Set off a "green wind storm" in the construction field, sending energy-saving Windows into the "blue Ocean"

How to save energy and reduce emissions in the field of building can be said to be the primary task to achieve the strategic goal of double carbon in the future. Under this goal, the development of green construction industry has a certain urgency. In December, following the Notice of Beijing Municipal People's Government on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan of Beijing's Carbon Peak, Beijing also issued the Work Plan on Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction of Beijing Civil Buildings and the Green Development Plan of Civil Buildings during the 14th Five-Year Plan Period, aiming to fully implement the two-star green building standard or above for new residential buildings by 2025. New public buildings strive to fully implement the two-star standard or above for green buildings, 55% of new buildings are prefabricated, 70% of new buildings are green building materials, and the total scale of ultra-low energy consumption buildings will reach 5 million square meters. In 2022, the 14th Five-Year Plan for green building development was frequently released across the country.

From the building system, most existing building energy consumption is very large.

Set off a "green wind storm" in the construction field, sending energy-saving Windows into the "blue Ocean"

In the whole life cycle of a building, the energy consumed by building materials and construction process generally only accounts for about 20% of the total energy consumption. Most of the energy consumption occurs in the running process of the building, that is, the energy consumption of lighting, heating, air conditioning and various electrical appliances used in the building will always occur along with the use process of the building.

In terms of energy consumption in building operation, energy consumption of doors and Windows accounts for a large proportion. According to "Target Market Analysis: Energy Efficiency of Chinese Buildings and Green Building Standards" published by German Chamber of Commerce EconetChina, in traditional buildings, energy loss through doors and Windows accounts for about 45%~50% of building energy consumption. Therefore, Windows are not only the key to building energy efficiency, but also an important role in the overall goal of reducing carbon, not to be underestimated. It is also one of the most economical and effective methods available. It is estimated that the door and window insulation link, the energy-saving cost of 5%-10% of the building cost can achieve the energy-saving income of 30%-75%.

At the same time, good external Windows can also meet people's demands for improvement of living quality and improve the comfortable atmosphere of residential life.

In recent years, the demand of China's real estate market has distinct "improvement" characteristics, and the willingness to invest per unit area has increased. As the weak link of the building periphery, window directly affects the comfort of people's home life. It can be said that replacing the building exterior window is one of the most direct ways to improve people's living environment.

This also explains why the current category of doors and Windows in the home building materials plate proportion is gradually increasing, and the trend is obvious. In September this year, Harbin Sen Eagle Window Industry Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Sen Eagle Window Industry) was officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the first enterprise with the whole window as its main business, which made up the blank situation of listing energy-saving doors and Windows for many years, which can also be seen that the capital market is very optimistic about the prospects of this field.

At the same time, as the pioneer of energy-saving aluminum-clad wood Windows, Senying has insisted on this segment for many years, which also makes it able to have greater advantages and take the lead in seizing more market shares when the competition in this field becomes white-hot in the future, which has also become the first reason why it can be listed and favored by the capital.

Set off a "green wind storm" in the construction field, sending energy-saving Windows into the "blue Ocean"

The market size of the whole energy-saving window consists of "incremental" market and "stock" market. The "incremental" market is mainly created by the completion and sales of real estate development enterprises, and the potential demand will exceed 400 million square meters from 2022. The stock market is mainly for the second decoration and renovation and upgrading of old houses, about 100 million square meters per year. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, it is expected that the average annual market size will break through the trillion scale, which is known as the last trillion cake in the field of home building materials.

Meng Qinglin, a professor and doctoral supervisor at South China University of Technology, said that China is facing a period of deterioration in the exterior Windows of existing buildings built over the past 40 years, which urgently requires technical policy guidance and the development of upgrading technology, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported. According to statistics, there are about 60 billion square meters of existing buildings in stock, if the ownership of doors and Windows of buildings is estimated at 20%, there is more than 12 billion yuan in total.

Set off a "green wind storm" in the construction field, sending energy-saving Windows into the "blue Ocean"

At the same time, due to the green building in the aspect of green building, the proportion of new urban buildings increased year by year, by 2025 will be fully implemented green building standards, but the industry "heavy design, light operation" so that green building in the short term there is still a risk of "green change", from the consumption of power to guide the market demand will become the focus of the benign development of the industry. This can also predict that the choice of materials will be increasingly strict, and the quality of external Windows in buildings in particular should be controlled to avoid increasing the risk of green change due to the uncertainty of door and window openings. This will also promote the gradual standardization and scale of the energy-saving window industry. Sen eagle window industry as the field of the first listed enterprises, will also be expected to gradually improve the industry into a high-speed benign development track, activate the door and window market potential.




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