22 years of fission

  Time is like electricity, and in a blink of an eye, Sayyas, a small company born in Harbin, has gone through nearly 22 years of history. From the beginning of the Asian financial crisis in 1998 to the global pandemic in 2020, from a few dozen people to a thousand hundreds of people, Sayyas’s greatest achievement is that he is still alive. And it is also "fortunate" to enter the unfortunate time of fighting this great crisis. It's just that whether this misfortune is a gift from heaven or human beings' self-inflicted sins, we need to reflect on it.

  People follow the earth, the earth follows the sky, the heaven follows the Tao, and the Tao follows nature. Words are comprehensive, and things are governed. The husband only doesn't know, so I don't know. There is a way to follow in everything and everything. Therefore, we must follow the principle of "make me know, walk on the road, and only do is fear." This may be the simple gene that Sayyas can survive.

  Sayyas 22 years, like a child who is about to grow up, began to develop from a partial subject to a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, and physical fitness. In the upcoming 23rd year, Sayyas may widen the original single-lane road into a two-lane road, and the road strategy will also be upgraded. It seems that the things you think about at different ages are really different.

  Huawei is a model of all-round development of Chinese enterprises' morality, intelligence, and body. The reason why Huawei can become Huawei is that the times and environment have forced an entrepreneur and strategist rare in a century. Others can learn but it is difficult to become another Huawei. In fact, most companies only need one or two specialties to survive the great opportunity era of the previous 40 years, but the next days are likely to be difficult. It is urgent to be "strong" in all aspects, otherwise they will die. Become a high probability.

  Analyzing the root cause that Sayyas has not died in 22 years, the first thing is that we are fairly self-aware, knowing that we are half a cat, and have taken a focused path. Secondly, Sayyas always insists on making good products, dare to invest, dare to innovate, dare to request! Everyone has more than enough, and I am alone, and I am foolish! 22 years of infatuation without changing, based on good products. All employees are innovating and venturing into research and development; admiring foreigners, looking at materials from all over the world, and buying equipment at all costs; continuing to create more than one hundred items in the industry, and there are also several world firsts. Looking back, it may be due to these two advantages: one is focus, which is self-knowledge; the other is the product, which has a foolish heart. With these two points, even though he was on the border, he still survived. Harbin is indeed not suitable for the development of industry. Real estate buyers pay attention to location, location or location. Now it seems that starting a business also needs a good location. The reason why Harbin was chosen at the beginning was because of the lack of mission, vision and farmers' awareness of focusing on immediate benefits. For a dull person like me, it is normal. This also shows that the way of heaven has no relatives, and is often with good people. As long as they conform to the way of heaven, heaven will naturally take care of them. However, I still want to thank Harbin, a place where forest eagles grow. After all, the four seasons are distinct and the natives are real.

   Survival is the last word. Otherwise, there will be no chance to participate in the future global depression. It's just that we need to change. There are three changes in the Book of Changes: changeable, simplified and unchanged. Contingency thinking is the most important characteristic of an excellent entrepreneur. He must keep pace with the times, continue to seek change and transformation, break the cocoon into a butterfly, and become a new one. Over the past few years, Sayyas has been painstakingly seeking changes and trying to break through his ceiling. What changes have to be made? There are four changes I can think of:

  First, implement a prudent neighboring expansion strategy

  22 years ago, Sayyas put forward the "three nos" principle from the beginning: do not make aluminum windows, do not make plastic windows, do not make doors, only make aluminum-clad wood energy-saving windows. But focus is relative, not absolute. Sayyas sticks to its 22-year focus strategy and brand positioning, and also needs to keep pace with the times, achieve breakthroughs, and be updated. Just imagine, if Huawei does not enter the mobile phone business, it is really hard to predict what Huawei is like today.

  Today, Sayyas has gradually grown up. From a young age to a young man, he begins to have a higher and farther ideal, and the radius of focus has also been enlarged. Sayyas will implement a cautious adjacent expansion strategy.

