Sayyas Shuangcheng Phase II Factory won the title of 2020 Provincial Digital Demonstration Workshop

  Recently, after review by the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and a third-party professional organization, the “energy-saving aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows digital manufacturing workshop” of the second-phase factory of Sayyas Window has been recognized as a digital (intelligent) demonstration workshop in Heilongjiang Province in 2020. The purpose of this certification is to implement the strategy of building a strong country in manufacturing, the "Heilongjiang Province’s Industrial Province Construction Plan (2019-2025)" and the "Implementation Opinions of Heilongjiang Province on Deepening the "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing" and Promoting the Development of the Industrial Internet". Key measures of the strategy of strengthening the province.

  The second phase of Sayyas's factory adopts the construction standards of CNC automated production line, and the digital factory operation mode, and has introduced advanced CNC equipment and software systems to fully meet the customized needs of consumers. In recent years, in order to further improve the digital and intelligent level of management, Sayyas has worked hard to develop the application of information technology in the fields of office, production, safety, and cost. Among them, the most advanced ERP system in China's aluminum-clad wood window industry has been fully launched in Sayyas, marking Sayyas's entry into a new era of "intelligent manufacturing".


  △ On August 19, 2017, Sayyas ERP system was fully launched

  In the future, Sayyas will continue to increase its investment in intelligent production, seize the opportunity of Heilongjiang Province's tens of millions of projects, continue to lead technological production and technological progress, and consolidate its leading position in the sub-industry.


  △ On August 18, 2020, the Changchun Weifeng Group's visiting team visited the second-phase workshop of Sayyas Shuangcheng, and was checking the production progress of the project through the workshop kanban




Address of Shuangcheng factory:

Crossroads of Songhuajiang Road and Xing'an Road, New Industrial Park, Shuangcheng Economic Development Zone, Harbin

Address of Haxi factory:

No. 9, Xinnong Road, Nangang District, Harbin


Address of Nanjing factory:

No. 18, Zhonghuan Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing

Address of Nanjing office building:

Building F, Shimao 52 +, Yuhua District, Nanjing


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