It is said that if it goes wrong, any window will become 'junk'

In the architecture of doors and Windows, there is such a main material, often delayed by their own name, is considered to be not so important part, just because its name code has a "match" word, it is one of the doors and Windows accessories - hardware.

By name and appearance, hardware is small and easy to overlook. But in fact, if the whole door and window system is compared to the human body, hardware is like part of the "skeleton", is crucial, play a key role in supporting the performance of the door and window.

A complete set of hardware parts is composed of multiple parts, such as hinge, handle, connecting rod, wind support, pulley, latch, door closing device, etc., all over the doors and Windows, each of which performs its own duties, so that the doors and Windows can be coordinated and unified whether they are opened or closed.

Once the doors and Windows of the various parts of the connection of the problem, it is very likely to affect the overall life of the doors and Windows. We often talk about how long the useful life of doors and Windows is, but we rarely look into what exactly affects the life of the doors and Windows. Obviously, hardware is closely related to its service life!

We first define the service life of doors and Windows as the performance basis that can meet daily life. The service life of each window is different due to the different degree of wear and tear.

Generally speaking, if the hardware accessories due to improper use or use for a long time and damage, fracture, rust, aging, will directly affect the sealing performance of doors and Windows, its actual function will be greatly weakened. In addition, because the supporting capacity is damaged, the positive and lateral bearing capacity of doors and Windows will be affected, increasing the risk of daily opening or falling off the window sill in windy weather, weakening the wind pressure resistance, stability and anti-theft of the whole window, and resulting in security loopholes.

It is not difficult to draw a conclusion from the above, that is, once the quality of hardware occurs, then both the physical and functional performance of doors and Windows will be destroyed, not only can not achieve the ideal thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation effect, and even there will be safety problems.

So, when choosing door and window hardware accessories, how to consider the quality?

1. The brand of doors and Windows is important, but the brands of the accessories suppliers of doors and Windows should not be ignored, such as the international first-line brands: Winkhouse, Seria, Noto, etc., whose quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

2. High quality hardware is different from poor quality hardware in sense. The color of high quality hardware is soft, the metal dazzle is not strong, and the texture is uniform and delicate.

3, in the treatment of hardware, whether coastal or not, it is best to use the anti-corrosion hardware after treatment, its structure life is longer, more suitable for doors and Windows exposed hardware.

4. For flat doors and Windows and large sliding doors and Windows, multiple locking points should be used, otherwise the air tightness will be greatly reduced under the action of negative pressure difference.

To sum up, the importance of door and window hardware is self-evident, whether for the brand or consumers are not careless, for 24 years of operation so far, Sayyas, hardware is directly listed in its doors and Windows one of the six main materials, and adhere to the global selection of high-quality suppliers.

Winkhaus Hardware is one of the important partners of Sayyas. Founded in 1854, Winkhaus is the first manufacturer of special hardware for doors and Windows in Germany. The hardware produced by Winkhaus can make the Windows open and close more than 100,000 times, ensure the use of barrier-free and stable quality, meet the RC2 anti-theft standard, and make the home safer.

High quality contributed to the trust between the brands, but also cast a miracle, such as more than 20 years ago, Sayyas's first aluminum clad wood window customers, still using the original products of Sayyas, its performance is not reduced in that year, the amazing life of doors and Windows can be seen!




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