In 2021, the management team will be reloaded on the next line: the after-sales project will be launched on-site


  On June 10, the 2021 "Management Next Line" event officially kicked off. The first stop of the next-line site this time, I came to the after-sales site of the project-Harbin Guocui Garden, to determine the margin for the on-site installation of the outer aluminum line and improve the installation efficiency.


  The "Management Next Line" activity started in October 2020. It visited 10 sites, with 32 participants/time, and solicited 69 effective rationalization suggestions. In order to continue to create value for customers and bring the system and culture into line, in 2021, the "management next line" will continue to be based on the scene, by identifying the opinions or problems in the next line report, tracking and solving, so that "customer-centric, The cultural system based on culture continues to be implemented.


  The engineering after-sales site is not only the frontline to directly face engineering customers, but also an important frontline to fully expose the installation improvement space and improve the quality of installation services; the rear management team entering the site is not only the beginning of teamwork and cross-border complementarity, but also through maintaining openness and integration Attitude, an effective way to serve customers together. Sen Ying encourages such a culture-the second-line team must abandon bureaucracy, carry a backpack, take a shovel, and solve problems together with front-line personnel in the trenches. The managers of the second-line team need to talk to the front-line, listen to opinions, and be able to use departmental resources and information to solve practical problems for the first-line team and achieve cross-departmental cooperation through their professional capabilities, management capabilities, and attitude of help and service. The ground serves the first line to maximize the value of the second line.


  For the improvement suggestions submitted by the next line, the Quality Management Department will categorize, inspect, and process according to the process, forming a closed loop. Welcome everyone to submit more improvement reports.

  The next line of management is a good opportunity. We can improve the site by interacting inside and outside the factory and strengthening communication. Together, we will do a good job in the important part of our on-site installation, so as to ensure the image of orderly management, quality service, and timely feedback. Show it to Party A. I hope that more managers will come to the front-line site, and our project managers will definitely cooperate closely to improve the service quality of the project site.

——Wu Songnan, Project Manager of Project Group


  As the rear, we will always maintain an open and integrated attitude, and unite with the front line to serve customers. We will consider the problems raised by the frontline in depth and sum up the improvement countermeasures. Change is always on the way.

——Gong Shuang, Manager of Aluminum Production Department





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