"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  In September 2020, China proposed the "2030 Carbon Peak · 2060 Carbon neutralization" strategy, which pointed out the direction for the improvement of the country's environment and future development.

  As the world's largest population country, China's construction industry is ranked first in the world. The existing total urban buildings have about 65 billion square meters. These buildings discharge about 2.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide during use, accounting for approximately the total carbon emissions of China. 20%of the amount. Whether China can achieve "carbon neutrality" by 2060 will depend on the performance of the construction industry to a certain extent.

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  On the one hand, the construction industry depends on whether the new building can meet the ultra -low energy consumption building standards. On the other hand, it also depends on the transformation of existing buildings to achieve carbon reduction targets.

  On July 22, the "Carbon Road" organized by the Sayyas Window Industry has the green transformation theme salon event of the existing architecture. Frozen and Dewa Waterproof and other high -energy consumption buildings in the field of ultra -low energy consumption buildings jointly exchanged and explore the technical routes and implementation methods of existing super low energy consumption transformation.

"Carbon Road"

  This event invited Mr. Xu Zhiyong, the Honorary Secretary -General of the Passive Architecture Professional Committee of the China Construction Energy Conservation Association as a guest.

  In his speech, he mentioned: "At this stage of our country's development, the market for new buildings will become smaller and smaller. The largest market in the future should be the energy -saving transformation of existing buildings. Levens the potential market for the existing building renovation. "

  Teacher Xu Zhiyong expressed his affirmation of the brand exchange cooperation and cooperation with Sayyas to create different formats to create a platform to jointly cultivate the market. He hopes that colleagues in the industry can often collaborate, "not only researching technical issues, market issues, but also from the perspective of resource integration, system optimization and reduction of costs, unite, and strive for greater market opportunities."

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  At the forum, Li Bin, deputy general manager of Wufang Jianke, Li Ling, general manager of Deweida, Deng Chen, director of the marketing director of the Sunde New Wind, Zhang Lihua, Director of the Follower Niushan System, and Pei Linying Brand Marketing Director. Transformation technology or market solution.

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  The Five -Party Jianke is the EPC service party of the near -zero energy consumption office building of Sayyas Nanjing. Li Bin came to power to share the theme of "The Large -scale landing of ultra -low energy consumption buildings". The participating people deeply analyzed the design points of ultra -low -energy buildings, and looked forward to the development of ultra -low energy consumption in China.

  "Reduce carbon demand from the demand side, and then improve the energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy, thereby achieving the neutral carbon of construction, which has formed an industry consensus. Development of ultra -low energy consumption buildings is the only way to achieve carbon neutrality in the construction industry."

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  VEDAG Deweida brand is the oldest waterproof brand in Germany. With 180 years of corporate history, Li Ling came to the stage to share the theme of "Passive ultra -low -energy building roof low -carbon building technology". , And focus on the energy saving, production capacity, and carbon reduction technology of modern buildings.

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  As the "lung" of the ultra -low -energy building, the fresh air system plays a vital role in the air quality and comfort in the building. As the creator and pioneer of the concept of "healthy home environment", Sunde (China) shared the "A" Carbon Reduction "HVAC Reconstruction Plan" with guests. There are both buildings on how heating, and put forward the market proposition of "not only new winds, we need a gentle new style".

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  The insulation system is one of the five major elements of ultra -low energy consumption buildings. As the coat of the building, its excellence will determine the insulation effect of the building, which will affect whether the building can achieve the carbon reduction target. Energy -saving experts explained the "ultra -low -energy building exterior wall insulation design and material selection" to the guests. The design, material selection, and engineering construction of the insulation engineering are proposed "three pillars: synergy is the key to the success or failure of ultra -low -energy building thermal insulation projects, and shared some key details of how the existing buildings to transform the thermal insulation system.

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  The window is the eyes of the building, and it is also a black hole for the energy consumption of the building. The world's sustainable development of the Industrial and Commercial Council reports: at the beginning of the 21st century, the energy consumption of the building accounted for 40%of the total energy consumption of the whole society; in all the buildings of the building, the building consumption, the building, the building, The energy consumption of the outer window accounts for another 30%-50%, that is, the energy consumption of the building's outer windows accounts for 10%-20%of the total energy consumption of the whole society. To solve the problem of building energy consumption, the outer windows of the building are extremely critical links. At the same time, changing windows is also the strongest means to intuitively improve the existing building consumption reduction. Sayyas, as a window company that is the first to participate in the development of China's ultra -low energy building, has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the field of ultra -low energy consumption.

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  At the forum, Pei Linlin made the theme of "How to improve the sense of happiness through a window".

  Through the technical optimization and operating experience of the transformation of the Sayyas Passive Factory and the transformation of the near -zero -energy -consuming office building, the adaptability and important value of doors and windows on ultra -low energy consumption buildings are analyzed. From an objective perspective, the effect of building exterior windows on the over low energy consumption building is explained. At the same time The space of space has been greatly improved, and it plays an important leverage role in creating an indoor environment.

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  This salon is the beginning of cross -border and integration of foreign brands. It aims to create cooperation platforms, share resources and technology sharing, jointly cultivate the market, and serve end customers. Hope to join hands in the field of ultra -low energy consumption buildings to promote the development of the industry.

  Sayyas will start with this activity, continue to carry out exchange activities, open business barriers, and cooperate with each other. At the same time, Sayyas Nanjing Nearly Zero -Zero -Energy Consumption Office Building, as a demonstration project with existing buildings of near and zero energy consumption, will also continue to open to the outside world as an experience operation base, so that more customers can in -depth understanding of ultra -low, near zero zero, zero zero zero Energy consumption.

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building

  Under the supervision of the "3060" dual carbon plan, China's construction industry must have to develop towards ultra -low and near -zero energy consumption. It is believed that China's ultra -low energy consumption building construction and existing construction energy conservation transformation will inevitably be more and more under policy guidance. With the efforts of many outstanding enterprises, it will continue to change the current status of carbon emissions in China, improve the energy conservation quality of building, and practice my country's dual carbon programs.

"Carbon Road" has the green transformation of the building




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