The experience of the old master, the villa changes the window, did not do these points, it must be uncomfortable after check -in

  Compared with ordinary architectural decoration, villa decoration is a major event that is more labor -wounded. Among them, changing windows is particularly important! Unlike indoor decoration, changing windows is a category of building construction decoration. Therefore, not only should we pay special attention to the aesthetics between the windows and the building, but also the functionality.

  We often heard that the tea is not good -looking, the TV is not good -looking, the sofa is not good -looking, but I have never heard of who is not satisfied with the window. In order, it is more complicated, especially for large villas, even more like this!

  So, what do you need to pay attention to when changing the window for the villa? After communicating with the master, the little eagle gets the following conclusions, let's take a look ~


  According to different opening, the windows are divided into many types, such as flat windows, sliding windows, fixed windows, etc. The owners who like to push the sliding window need to pay attention, because due to the structure, the performance and life of the sliding window are lower than that of the flat windows. Generally, we do not recommend choosing, but if the room does not require performance, it is another matter.

  In addition, there is also a fixed window to choose from. The window frame of the fixed window is embedded in the wall. Under the same configuration, its various properties are better than the flat window, but it cannot be opened.


  Regardless of which type of window, glass is necessary, and it must be noted. The larger the glass area, the larger the indoor energy consumption (electricity) amount. But in order to enhance the aesthetics, everyone often likes large glass windows, which undoubtedly increases the energy consumption of the building and increases the output of costs.

  To this end, we need to work on the glass more, for example, the application of dual silver, three silver LOW-E glass, etc., can be reasonably configured according to the situation. When the glass reaches the best configuration required by the owner, it can save a lot of energy and costs of energy to bring a more comfortable life.


  Although we like the comfort brought by the big villa, in fact, if the big villa is not fully thermal and energy -saving, it may even be not as comfortable as the flat floor, so most villas must be equipped with energy -saving doors and windows to control room temperature more stable. Reduce energy consumption and the instability of heating and cooling, and provide a better life experience.


  Hardware is worthy of our consideration and performance of doors and windows.

  Generally speaking, choosing a world -renowned door and window brand hardware, such as: Winkehs, Nobel, Sijilia, etc., generally there are no problems. Even if there is a problem, there will be comprehensive after -sales service.

  It should be noted that the sea -view villa in Linhai must choose to pass 1,000 hours of salt and fog testing. High -profile hardware with strong anti -corrosion capacity.


  Finally, there is a brand problem. When buying villa doors and windows, the brand is very important. Only regular brands will provide high -performance products while providing comprehensive after -sales service to allow customers to truly appreciate the comfort of user services.

  Of course, the price is also the object we need to consider. The windows of well -known brands are obviously not cheap, but lower prices represent lower costs, quality and services, and the consequences of it can naturally be imagined.

  Of course, not the price is high enough, the product must meet the needs. In accordance with your own needs, choose the window that is most suitable for your life. The right thing is the best.

  Alright, the above is the main point for the villa selection of the villas summarized by the little eagle. If your home also changes the window, remember to see it ~




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