Understand maternal love: don't wait, speak up at any time!

  Mother represents the most selfless and greatest giving, and Mother's Day has become one of the most tearful festivals. But the splendor cannot last, and the warmth lies in the long flowing water. After Mother's Day, people continue to devote themselves to busy work. How can we turn holidays into daily routines?

1 "The Choice of Being a Mother", check back at any time

  On May 11, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism invited the psychological counselor Pu Hongying to share online. Although the topic is "Choices as a Mother", it is more suitable for listening with children. As a mother, you can learn specific ways to relieve the pressure of all parties in your life, get the wisdom of how to get along with your family and children, and change the way of thinking; children can better understand the many difficulties of being a mother.

  Nearly 300 people listened to this online sharing. Three friends are ranked in the top three on the "Drainage List", spreading the love and wisdom of being a mother to more people, and they will receive a gift from the heart. There are also four friends who were praised during the interaction with the teacher and got a coffee voucher for the "Window·side" cafe...

  This live broadcast can be watched back. Friends who missed listening because of the holiday with the mother can scan the code to watch back. The super warm voice of Teacher Park can make the mother’s sadness more relieved.

2 Wisdom sharing on Mother's Day, always reviewing

  Although Mother's Day has passed, the day of loving mothers cannot only be concentrated on this day. Ordinary days are also happy, with love, every day is Mother's Day. The following is the wisdom condensed in the sharing class and practiced harder. I believe that everyone can deal with the challenges and choices of motherhood more calmly.


  1. Don't do homework. Mother is kind and filial, and write homework. As a mother, you have to be a diplomat, balancing the tension between the teacher and the child.

  2. The work scene and the home environment need to be seamlessly transitioned. As a mother, you have to learn how to change your face in Sichuan Opera and switch roles in an instant.


  1. Children of the same age have similar characteristics, and mothers face roughly the same situation, and how they look at it becomes very important.

  2. The key to turning challenges into opportunities is to avoid the trap of "comparison".

  3. The key to managing emotions is to brake in time to better establish boundaries.

  4. Whether a person is happy or not has a lot to do with the "support system". Parents, girlfriends, and mothers of the same age are all important members of the system and should be good at sharing.

  5. If there is a need for emotional feedback, be sure to ask the child to express it and not to be a "silent mother".

3 The "various" of Sayyas people during the festival, the laughs and tears of mothers

  Happy Mother's Day is roughly similar. On the Mother's Day of Sayyas people, there are reunions, shortcomings, and half-day leisure. But the love and memory of mother will continue every day of the year...

  After-sales Department of Retail Center Li Lirong

  ↓ I don’t know which color the mother and grandma choose for the flowers that the baby gave to the two mothers?


  Retail Center Order Department Sha Qi

  ↓ The flowers sent by a good father (the same carnations upstairs, the edge-shaped blooming effect)


  Management Center IT Department Wang Chunying

  ↓ Collector's Edition handmade cloth shoes. The health of a mother is the greatest wealth, and a dexterous mother is showing off her wealth!


  Retail Center Channel Department Zhou Shicheng

  ↓ Being able to rest for a while without being called by two dolls is the greatest happiness of Momma!


  Zhengzhou Sayyas dealer Xie Yan

  ↓ Gifts from daughter Apple to mother and grandma, handmade cards and paper cranes. The auspicious meaning of paper cranes seems to have never changed in decades...


  Project Center Sales Department Zhang Yuqin

  ↓ The red envelope for mom was snatched by the son and I wish you a happy holiday. It's hard to guard against!

  Nantong Sayyas Distributor Ji Jianping

  ↓ The gift Zhang Zhengwu gave to his mother is so sweet and sent directly to the store!





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