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  In order to fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and 19th, the spirit of the Third, Fourth, the Five-Plenary Session, in-depth implementation of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thoughts, further promoting the high quality development of Qingdao green buildings, according to the "Green Building Creation Plan" (Jianbian [2020] No. 65), "Implementation Plan for the Creating Action of Green Building in Shandong Province" (Lu Jianjie Coroni [2020] No. 8) document requirements, combined with the actual situation of our city, this embodiment is developed.

  First, create an object

  The urban buildings in the administrative region of this city are creating objects. Green building refers to saving resources, protecting the environment, reducing pollution during the full life, providing people with healthy, applicable, efficient use space, maximizing high quality buildings of people and natural harmonious symbiosis.

  Second, create a goal

  By 2022, the green buildings in the new civil buildings in urban buildings account for 100%, and the ratio of star green buildings continued to increase. The health performance of residential materials is continuously improved. The application of green building materials is further expanded. The construction of new construction in urban buildings is 50%. The energy efficiency effect is further improved. There are both construction energy-saving transformation and ultra-low energy consumption, and the development of nearly zero-energy construction has been solidly promoted. The green Qingdao of happiness and livable, innovative development.

  Third, key tasks

  (1) Comprehensively enhance the level of green building. The new civil buildings in the town have implemented green building standards, strengthen design, graphical, construction, supervision, and acceptance of the whole process of acceptance, and ensure the implementation of green building standards.

  The following items should perform a star-level green building standard: (1) 5,000 square meters of public buildings (2) Government investment or government investment-based residential buildings (3) residential construction projects greater than 100,000 square meters .

  The following items should perform two-star and above green construction standards: 

  (1) Government investment or public building 

  (2) large-scale public buildings based on government investment.

  The office building should perform three-star green building standards.

  (2) Promoting the pilot of green urban construction development. Integrate policy resources, develop green finance, and formulate pilot programs for green urban construction development in Qingdao. The urban new district supports the construction of green eco-urban construction, improves the standard norm system in accordance with the standard planning and construction of green eco-urban area, and formulates the construction guidelines for green eco-urban area in Qingdao to strengthen the management level of green ecological urban area to ensure the implementation of various indicators. Through financial, finance, etc., promote social capital into green building development, by 2022, the green consumption incentive mechanism is basically constructed, and the pilot of green urban construction and development has achieved remarkable results.

  (3) Promoting a star green building to identify the identification. Further standardize the identification management of Qingdao green architectural logo, establish a perfect green building logo declaration, review, publicity, revocation system, strengthening the second-party supervision, strengthen the construction capacity of expert committees, third-party testing, science and technology research, and improve green construction star Identifies the work efficiency and level.

  (4) Enhance the energy efficiency of buildings. The new construction of urban buildings strictly implements building energy conservation standards, actively develop ultra-low energy consumption, near zero energy consumption. Solidly promoting existing residential building energy-saving and energy efficiency, support energy-saving service enterprises and can use energy management model to implement energy-saving transformation. Promoting renewable energy building applications and construction festival water utilization is mainly adapted. In the new city development and old town renovation, strict implementation of sponge urban design standards and control indicators, construction and transformation of "渗 滞 滞 蓄 用 排 排 排", etc., strengthen the source of rain and water pollution control and resource utilization.

  (5) Promoting the way of assembly construction. Improve the assembled architectural development supporting policy, vigorously develop assembled concrete construction and steel structural buildings, and encourage the main structure vertical component enclosure wall with wall, insulation, insulation, decorative integration. Promote assembled architectural evaluation, standardize evaluation process management. Improve project design, departmental production, construction and other whole process management system to ensure the implementation of assembled construction standards and the quality of engineering quality.

  (6) Promoting green building materials. Promote green building materials certification to formulate application policy measures. Carry out government procurement support green building materials promotion pilot city construction, continuously improve the application ratio of green building materials, cultivate green building materials demonstration products, enterprises and projects. By 2022, the standards of green building materials and green building government procurement demand are basically formed, and the policy measures system and working mechanism are gradually improved. The quality of government procurement project is improved, and the green consumption concept is further enhanced.

  (7) Strengthening technology research and development promotion. Promote BIM technology applications, carry out the application of BIM construction technology, improve the technology innovation management mechanism, and guide industry companies to increase research and development investment, actively guide the industry's main strive to create a scientific and technical progress award, BIM application excellent results prize. Continuously promote green construction to create a new technology, new equipment, new materials, and new processes, new equipment, new materials, and new processes to create a new technology, new equipment, new materials and new processes in the city's green science and technology demonstration project.

  (8) Exploring the supervision mechanism of green residential users. With star-rated green houses, study the establishment of user supervision mechanisms, in a timely manner in incorporating residential green performance and full decoration quality-related indicators into commodity housing sales contracts and residential quality assurance books, instruction manual.

  Fourth, organize implementation

  (1) Strengthen organization leadership. Each district (city) housing urban construction department must establish a sound work mechanism to prepare the creation of green buildings, refine the target tasks, and implement support policies to ensure effectiveness.

  (2) Improve policy support. Give full play to the guidance role of financial special funds at all levels, increase the support of high-quality green building projects, technology research and development innovation and related industries. Promote green finance to support green building development, guide financial institutions to carry out financial services innovation, incorporate green buildings, assembled buildings, ultra-low energy buildings and existing building energy-saving transformations into high-quality green development project libraries, providing actions for green buildings Quality financial products and financial services. Strive for green development fund support, encourage marketization of government and social cooperation (PPP), contract energy management, etc. to promote green buildings.

  (3) Strengthen performance evaluation. The Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau developed the goal of the green building annual development plan, and decomposes to all districts, further compaction responsibilities. Every year, work research and evaluation of various districts and cities, inform us to implement the work of green buildings in all districts. All districts (city) housing urban construction departments organize the effective evaluation of green buildings in the region, form an annual report, requested the City Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau before October 31, every year.

  (4) Increase publicity and guidance. Take advantage of all kinds of news media and activity carriers, organize multi-channel, multi-form propaganda, popularize green architectural concepts, promote the results of creation, and promote the formation of green lifestyle, play grassroots organizations, etc., actively organize the participation of the masses, pass through See us to build a co-management to share the sharing, and create a social atmosphere that is conducive to the high quality development of green buildings.




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