Sayyas Nanjing office building passed the review of the National Near-Zero Energy Consumption Demonstration Project

  Recently, the official website of China Building Energy Conservation Association announced 55 projects that passed the review of ultra-low and near-zero energy building projects in 2021.

  The Near Zero Energy Reconstruction Project of the Near Zero Energy Reconstruction Project of the Office Building of the Sayyas.


  In recent years, the continuous deterioration of the environment has allowed more and more people to experience the evil consequences brought about by the continuous increase in ecological destruction and the greenhouse effect. In the current rapid economic development, ecological protection is in the opposite direction. The development that has been exchanged for the ecological environment can never be long-lasting, but fortunately, the severity of this problem has triggered the sensitive defense mechanisms of various countries and began to formulate relevant policies to recover.


  Chinese President Xi Jinping announced in the General Debate of the 75th UN General Assembly in September 2020 that China will increase its nationally determined contribution and adopt more effective measures to strive for a peak in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and strive to achieve carbon emissions by 2060. neutralize.

  As the world's largest carbon emitting country, my country has set the transitional period of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality to only 30 years. On the one hand, it shows the responsibility of a major country, but it also reflects the urgency of improving the living environment.

  According to the "China Building Energy Consumption Research Report (2019)" issued by the China Building Energy Conservation Association Energy Consumption Statistics Committee, the carbon emissions of the Chinese construction industry will continue to increase, and the peak time is expected to be around 2039—that is, in After the country's total carbon emissions peak, the carbon emissions of the construction industry will continue to grow for 9 years. Therefore, whether China can achieve "carbon neutrality" by 2060 will depend to a certain extent on the performance of the construction industry.

  In this way, it has become a very necessary means to actively carry out green building creation actions. That is to say, new buildings must implement green building standards, and vigorously promote existing buildings of public institutions to meet green building standards through energy-saving renovation; at the same time, accelerate the promotion of ultra-low energy and near-zero energy buildings and gradually increase their proportion.


  Sayyas Window Industry, as the first company in China to recognize the importance of energy-saving green buildings, successfully developed and produced aluminum-clad wooden windows-P120 suitable for green and energy-saving buildings in 2012. This product was the first to obtain German PHI (passive) in China. Housing Research Institute) certification. Subsequently, nearly 20 products have obtained PHI certification and have been applied to more than 100 energy-saving building projects in China.

  Since then, Sayyas has independently built a super energy-saving passive factory, and won the Guinness World Records™ "World's Largest Passive Factory" title in 2018, and its subsidiary office building was named "National Science and Technology Priority of the Ministry of Science and Technology" in 2020. Research and development plan: Near-zero energy consumption building demonstration project". Sayyas strictly adheres to its corporate mission of "Extreme Consumption Reduction, Extremely Beautiful Life" in practical actions.

  In 2021, Sayyas began to carry out a near-zero energy consumption renovation of the Nanjing headquarters office building. The project was designed and constructed by Wufang Architectural Design Institute. The curtain wall used in the project was independently designed and developed by Sayyas to ensure that it is located in the hot summer and cold winter. With the application of large-area curtain walls in regional office buildings, the use effect of nearly zero energy consumption can be achieved after renovation.


  According to the requirements of the relevant national technical standards for nearly zero energy consumption public buildings, the headquarters office building of Sayyas Window Industry in Nanjing achieves a comfortable and healthy indoor air environment through performance-based design on the basis of reasonable control of incremental costs. Reduce operating power consumption by a large margin, aiming to create a demonstration project that combines high-standard technology and environment.

  "I think the transformation of Sayyas Nanjing headquarters office building has two clear meanings. One is to provide case support for the transformation of traditional buildings in hot summer and cold winter areas to ultra-low energy buildings; the other is to provide clear guidance for the transformation of existing buildings. significance."

——Mr. Cui Guoyou, Chairman of Wufang Construction Technology Group


  This time, Sayyas Nanjing office building passed the national near-zero energy consumption demonstration project review, marking that Sayyas has achieved another advancement in the promotion of its own zero-carbon concept. It is believed that after the renovation of the office building is completed, it is bound to provide a high-quality example for the near-zero energy consumption transformation of existing office buildings, and it will also provide a corresponding boost to the development of ultra-low and near-zero energy buildings.

  In the future, Sayyas will continue to expand in the field of exterior windows of energy-saving buildings, and continue to propose professional system solutions for exterior window openings of green buildings.




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