"Yunnan Province Save Energy Regulations"

  Chapter 1 General

  Article 1 [Purpose and Base] In order to promote the energy conservation of energy, improve energy utilization efficiency, protect and improve the environment, promote the construction of ecological civilization and the comprehensive coordination of sustainable development, according to the "Save Energy Law of the People's Republic of China" Regulations, in conjunction with the actual situation of the province, develop these regulations.

  Article 2 [Applicable range] Energy-saving management and energy production, operation, use and energy saving technologies in the administrative region of the province are applicable to this Ordinance.

  Article 3 [Basic Principles] Saving energy should follow government guidance, market regulation, science and technology promotion, policy incentives, management and social participation principles.

  Article 4 [Planning Plan] The people's governments above county level should strengthen the leadership of energy-saving work, incorporate energy-saving work into the national economic and social development planning, annual plan, and organize and implement energy-saving medium-long special planning, annual energy-saving plans.

  The people's governments above the county level shall report energy-saving work to the people's congress or its Standing Committee annually.

  Article 5 [Management System] The development of the people's government in county levels is the department that manages energy conservation work. It is responsible for energy-saving supervision and management in the administrative region, and its energy-saving supervision agency is responsible for the daily work of energy-saving monitoring in the administrative region.

  The people's government of the county level is industrial and informationization, housing urban construction, transportation, agricultural rural, business, science and technology, energy, market supervision and management, statistics, organ transaction management and other relevant departments, responsible for energy-saving supervision and management within their respective responsibilities. And accept the guidance of the departmental government management of energy conservation work.

  Article 6 [Energy Structure] The people's governments above the county level should effectively control the total energy consumption, optimize energy production and consumption structure, reduce the proportion of coal consumption, encouragement, support development and utilize new energy, renewable energy, and improve renewable energy and Clean energy consumption ratio.

  Article 7 [Fund Guarantee] The people's governments above county levels should include energy-saving special funds and work funds in the annual financial budget.

  Article 8 [Publicity and Education] The people's governments above county levels and their relevant departments should carry out various forms of energy-saving publicity and education, popularize energy-saving scientific knowledge, enhance the national energy-saving awareness, promote the cost-saving production and consumption, and carry out energy-saving actions.

  The news media should strengthen the publicity report of energy conservation laws, regulations, policies and energy-saving knowledge, and play public opinion guidance and supervision.

  Article 9 [Right Oblishers] Any unit and individual shall perform energy-saving obligations according to law, and have the right to report the behavior of energy.


  Chapter 2 Energy Saving Management

  Article 10 [Target Appraisal] The people's governments above the county level shall perform the energy-saving target responsibility system and the energy-saving assessment evaluation system, and the completion of the energy-saving target is used as the content of the undergrare of the people's government and its responsible person. The people's governments above county level report the performance of energy-saving target responsibilities annually.

  Article 11 [Department plan] The relevant departments of industrial and informationization, housing urban and rural construction, transportation, commerce, and organs, etc., should be implemented in accordance with their respective responsibilities, and organize the energy-saving planning and annual programs in the field in accordance with their respective responsibilities. And report to the department of the people's government to manage energy-saving work.

  Article 12 [Supervision and Inspection] The department of the people's government in county level management and energy-saving work should be in conjunction with the relevant departments, form the implementation of energy-saving supervision plans and organize energy-saving supervision, and strengthen energy-saving supervision and management, and investigate and deal with illegal violations.

  Energy-saving supervisors shall perform energy-saving and supervision and inspection of energy-saving laws, regulations, regulations, and mandatory energy-saving standards for energy production, operation, usage units and other relevant units. The supervisory unit should be cooperated, not hindering or refusing to accept energy-saving supervision and inspection.

  Implementing energy conservation monitoring shall not be charged to the monitored unit.

  Article 13 [Energy Saving Standard] Provincial People's Government Standardization Administrative Administration can formulate a strict mandatory national standard and industry standards in the department and other relevant departments of the province to manage energy-saving work.

