adhesive, so the effect of using polysulfide rubber in argon filled glass is better.

Butyl rubber imported from Europe

Sayyas uses butyl rubber imported from Europe to bond the spacer and glass to ensure the stability of argon and insulation performance of insulating glass.

High-end equipment deep processing

Professional and efficient production process to effectively ensure the quality of glass.

LISEC glass production line from Austria

Bystronic glass production line from Switzerland

Tamglass tempering furnace from Finland

LandGlass two-chamber tempering furnace

LISEC cold-edge spacer bending machine

R&R ultrasonic warm-edge spacer welding machine from Germany

LISEC production line

In 2002, LISEC entered into a strategic partnership with Sayyas, dedicated to the deep processing of glass for aluminum-clad wood air conditioning windows as well as the R&D and manufacturing of industrial equipment. LISEC's automatic pre-processing system has different functions such as optimized layout, automatic laminating, automatic cutting (removable film), automatic severing, no stacking, automatic flipping, automatic vertical four-edge grinding and automatic cleaning. LISEC insulating glass production line can realize double-edge warm argon filling and automatic gluing, and process three-glass two-cavity, argon filled, warm-edge, and offline LOW-E insulating glass. The argon filling concentration can reach more than 90%.

In the future, Sayyas will introduce LISEC ERP software and Buffer equipment, and jointly build industry 4.0 intelligent plant with LISEC.

Glastone tempering furnace

Traditional tempering furnace is heated on one side to deal with the case that Low-E glass is prone to tempered bending. Glasstone tempering furnace from Finland adopts convection heating mode, which can make the temperature of the upper and lower surface of glass heated consistent, so that it is not easy to be bent and deformed, and the smoothness of the glass is improved. Its equipment processing toughened glass flatness can be less than 1/1000.

Cold-edge spacer bending machine

Pin process is adopted for the connection of the traditional cold-edge spacer, and the four edges are connected with eight connectors. The gap of these connectors will affect the sealing of insulating glass. Sayyas uses LISEC bending machine to bend the spacer so that it has only one connector, and then uses butyl rubber to seal it, thus forming a closed cavity.

Bystronic glass production line

It is the first production line in Asia that can produce four-glass three-cavity insulating glass.



Process determines quality

Film removal and chamfering before laminating

Before laminating hollow glass, the film around the glass will be removed, and the offline metal layer will be removed to avoid affecting the adhesion of butyl rubber, so that it appears oxidation, film removal, insulating glass leakage and other phenomena.

When the glass is cut, small cracks appear on the edges, although they are not visible to the naked eye. But in the process of tempering, due to stress concentration, these small cracks are easy to cause spontaneous explosion of glass, so the glass will be chamfered after cutting to improve product quality.

Purified water treatment center

Sayyas has built a purified water treatment center, which is used to clean the glass

Ordinary water contains a lot of impurities and electrolytes, which will lead to the gradual loss of the heat insulation function of LOW-E glass, and make its appearance black, discoloration and a lot of mildew, thus affecting its service life.

Sayyas has its own purified water treatment center, which uses American RO membrane reverse osmosis technology to reduce electrolyte content, and the purity can reach less than 6us/cm, ensuring the durability of heat insulation performance of LOW-E glass.

Safe and clean laminated glass

Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass, that is, a layer or multiple layers of PVB films are sandwiched between two or more glass. After high temperature and high pressure processing, it can keep the glass from falling off in large areas, with better safety, sound insulation and heat preservation.

Sayyas has built its own clean rooms with 100,000-class fresh air filtration system, and the production of laminated glass meets the cleanliness requirements of food companies.

Air curtain argon filling of insulating glass

To ensure the continuous and stable supply of argon, Sayyas has built its own cryogenic liquid argon station. The air curtain filling method is adopted to ensure that the argon filling amount of the insulating glass can exceed 90%. The advantages of argon filling in insulating glass:

Argon is heavier than air, which can reduce the convection inside the glass and improve the insulation performance;

Argon has better sound insulation than air;

Argon filling prevents oxygen in the air from oxidizing the LOW-E film;

Argon does not contain moisture, which can prevent moisture corrosion on LOW-E glass;

Argon is not easy to be absorbed by molecular sieve, which can prevent the generation of relatively negative pressure, resulting in large glass sag

Argon is better than air at isolating ultraviolet light.

High sealing insulating glass in details

To produce high-quality aluminum-clad wood air conditioning windows, Sayyas introduced the world's advanced glass processing production line. From the original glass to the molecular sieve in the spacer, each raw material is carefully selected to ensure the best performance of the insulating glass with the most exquisite technology. The whole processing of insulating glass has passed 75 quality checks.




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