Sayyas Fighter's father who rides the wind and waves!

  Strugglers will always be Sayyas's most valuable asset. Today, we focus the lens on the toughest and most fighting group of Sayyas fighters.

  They are super dedicated and play the role of strugglers; they protect their families and are a safe haven for love and warmth. They are skilled craftsmen, and are the top traffic among Sayyas talents; they are cute and rugged in appearance, but take care of their loved ones carefully... They are the protagonists of today-the dad who rides the wind and waves!

  We have selected eight representative people from this group of "Wind and Waves". We hope that they will receive care and gifts on Father's Day, and we also look forward to extending this blessing to every day in the future, "Healthy life, happy work" ", to meet a more perfect self.

  Father’s Day actually reminds us that “the pressure that fathers endure is very different from their ability to express”. In fact, whether it is a holiday or not, the father needs his family to respond emotionally to the social expectations he bears. These eight "Dads Who Ride the Wind and Waves" represent a group of images of Sayyas fighters who never admit defeat and hide their love and pressure deep in their hearts. Pass on love, not only this day. I look forward to Sayyas's family members can give comfort and encouragement when they need support.

  What "superpowers" does your dad have to ride the wind and waves? What do you remember that moved you? You can also show the delicious meals (dark dishes) or work sketches that Dad has cooked. All happy, warm and unforgettable moments are welcome to interact and share with us. Come and call for the "riding the wind and waves" dad!

  Father's Day online sharing

  way of participation

  1. Leave a comment in the interactive post of the new oa collaboration area;

  2. Post to Moments, and indicate the subject of #乘风破浪的爸爸#




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