  The department management of energy-saving work should be equipped with the relevant departments, the product consumption is high but no national and provincial product energy limit standards, and will be announced.

  Encourage enterprises to develop corporate energy saving standards in strict national standards, industry standards or local standards.

  Article 14 [Energy Statistics] The statistical departments of the people's government at or above the county level shall be able to manage energy-saving work and other relevant departments, establish and improve energy statistical systems, improve energy statistical index systems and monitoring systems, improve and standardize energy statistical methods to ensure Energy statistics are true and complete.

  The statistical departments of the Provincial People's Government should be able to manage energy-saving work, regularly publicize the state (city), county (district), and the main energy consumption industry, focusing on energy consumption, energy saving situation, etc.

  Article 15 [Energy Saving Review] The province implements the energy conservation assessment and review system of fixed asset investment projects. The energy-saving review of fixed asset investment projects shall be hierarchically managed by the Energy Saving Review Administrative Department in accordance with the project management authority and the project annual integrated energy consumption. According to the regulations, the new construction, reconsideration, expansion of fixed asset investment projects of the administrative authorities are required, and the construction unit shall prepare energy-saving reports, and report to the administrative authority to review the administrative authority according to the project management authority.

  Managing energy-saving works or energy-saving supervisors should strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of energy - saving review of fixed asset investment projects. The construction unit shall submit the implementation of energy-saving review administrative departments when the project is completed.

  Article 16 [Energy-efficient sign] Production unit shall strictly implement national compulsory unit productivity limit and energy efficiency standards, carry out energy efficiency syndrome management, energy efficiency "leader" activities, continue to enhance energy efficiency level.

  Article 17 [Energy Saving Service] The people's governments above the county level shall encourage, support colleges, research institutes, and conditional enterprises and institutions participate in energy-saving service system construction and development, form an open energy-saving service market system.

  Energy-saving service providers provide energy-saving consulting, design, evaluation, testing, auditing, certification, etc.

  Article 18 [Information Disclosure] The department of the people's government in county level management energy-saving work should establish a bad credit record system, record the illegal illegal information of the unit and energy-saving service agency, and incorporate into the national credit information sharing platform, to the society public.

  Chapter 3 rationally used energy

  Article 19 [Energy consumption] can establish a sound energy consumption statistical system and raw territorial accounts such as energy consumption, major energy consumption equipment, and ensure that the energy consumption statistics of this unit is true, accurate, complete, and according to the regulations The statistical department submits relevant energy statistics reports.

  Article 20 [Energy Management] The energy management unit should establish and improve the energy management system, establish energy-saving work responsibility system, strengthen scientific management, give priority to clean energy and renewable energy, adopting energy-saving new technology, new technology, new equipment and new products , Elimination of backward and national might prohibiting the use of energy products, equipment and production processes.

  Economic and Technological Development Zone, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Industrial Park shall conduct energy-saving and recycling, development energy-saving and energy-saving and energy-saving and energy-saving utilization in accordance with the production model of energy efficiency and recycling.

  Article 21 [Energy Saving Obligation] Use energy units and individuals should perform energy-saving obligations according to law, and do not have the following acts:

(1) Using the national minimalization elimination equipment, production process;

(2) Energy in exceeding the national, provincial and industrial mandatory units product energy limit standards;

(3) Energy products and equipment for production, import, sales, transfer, migration elimination or not compliant with enforcement of standard energy efficiency;

(4) Sales should be marked and not marked with energy efficiency identifier, forgery, counterfeit energy efficiency logo for false propaganda;

(5) Use forged energy-saving product certification markers or use energy-saving product certification markers;

(6) Other behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations.

  Article 22 [Energy Management Energy Saving] Energy Administration should take measures to develop clean, safe, high-efficiency thermal power generation, and related technologies, improve energy efficiency, reduce pollutant emissions, optimize the electrical power generation structure, and develop thermal cohesions, thermal electricity Diendal and thermoelectric gas multi-links.

