Master Talk about the Philosophy of Door Windows in Design

——Sayyas 2021 Annual Designer Series Salon was successfully held in Nanjing.

  In the eyes of the public, the field of designer is inseparable from the application of aesthetics. For designers, it is particularly important to understand the material characteristics and fashion trends involved in the design field. Sayyas is also deeply aware of this. Over the years, Sayyas adheres to deeply develop designer channel, and combines with factory tour to create the business card of Sayyas in designer channel.

Master Talk about the Philosophy of Door Windows in Design

  On May 11th, Sayyas 2021 Annual Designer Series Salon - "Master Talk about the Philosophy of Door Windows in Design" was held in Nanjing. This salon invited nearly 50 designers from designer associations, high-end partners from different industries, and elite designers. The first event of this salon is the factory tour of the factory of Sayyas in Nanjing. Sayyas invited distinguished guests, designers and front-line staff from Sayyas to have a close look at the birth of a high-quality aluminum-clad wood air conditioning window.

Master Talk about the Philosophy of Door Windows in Design

Master Talk about the Philosophy of Door Windows in Design

  In the sharing meeting after the factory tour, Ms. Zhao Yuling, chief editor of China Interior Design Yearbook, spoke first as a guest. Ms. Zhao expressed his affirmation and praise to the spirit and superior workmanship of craftsmen in Sayyas. Then, Li Wang, the manager of Shanghai Region, took the product series and various designer cases of Sayyas as examples to discuss its understanding of interior design aesthetics with designers. Subsequently, Hu Mingrui, designer channel manager of Sayyas, released the important matters of the cooperation between Sayyas and Guangzhou Designer Week Jinzhu Award in 2021, and announced the selection requirements of designer recommendation for Jinzhu Award in Nanjing area. In addition, Master Feng Weihua shared his concept of using windows and relevant cooperation experience in his decades of design career with everyone, which was widely recognized and positively responded by designers.

Master Talk about the Philosophy of Door Windows in Design

  The factory of Sayyas in Nanjing began construction in May 2018 and was put into operation in March 2020. In addition to undertaking normal production tasks, it has now become an important stop for display brands in factory tour and serving customers in southern China. This aluminum-clad wood air conditioning window production base not only shows Sayyas's high requirements on every window, but also conveys Sayyas's determination to implement energy conservation and emission reduction.

Master Talk about the Philosophy of Door Windows in Design

Master Talk about the Philosophy of Door Windows in Design

  This event strengthened the communication with designers, enhanced the influence and popularity of Sayyas's brand in the designer circle, passed on the idea of this year's designer channel of Sayyas, and gained wide attention in the interior design circle of south China. In the future, Sayyas will continue to develop distributor designer channel marketing, so as to promote the benign development of Sayyas's performance. With the completion of the factory of Sayyas in Nanjing and the ultra-low energy office building in Nanjing, the factory tour path of Sayyas also expanded to the south. The north and south joined forces to draw the brand card of Sayyas's factory tour and create a deep industrial cultural tour.




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