Sayyas was Unanimously Re-elected as a Standing Member of the Passive House Alliance of China

  On March 30, 2021, the 4th General Election meeting of the Passive House Alliance of China was held in the conference hall on the first floor of Design and Research Institute of Tongji University as scheduled. Representatives from the members of the Passive House Alliance of China gather together to elect the 4th standing members, rotating chairman, secretary-general and secretary.

  According to the election rules of the 4th standing committee member, Mr. Xu Zhiyong served as the vote teller and Mr. Shou Weiwei served as the scrutineer. After two rounds of voting on behalf of 47 members present, a new 13 standing committee members were elected.

  With its outstanding contributions in the field of exterior windows of passive buildings over the years and its enthusiasm to promote the zero-carbon cause in China, Sayyas was highly recognized by the participants and unanimously re-elected as a standing member of the Passive House Alliance of China.

  At the first standing committee member meeting of the 4th session, the 4th rotating chairman, secretary-general and deputy secretary-general were elected, and the work plan of the 4th session was discussed. After the proposal and voting, it was decided to elect Professor Zhang Xu from Tongji University as the rotating chairman and Ms. Li Xiaoxu as the secretary-general.

  Passive House Alliance of China is a second-level organization approved by the China Association of Building Energy Efficiency. It is an active promoter of building energy conservation in China and a practitioner of energy conservation and carbon reduction in the world. By integrating the forces of the building energy conservation industry, especially the passive technology industry, including finance, media, real estate, design, consulting, construction, testing, parts suppliers, etc., it aims to achieve the healthy and good life of the public through the micro-energy buildings, taking the promotion of more healthy and comfortable sustainable buildings as its purpose, and passive building technology as its carrier.

  At the beginning of its establishment, Sayyas has been participating in it. For many years, it has been actively promoting the development of China's building energy efficiency with the cooperation of the organizations. At the time of the rise of China's zero carbon plan, it has participated in building a Green China·Healthy China as a pioneer and practitioner of passive ultra-low-energy green buildings.

  In the future, Sayyas will continue to uphold its corporate mission of "Extremely Reduced Consumption, Extremely Beautiful Life", focus on the research, development, production, installation and service of high energy saving aluminum-clad wood windows, and make its contribution to China's plan of "2030 emission peak and 2060 carbon neutrality" from the perspective of exterior windows of buildings.




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