  Article 23 [Power Supply Support] Power Grid Enterprises should strengthen the construction and transformation of the grid, expand the scope of renewable energy unit, develop smart grid and energy storage technology, strengthen demand side management, optimize resource allocation, and establish energy-saving low-carbon electric power schedule operation system .

  Article 24 [Industrial Energy Saving] Industrial and Informatization Departments According to the energy-saving technology transformation of the main energy efficient industry, improve the energy efficiency level of industry energy efficiency, promote energy-saving industry structural adjustment, optimize energy-saving industry structure .

  At the same time as the new industrial park, the industrial base should develop energy utilization planning and overall energy-saving programs in accordance with the production model of energy efficient recycling.

  Article 25 [Construction Engineering Energy Saving] Construction, design, construction, supervision and inspection units of construction projects should comply with national, industries and local building energy-saving standards and regulations, using energy-saving new technology, new processes, new materials, new products , New equipment, use solar energy, geothermal energy, etc. renewable energy.

  Construction, design and construction units must not use technology, processes, materials and equipment that have been used in the country and provinces in architectural activities. Actively promote green assembled buildings, promote low energy consumption (ultra-low energy consumption) buildings and industrial development, carry out existing energy-saving renovation work. The construction unit should be under construction in accordance with the green construction standards.

  Article 26 [Renewable Energy Utilization of Building Projects] has new construction, renewable and expanded construction projects with renewable energy utilization, and the construction unit should be the purpose of improving comfort, and preferred renewable energy for heating, refrigeration and lighting. And hot water supply. Construction, design, construction, supervision unit shall realize the renewable energy use facility and the construction subject engineering synchronous design, synchronous construction, synchronous acceptance, and improve the application integration of renewable energy buildings in accordance with the construction energy conservation and regulations and standards.

  Article 27 [Transportation Energy Saving] The people's governments above county levels and their relevant departments should optimize urban road network construction, strengthen the effective connection between regional traffic and foreign traffic, improve the intelligent traffic management system, improve road traffic capacity and transportation efficient.

  Encourage development, production, energy-saving and environmentally friendly transportation tools; encourage new energy in urban passenger transport, construction projects and sanitation special vehicles.

  Article 28 [Operating car boat fuel consumption quantity limit admission system] The administrative department of the people's government at the county level shall strengthen the supervision and management of fuel consumption testing of operation vehicle ships, strictly implement the operating vehicle ship fuel consumption limit value access The system does not comply with the vehicle boat that does not comply with the fuel consumption limit. It is not available for operation. Strengthening the management of transportation organizations, improving the level of transportation organization and intensification level, and guiding transportation enterprises to increase energy efficiency, accelerate elimination, and update high energy consumption. Old old operated car boat.

  Article 29 [Public Organization Energy Saving Management System] The agency of the government's government management organs at all-level people's government management organs is responsible for the energy-saving supervision and management of this level under the guidance of the department of energy-saving work in the same level.

  Education, science, culture, tourism, health, sports and other industry administrative departments, under the guidance of the agency of the management organs of the people's government in the level, carry out energy-saving work in the industry.

  Article 30 [Public Organization Energy Savings] Public agencies should comply with the national and provincial energy conservation regulations, organize the implementation of energy consumption statistics, energy audits, energy-efficient publicity and existing office building energy-saving and transformation, strengthen energy consumption, gradually improve Construction of energy consumption monitoring system, implement energy consumption quota management system, and save money, and put an end.

  Article 31 [Urban Festival] The people's governments above county levels and their relevant departments should strengthen urban savings and electricity management, promote the use of energy-saving lighting products and energy-saving control technology, strict control of roads, squares, parks, public green spaces. Facilities and venues with decorative landscape lighting for large buildings.

  Article 32 [Public venues and family energy conservation] hotels, shopping malls and other public venues should strengthen energy-saving management, develop energy-saving targets, and implement indoor temperature control systems. Large public buildings with 20,000 square meters should be implemented in energy consumption monitoring systems.

