The value of innovation and improvement-Bian teacher Yu Sayyas's sharing in the third QCC competition

  Actually, I don’t know how to make evaluations. The full score is 50 points. The lowest I gave was 45 points, and the highest was 49 points. The evaluation is not necessarily correct. Fortunately, evaluations that differ by one point have an impact on the final result of the game. Not so big. The QCC competition is an application of methodology, but our thinking will naturally be drawn to the value of innovation. The PMC department just reported that it was only 30,000 to 40,000 yuan in terms of direct benefits; but the potential benefits are huge. A coding error can cause hundreds of thousands of losses. It is really difficult to say which value is greater and which value is less. This is the finiteness of people. So our five judges tried their best to evaluate, but the results are not important, and we will look back based on the innovation results. And actual value for additional rewards.

创新与改进的价值 ——‍边老师于森鹰第三届QCC争霸赛上的分享

  This worldwide epidemic has been going on for two years, the situation is ups and downs, and the end seems to be nowhere in sight. The whole world is in a very difficult state, and China is also in a difficult situation, but the form of expression is different. All companies are struggling to survive in pain, but we are suffering, and our peers and other industries are also suffering. At this time, we need to persist, we need to innovate, we need to improve, we need to survive, and we need to live better. This is very difficult! 

  Drucker said that to do a business is two things: one is marketing, and the other is improvement. If an enterprise fails to "operate", it will be difficult to achieve long-term "sale". Only short-term "sales" is not enough, there will not be enough funds to support the "camp" investment. Marketing and sales are two different things, but together they become the top priority of the company's destiny. So, what support does marketing rely on? It depends on the product. How can we create a good product? To rely on unremitting improvement and innovation in R&D, supply chain, manufacturing, management, installation, after-sales and other processes.

创新与改进的价值 ——‍边老师于森鹰第三届QCC争霸赛上的分享

  During the 2014 Spring Festival, I invented a word-"recreation", which itself means vacation, we literally translated it as "re-creation", and it has continued to the present. This year is the third QCC competition. We must keep going and mobilize more teams to participate. At present, only the manufacturing and supply chain are involved. Such meaningful and valuable activities should be extended upstream and downstream, and even extended to the installation site. The competition of enterprises is the competition of organizational vitality and the competition of organizational culture. At present, we have a manufacturing system, a research and development system, a management and operation system, a marketing system, and the HR system that has just been set up. Only when these systems intersect each other and form a matrix, with me in you and you in me, can the organization be vigorous, can create, and form a culture, and can "business" and "sale" be closely integrated.

  Sayyas is a billion-scale enterprise, and its scale is not large; but the number of people has reached 1,900. As the chairman of the board, I used to think that many things are under control, and only the five people in the five centers are to be managed, but now I often feel powerless. Because now the concept of "center" has also been broken, and departments have become teams. More often, you have me in you and you have combined operations in me. This is the time to truly test the strength of the organization. Just like in the Liaoxi battlefield, seven to eight hundred thousand people were grouped together. The soldiers cannot find the generals, they will not find the soldiers. But Lin Biao said, as long as you can find Liao Yaoxiang. Liao Yaoxiang was the supreme officer of the national army in that battle. The meaning of this sentence is: as long as you can see the key, lock the target, and solve the problem, you will win. If everyone does this, although it looks chaotic on the surface, it is actually chaotic and not chaotic. Some teams look neat, but in fact they are well-formed and unorganized. Beginning in 2021, we have entered a new period of organizational change. How to make talents play a role in this new period? It is a new subject we want to study.

创新与改进的价值 ——‍边老师于森鹰第三届QCC争霸赛上的分享

  I was very touched by each of the projects reported by the seven groups. For example, the storage and distribution department, what was Sayyas's previous storage and distribution like? The entire rack, put the materials up and work together, with less attention, less investment, and poor results. A lot of money was invested in manufacturing. Fortunately, we began to pay attention to planning and made up for the shortcoming of procurement, but storage and distribution is always a shortcoming. After the gold medal came, he began to focus on management, and now Chunyu took over, bringing advanced experience in material management in the automotive industry. How to improve the storage of finished products under the existing warehousing resources? We don't have to build a treasury. This way, the investment is large, the depreciation fee is high, and there is a loss of cash flow. Now we have to split every penny into two and spend it. Then we have to innovate. We should invest in equipment, computerization, three-dimensional shelves, and effective use of high-altitude space. Our innovation in storage and distribution should be continuous and dare to invest. Guocai and Teacher Wang should give support. The entire supply chain must match each other, and any shortcoming in the supply chain will make the whole appear unbalanced. Sometimes people are short-sighted. It doesn't hurt to buy a good device and spend millions of dollars. It hurts to buy a few shelves. Do you think this is necessary? Just put it on the ground and you'll get it! The times are not what it used to be. Materials must be placed in an orderly manner to improve space utilization and improve automation and information-based allocation capabilities.

创新与改进的价值 ——‍边老师于森鹰第三届QCC争霸赛上的分享

  And PMC's innovation is also worth encouraging. PMC is the leader of the supply chain. Innovation looks small, but it actually plays a big role. The innovative value of the second wooden window is very high, it seems that there are more than 400,000, if it is promoted to the first and third, it will be even more impressive. Therefore, the innovation rewards we give to everyone are really not too much, and they are just a fraction of the actual utility. Sayyas's R&D work is not limited to designers in the R&D center, but should run through the entire process. Each of our production managers, workshop directors, and PIEs must have design thinking. It would be better if we could mobilize the workforce. This kind of innovation is the vivid application of our "X" culture. Cross-departmental collaboration, work together to study things, and perform their duties. In this way, many outstanding talents have a place to use them, exchange what is necessary, inspire each other, cooperate with each other, and achieve each other. .

