Dalian, Liaoning

Dalian - Gold Dimension

Project Introduction

Passive Construction Project

Located in the cold coastal areas of China, Golden Dimension Passive House is a model of passive building technology research, development and application among retro buildings, and has obtained ten national patents

The project was listed as a "National Science and Technology Plan Project" in 2016, and is a demonstration project of ultra-low energy consumption passive building

It is the first certified passive building complex with 33 buildings in China

It created a number of optimal indicators for passive buildings, among which the air tightness of building reaches N50≦0.18 (1/H), far exceeding the German industry standard of N50≦0.6 (1/H),

and the thermal imaging detection of building reaches "0" leakage point, which has become an example of the quality of the passive building industry


Key technology systems

1. External envelope insulation system

2. High-performance door window system

3. Full fresh air replacement system

4. Sound insulation and noise reduction system

Project Information

Project address: No. 33 Central Street, Jinshitan National Tourism Resort, Dalian City, Liaoning Province

Development company: Dalian Bolang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Building company: Nantong Sanjian Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd.

Supervision company: Dalian Dakai Construction Consulting & Supervision Co., Ltd.

China's first fully certified passive single-family coastal landscape villa

Gold Dimension Project uses science and technology to shape the whole ecological

life conservation system in the aspects of "medical, food, housing and transportation", and the project has created the original 4-Total ultimate service system

Window model: Sayyas P120 aluminum-clad wood window

Window area: 989.35

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Address of Shuangcheng factory:

Crossroads of Songhuajiang Road and Xing'an Road, New Industrial Park, Shuangcheng Economic Development Zone, Harbin

Address of Haxi factory:

No. 9, Xinnong Road, Nangang District, Harbin


Address of Nanjing factory:

No. 18, Zhonghuan Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing

Address of Nanjing office building:

Building F, Shimao 52 +, Yuhua District, Nanjing



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