  Second, improve brand marketing capabilities

  In the past 22 years, Sayyas did not invite spokespersons, seldom advertised, and even thought that advertising was insincere to customers and focused on making products; however, good products have not been recognized by customers. In fact, it is irresponsible to publicize bad products everywhere, and it is another irresponsibility to not publicize good products. It is extremely scary to think carefully.

  This is also a huge change for Sayyas. In the past few years, we have spent our efforts to build a marketing team, invest in changing the image of the store, intensify assessment and training, and do all the basic work to prepare for the next big flip of brand marketing before the war, just like the layout before the Normandy landing. . The current epidemic is serious and the global economic crisis is at this critical juncture. Perhaps it is a godsend that the Sayyas brand has accumulated and emerged. The more dangerous the more forward, the headwind can fly.

  Third, product strength is still the foundation

  Focus on the light root, calm for the irritable gentleman. If it is light, it will lose its roots. Products are always the foundation of Sayyas. Don't be anxious, don't be driven by desires, and keep a quiet heart. Only calmness can be settled. Good products are a century-old plan. This year, Sayyas will launch an internationally pioneered new product, hoping to be loved by consumers.

  Finally, the organizational change of the enterprise

  Huawei calls organizational change organizational mobilization, that is, organizational vitality and employee vitality. This is the most difficult kind of change. The strategy, product, and brand marketing just mentioned are not that difficult. Adhering to strategy is difficult, because it is necessary to overcome desire and human nature. The essence of human nature is selfishness, greed and laziness, but it is not invincible. As an entrepreneur, as long as you can clarify the truth of "gold and jade, no one can defend", let go of yourself, don't take money seriously, don't worry about honor and disgrace, everything will become a brighter future. Once the mind and soul are mastered, they will receive the miraculous effect of "You regard your body as the world, if you can send it to the world; love your body as the world, if you can support the world". Adhering to strategy and strategy update is almost the loneliness and loneliness of an entrepreneur alone, and it is not an insurmountable obstacle.

  Making a good product is actually the result of the founder's character. If the product is not well done, I feel that the first thing I am sorry is myself. There is no denying this. Brand marketing and advertising are also tangible. Many southern enterprises have simple factories and workshops, but relying on tall advertisements still make a lot of noise. At the beginning of the reform, too many companies made their fortunes by advertising. This recognition is certainly not difficult.

  What is the most difficult thing for an enterprise? It is management rather than operation. Most entrepreneurs think about operation, not management; but management is the most important and the most difficult thing to do. Management is like sailing against the current. If you do not advance, you will retreat. Management is repeated grasping, grasping repeatedly, and over and over again. The ugliness of human nature exerts an extremely stubborn reaction force in it. Management can discourage entrepreneurs and managers and turn a blind eye. We hate management and are unwilling to face it, letting it slowly increase in entropy until it dies. The people's engagement often results in a few successes and failures. Why? It's because ordinary people always like to avoid difficulties and can't be cautious about the end. What do outstanding companies do? My answer is: "Would you like it or not" and "Learn not to learn". what for? It is to defeat the self, do things that the world is unwilling to do, and learn the cognitions that the world is unwilling to learn. Huawei has managed to do so, and it has become a world-class super high-strength enterprise, which makes Americans tremble, which is really happy!

  Sayyas must unswervingly make organizational changes and activate organizational vitality and individual vitality. Neither the department system nor the official-based system is required. What we want is the X system, the twist mode, and the customer's interests are paramount in everything we want. What we want is the interests of the company higher than the interests of the employees, what we want is a struggler-oriented money-sharing mechanism, what we want is a collaborative culture of equality between officers and soldiers, and the same desires of the top and bottom...

  The road to organizational change is still very long. This is a normal way of working. Only when self-renewal and transformation from the inside out, and at the same time a comprehensive cognition of customers from the outside occurs, can the organization truly survive and achieve the great goal of living a few more years.

  Okay, "Sayyas 20 Years and 20 Chapters" asked me for a draft, let me summarize the previous 22 years of Sayyas, so as to reopen our future that we don't know how far away, so many people have said this. It's purely a spiritual feeling from the bottom of my heart, nothing more.

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