Sayyas Was Shortlisted for the 4th China Quality Award

  On June 17th, the State Administration for Market Regulation announced the acceptance list of the 4th China Quality Award, and Sayyas was successfully shortlisted.

  The selection and commendation of the 4th China Quality Award was carried out in accordance with the Administrative Measures for China Quality Award. After formal examination, a total of 619 organizations and 134 individuals from relevant localities and industries, as well as organizations and individuals from other fields such as the national defense industry, have successfully entered the acceptance list, which is now in the publicity period and subject to supervision by all parties in the society.

  The selection of "China Quality Award" is strict. It not only requires relevant enterprises to have no major quality, safety and environmental accidents in the past five years, but also has higher requirements for quality efficiency. Oriented by customer needs, Sayyas constantly improves product quality standards, optimizes quality assurance and control programs, and invests in equipment and facilities; actively participates in the formulation of industry standards, etc., and leads the industry with the most professional and advanced technologies. Moreover, Sayyas focuses on customer service and customer satisfaction, and its overall satisfaction of end customers is greater than or equal to 95%. In addition, Sayyas continues to accumulate innovation in management technology and methods, and sums up a lot of effective management experience from practice. Around 2010, Sayyas successively carried out various skills competitions, and the consciousness of "pursuit of excellence" has become a deep-rooted culture. In 2020, Sayyas encouraged the selection of advanced company-level awards for "rationalization proposals". A total of 72 suggestions were selected, and more than 30 management innovations and technology improvements were put forward and accepted.

Sayyas Was Shortlisted for the 4th China Quality Award

Sayyas Was Shortlisted for the 4th China Quality Award

  With the intensification of Chinese window industry reshuffle, product quality and reputation has become the focus of competition. It is necessary to innovate quality management system, mode and method constantly. The pursuit of quality is endless. Sayyas will continue to play a leading role, extend and promote the successful experience and advanced methods of quality management, and make contributions to the quality improvement and industrial chain modernization of China's window industry.

Sayyas Was Shortlisted for the 4th China Quality Award

Sayyas Was Shortlisted for the 4th China Quality Award




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