  Family and individual should establish energy-saving consciousness, purchase, use energy-saving home appliances and efficient lighting products, advocate energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, and green lifestyle.

  Article 33 [Key Energy Saving Objectives of Key Use] The department of the people's government at or above the county level shall, to strengthen the supervision and management of energy conservation in key use energy units in the county level, to the focus of energy saving targets, for energy saving The target completion is evaluated, and the evaluation results will be announced to the public.

  The total energy consumption of more than 5,000 tons of standard coal has a focus use of energy units. The list of key use can be published by the provincial people's government's management of energy-saving work with the provincial statistical departments to publicize the society.

  The total energy consumption of more than 2,000 tons of standard coal above 50,000 tons of standard coal or less use can be managed by the departments of the state (city) to manage energy-saving work and its industry authorities to participate in key use energy units.

  Article 34 [Energy-saving measures for key use can be used] The focus can take the following energy-saving measures:

  (1) Establishing energy-saving work target responsibility system, formulating and implementing annual energy-saving plans and energy-saving measures, completing total energy consumption control and energy saving goals;

  (2) Construction of online monitoring system, strengthen energy consumption operation monitoring, improve energy management information level, transfer data to provincial energy consumption online monitoring system;

  (3) Carry out energy audits, comprehensive inspection and analysis of energy production, conversion and consumption, excavate energy conservation potential, implement energy-saving measures, and improve energy utilization efficiency;

  (4) Strengthen energy management, establish an energy management system, equipped with a perfect energy measuring instrument, regularly analyze the main use of energy equipment and the energy utilization of this unit;

  (5) Establishing energy management positions, hiring the responsible persons of energy management in accordance with the conditions stipulated by the state, and reporting the departments of the management of energy-saving work or the energy-saving monitoring agency;

  (6) Establishing an energy management position personnel training system, carrying out energy-saving propaganda, education, and conduct energy-saving training for energy management positions.

  Article 35 [Energy Use Status Report] Key use energy units should report to manage energy conservation work every year, such as the energy-saving report, such as the annual energy utilization status report, including:

  (1) Basic situation of energy consumption;

  (2) Energy consumption structure and energy physical balance;

  (3) Factors affecting the overall energy consumption indicators of unit products and changes in unit products and output value;

  (4) Completion of energy-saving targets in the previous year, energy-saving target responsibility system evaluation and energy-saving technical reform project;

  (5) The energy consumption and energy utilization of major energy consumption equipment;

  (6) Other can be described in other needs.

  The key use energy unit should send the preceding paragraph (1), (2), and (iii), and the department or energy-saving monitoring agency that manages the management of energy-saving work is performed every quarter.

  Article 36 [Energy Use Status Report Review] The department or energy-saving supervision agencies of the people's government above county level shall review the energy utilization status report of key use energy units. The content of the energy utilization status is not firm, the energy-saving management system is uncomfortable, energy-saving measures are not implemented, and the focus of energy utilization efficiency is the focus of energy conservation monitoring.

  Chapter 4 Energy Saving Technology Progress

  Article 37 [Energy Saving Technology Research and Development] The people's governments above the county level shall put energy-saving technology research and development as the key area of government science and technology investment, support the key energy-saving technology research and development system combined with the construction of production and research, support energy-saving technology application research, development Energy-saving commonality and key technologies to promote energy-saving technologies.

  Article 38 [Energy Saving Technology Product Promotion] The department of provincial management and energy conservation work should formulate and publish energy-saving technologies, energy-saving equipment, energy-saving products, and guide the use of advanced energy-saving technology, energy-saving equipment. And energy-saving products.

  The department that manages energy-saving work should organize the relevant departments to organize major energy-saving research projects, energy-saving demonstration projects, and focus on energy-saving projects.

  Government procurement should prior prior procurement of renewable energy, new energy, and energy-saving products and services.

