2020 Sayyas Craftsman Competition practical operation competition ended successfully!

     Today, the 2020 Mori Eagle Craftsman Competition hands-on competition officially concluded. As an exhibition part of the exhibition, the Forklift Competition has firmly grasped the temperament of the Mori Eagle version of the "Autumn Mountain Bike God". After the competition of “ant moving house”, “moving mountains and reclaiming sea” and “transferring colored balls”, the three “car gods” Guo Weixing, Yu Changwei, and Meng Tao from the storage and distribution department took the first place, second place, and third place. Certificates and cash prizes!


  This year’s craftsmanship competition has a full evaluation dimension, wide coverage, and a large number of participants. It lasted 5 months from June and organized a total of 133 competitions with 658 participants. The results of the competition were announced in a timely manner, ensuring that the competition was open, fair and fair. . Compared with last year, this year’s craftsmanship competition not only has a more scientific competition system, but also has standard work instructions as the norm, and the content is also richer. Training and monthly assessments have been included in the appraisal. In addition, reasonable suggestions and special skills competitions have been added. item. In the future, "craft innovation", "craft standardization" and "craft inheritance" may all become important criteria for craftsman evaluation.



  The Mori Eagle Craftsman Competition has today's scale is not achieved overnight, but has been accumulated and precipitated over a period of ten years. Around 2010, Sayyas has successively launched various "skill competitions" and "skills competitions". Sayyas's emphasis on product quality has gradually become popular and has become a part of Sayyas's culture. Teacher Bian also raised the proposition "What is the soul of Sayyas" when sharing internally, and finally came to the conclusion that the soul of Sayyas is the craftsman spirit under focus. For Sayyas craftsmen, always wandering between carving craftsmanship, polishing craftsmanship, and inheriting craftsmanship, satisfying needs, reaping gains, and gaining recognition, there is more pure happiness. At a higher level, energy conservation, emission reduction, health and comfort will be important propositions for the green and energy-saving building industry for a long time to come. Sayyas will live up to its mission, let the "Sayyas craftsman spirit" shine in the new situation, and provide the industry with energy-saving windows with lower energy consumption.






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