The first Super Live Night of 2020 of Sayyas Aluminum Clad Wooden Windows ends perfectly!

  On April 30, the Sayyas Super Live Night officially kicked off. The various departments of Sayyas Window Retail Center cooperated and achieved the first online drainage victory in 2020 by means of live broadcast fission!

  This event began on April 21 and adopted the form of "fission" concession. During the event, customers see the invitation information and share it with friends. Others continue to share and obtain red envelopes to achieve sharing fission; you can also invite a certain number of friends to help you get privilege cards and prizes for free, and achieve mission fission. Creative content, contextual interaction, novel gameplay... This round of activities not only enhanced the dealer team’s ability to accumulate and expand customers through effective fission, but also allowed customers to actually enjoy preferential benefits and have more sense of participation and interaction. Sense, kill two birds with one stone.

01 Live Show: There are constant golden sentences and red envelopes

  The Super Live Night on the 30th served as the closing link of the transaction, pushing the buying interest to a climax. Walk to the factory, look at the exhibition hall, chat about products, grab red envelopes... During the live event, Sayyas Retail Center not only explained the interactive gameplay and product discounts for fans participating in the live broadcast, but also introduced Sayyas’s annual new product "Little BOSS" TS101, new The performance characteristics of the Chinese C90 and the sun room, the professional technical explanations and the high-value exhibits exhibition hall attracted more than 200,000 fans to watch. During the live broadcast, the host also interspersed Sayyas's corporate culture philosophy, talked eloquently and spoke frequently, igniting the atmosphere of the live broadcast room.



  △ The display of sample windows in the exhibition hall is not only "aesthetic marketing", but also a promotion of a better home life

02 Satisfy customers: Sayyas’s primary consideration, forward action

  In the post-epidemic era, people's consumption habits are also quietly changing. How to adapt to the times and better serve customers so that customers can choose windows and buy windows without leaving home is always the primary consideration of Sayyas. At the same time, it is Sayyas's newest to bring novel gameplay to customers and enhance the buying experience. Retail has been exploring the direction of expansion. This fission event integrates marketing, fission, customer accumulation, increment, interaction, live broadcast, and landing. At the same time, it solves the problems of management and customer accumulation during the event and becomes another useful exploration of Sayyas's new retail.  

  Creating resources is not as good as integrating resources, and integrating resources is not as good as flowing resources. The ultimate goal is to deliver a better life with "limit reduction in consumption" for customers. This national live broadcast linkage event is to achieve the feedback of customers through the ability of fission thinking and layout, and Sayyas did it.





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