  The issues of the glass production department are of a certain degree of particularity, and it is very difficult to solve such special issues. The requirements of Party A are varied, but the work is exhausted and useless. Customer first, no matter which aspect Party A is dissatisfied with, we, as a component supplier, should do our best, from an objective point of view, to ensure quality while taking into account beauty, and to achieve delivery on schedule.

创新与改进的价值 ——‍边老师于森鹰第三届QCC争霸赛上的分享

  The sharing of the first part of the wooden window made people applaud. The running-in between water-based paint and wood is the most painful process, unlike aluminum and powder, which is the connection between standard processes. Wood is a living body, breathes, and has irregular textures. In order to study the fusion relationship between wood and water-based paint, our water-based paint consumption is much more than that of the same industry, which is also very distressing; but there is no way, in order to ensure the quality, we would rather "waste" some. However, a colleague from No. 1 combined water-based paint with the relationship between the upper and lower order of sanding through a systematic analysis. The amount of water-based paint used was reduced, while the quality was guaranteed and the efficiency increased.

  Although the Germans are also very researched, their requirements for paint quality are not so high, and they do not have high requirements for color difference; and they sell relatively more expensive, we sell relatively cheap. Sayyas sold engineering windows for more than two thousand per square meter in 1999. At that time, the raw materials were cheap and the product configuration was relatively low. The monthly salary of employees was only one or two thousand yuan. Sayyas’s products are now several times more complex than 20 years ago. Raw materials and labor costs have risen several times, but the selling price has not risen. It can be said that Sayyas has achieved profit growth when social costs and expenses have risen sharply and product prices have fallen. What does it rely on? Four words-how fast and save. The so-called "many" means scale. "Economy of scale full of emotions" is what Chen Chunhua said, called "scale full of tears, emotions, and emotions". What does this mean? It is through scale that allows customers to get good products, allows employees to get good income, allows suppliers to sell more materials, and allows the country to charge a little more tax. We have also achieved a reduction in fixed costs and expenses. Scale is a kind of emotion and sentiment; without scale, not only will Sayyas die, employees will have to look for jobs again, and the supplier will also lose a good will have a series of chain reactions.

创新与改进的价值 ——‍边老师于森鹰第三届QCC争霸赛上的分享

  For the last project, I thought it might not be worth seeing, but the result still surprised me. The Hasi Production Department combines waste materials, reuses waste, and turns waste into treasure. This reminds me of the "Tao De Jing" that says: The saint is always good to save people, so there is no abandonment of people, always good to save things, so there is no abandonment of things. The saint here is not necessarily a specific person, but generally refers to a high-level realm. When you reach this state, you will find that nothing in this world is really useless. People make the best use of their talents and things. This is a very profound and subtle truth. Some people are suitable to be goalkeepers, and some are suitable to be forwards. They have different positions and different division of labor, but there is no distinction between high and low. They are completely equal. Changshan saves things, so there are no discards. Each of our small equipment, including some discarded equipment, will be introduced by Sun Chun kelp customers when they visit, telling the historical accumulation of Sayyas's emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. The waste utilization of the wood part has been done very well. In the future, can we use ingenuity to combine waste materials such as glass and aluminum to maximize the saving and utilization. Whether it is made into small crafts for display or given to customers, it is a very innovative thing.

  To sum up, it is mostly scale, fast delivery, good quality, and cost savings. We have to be cautious when we spend every penny. Although the gross profit margin has dropped, our price can be slightly higher than others; after all, the quality and configuration of Sayyas products are first-class in the industry, so that our team will be better income.

  The current international situation is bad and the domestic situation is sluggish. Under such circumstances, many shopping malls, properties, and stores are struggling. Sayyas is a small and medium-sized enterprise, and it may increase its staff to 2,000 people next year. We must create greater value under limited resource conditions, instead of expanding resources infinitely, to do horizontal expansion and extensional expansion. This path is not suitable for Sayyas. At this stage, we have to take a connotative development path and make unremitting improvements and innovations, so that we can continue to survive and usher in more room for development.  

创新与改进的价值 ——‍边老师于森鹰第三届QCC争霸赛上的分享

  Finally, I hope that more teams can participate in the QCC competition, such as marketing system, HR platform, operation management platform, R&D platform and so on. In terms of rewards, not only must there be competition bonuses, but also additional rewards based on actual value, and the scale of rewards can also be larger. Realizing these good improvements and innovations is really not easy. I am very touched and thank you very much! I'll just say this, everyone will keep up!

创新与改进的价值 ——‍边老师于森鹰第三届QCC争霸赛上的分享

  △Group photo of the award-winning team of Muchuang No. 1 and Mr. Bian

创新与改进的价值 ——‍边老师于森鹰第三届QCC争霸赛上的分享


  △Group photo of the winning team from the second wooden window department and the glass production department with Brother Yong and Teacher Wang

创新与改进的价值 ——‍边老师于森鹰第三届QCC争霸赛上的分享

 △Group photo of the award-winning teams of the Aluminum Production Department and the Storage and Distribution Department with the talented brother




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