Deep Exchange between Bian Shuping, chairman of Sayyas, and "Zero-carbon Youth"

  Through the ages, the responsibility of a teacher is to "impart knowledge and dispel doubts". With the rapid development of the times, "imparting knowledge and dispelling doubts" is no longer the exclusive right of teachers, just as people's definition of success is becoming more and more broad. China has a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs who, while actively participating in the construction of the motherland, are also concerned with the contemporary youth. I hope to inspire young people with my own struggle. Let the new generation of young people neither be bound by secular ideas, nor lose themselves in the fickleness of the world. So how should contemporary young people define "success", and how to look at life? Mr. Bian Shuping, chairman of Sayyas, gave the answer in a private meeting with contemporary youth who are concerned about zero carbon cause.

Believe in fate and follow the philosophy of "Tao"

  "Do you believe in fate? This is the first question that Teacher Bian raised. In ancient times, there is sayings that "every man has his destiny" and "man can conquer nature". What kind of mood should we use to look at fate? We have to believe in fate without succumbing to it. Life is so short that we can't decide many things at all. Whether it is life, death, spouse, children, occupation and residence, we are helpless. In the face of all kinds of helplessness, we should not just wait for fate. Teacher Bian told us with his rich life experience that we may not succeed after hard work, but if we want to succeed we must pay.

  In traditional Chinese thinking, success is defined as "to be an excellent scholar and an official", but in 2021, success should not be defined by a single value. It may not be a universal success, but it will surely be rewarded if you face life with your feet on the solid ground and make success in your career. We should not only strive to pursue what we want, but also have a mind to face the gains and losses. That is true success.

  Such valuable experience comes from Teacher Bian's own experience. As a top student at Harbin Institute of Technology, he did not embark on an "official career", but deviated from what most of the older generation considered "success". This choice not only makes China have another excellent entrepreneur, but also adds a "passionate person" to China's zero carbon cause.

  In Teacher Bian's opinion, his experience can be summed up as: there is more than one way to success, just following the philosophy of "Tao". He believes in fate and the guidance of fate. In his opinion, fate is more important than choice, and choice is more important than effort. Choosing a path that suits you is more important than blindly fighting for secular values.

  Respect for life and do meaningful things

  Life is precious. Everyone should respect for life. We should respect for the length of life, but more respect for the depth of life. The value of life is not based on achievement. No matter what kind of situation we are in, what kind of occupation we are engaged in, if we are able to support ourselves and enjoy ourselves, the journey of life is meaningful. The greatest respect for life is to try to live each day well and make our life journey rich and beautiful.

  Respect for life should not be limited to ourselves, but to all living things in the world. We must cherish every living creature who has the same right to live as us, and we are willing to work hard for young lives, which is the best interpretation of respect for life.

  Zero-carbon youth for others

  Respect for life is meaningful, so is altruism. Teacher Bian told the students to believe in fate, but also to love, to sacrifice, and to do meaningful things. So what is altruism? Teacher Bian quoted the 7th chapter of Tao Te Ching, "Gu Gui Yi Shen Yu Tian Xia, Ze Ke Tuo Tian Xia; Ai Yi Shen Wei Tian Xia, Ze Ke Ji Tian Xia; Shi Yi Sheng Ren, Hou Qi Shen Er Shen Xian, Wai Qi Shen Er Shen Cun. Yi Qi Wu Si, Gu Cheng Qi Si " to answer this question. In his view, altruism is only a temporary sacrifice, but altruism can also take advantage of the success of others to achieve his own.

  Like the zero-carbon youth who participated in the private share, they come from all over the world. They're ordinary people who've never met, but they bonded over "zero carbon". In their wanton time of youth, choose to calm down and listen to the sound of the world. What they hear are the whine of animals killed by global warming, the cries of the dry land, the helplessness of displaced polar animals, and even the death knell of human beings after thousands of years.

  As young people, what they want to do. For themselves, for China, for the world and for the later generations.

  In 2012, Sayyas was the first in China to develop Passive120, a passive window that passed the German PHI certification; In 2018, Phase II of Sayyas's factory in Shuangcheng was certified by Guinness World Records as the world's largest passive factory; In the first half of 2020, China made a carbon emission commitment of "3060". Sayyas has won wide praise for its windows, which are far below the lowest standard in Shanghai; At the end of 2020, Sayyas proposed the "Zero-carbon Youth" plan. Let "zero-carbon youth" gather together, and let young people make a big difference! Zero-carbon China is a revolution, a vision of Sayyas, and the responsibility of every aspiring youth.

  Finally, let's quote from Chairman Bian's remarks in the private meeting, in the 7th chapter of Tao Te Ching, "Yi Qi Wu Si, Gu Cheng Qi Si." The sage persisted in his selfless attitude and made himself. This should be the reason why Sayyas achieves success.




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