  Article 39 [Energy Saving Technology Promotion Application] Encourage energy units to use efficient, energy-saving motor, boiler, kiln, fan, pump, etc., implement coal-fired boiler (kiln) transformation, thermoelectric joint, waste heat Energy-saving technologies such as utilization, coalbed methane utilization, motor energy saving, energy system optimization, distributed energy, green lighting, and advanced use can be monitored and controlled.

  Encourage and support enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and other units and individual research and development of new energy, renewable energy and clean energy technology, forming development results with independent intellectual property rights, multi-channel development international, domestic energy-saving information, and technical exchanges.

  Article 40 [Agricultural Rural Energy Saving Technology] The people's governments above county levels and their agricultural rural administrative departments should strengthen capital investment, support and promotion of agriculture and rural energy-saving work, and promote energy-saving technology in agricultural production, agricultural products processing. And energy-saving products.

  Encourage and guide rural residents to use energy-saving building materials and biomass, solar energy, wind energy, water energy, geothermal energy, etc.

  Chapter 5 incentive measures

  Article 41 [Fund Management] The people's governments above county levels and their financial administrative departments shall arrange special funds for energy-saving technology, support energy-saving technology research and development, energy-saving products and technology, key energy-saving engineering and resource cycling utilization projects Implementation, energy saving management, energy statistics, energy conservation review, energy audit, building energy conservation, publicity training, energy conservation, information services, and energy conservation commendation rewards.

  The people's government's scientific and technological funds at or above the county level shall prioritize the development and utilization of new technologies for energy conservation and consumption reduction, new technologies and development and utilization of new energy and renewable energy, promote energy-saving technology innovation and technology. Reform application of results.

  Article 42 [Financial Policy] Encourage financial institutions to increase credit delivery on energy-saving projects, priority to provide credit support for projects such as energy-saving technology research and development, energy-saving products production, and energy-saving technology transformation.

  Encourage financial institutions to innovate credit products, broaden the scope of guarantee, improve service efficiency, and provide green financial services such as energy-saving project financing for energy-saving projects.

  Encourage and guide social fund investment energy-saving fields to promote energy-saving technological transformation.

  Article 43 [Taxation Policy] The people's governments above county level shall use policy, prices and other policies, encourage and support the unit through contract energy management, energy efficiency standards, energy efficiency identification management, equipment finance leasing and other market mechanisms. Reconstruction and update, reduce energy consumption, save energy.

  Encourage enterprises to participate in energy-saving trading and carbon emissions transactions and promote energy-saving marketization.

  Support enterprises to carry out energy-saving product certification, obtain products for energy-saving product certification certificates, and equipment should be prioritized to include government procurement catalog.

  Article 44 [Consumption Guidance] The people's governments above the county level should use financial subsidies, etc., support production, use the technology and products of the national, provincial energy-saving technology, energy-saving product promotion catalog.

  Encourage and support consumers to purchase and use energy efficiency levels and achieve energy-saving product certification markers.

  Article 45 [Price Policy] Provincial People's Government has implemented energy-saving price policies, guided energy units and individual energy saving. The energy consumption of energy consumption exceeding the national, provincial and industries, implemented a penalty (step) electricity price policy; the use of energy consumption industries, according to elimination, restrictions and encouragement Different electricity price policy. Specifically, in accordance with relevant national and provincial regulations.

  Article 46 [Reward Mechanism] The people's governments above county levels should have achieved significant results in new energy development, energy-saving management, energy-saving science and technology research and promotion, and reported and rewards the units and individuals who report serious waste of energy behavior. .

  The energy-saving work incentives should be established to give commendation and rewards for collectives and individuals who have contributed in energy conservation.

  Chapter 6 Legal Responsibility

  Article 47 [Refuse to hinder energy-saving supervision and inspection punishment] Violation of Article 12 of this Regulation stipulates that the supervised inspection unit refuses, hinders energy-saving supervision and inspection, warns, ordered to correct, no change A fine of 10,000 yuan or more, 30,000 yuan; violating the Law of the People's Republic of China, the public security organs are dealt with; constitute a crime, investigate criminal responsibility according to law.

  Article 48 [Projects have not e-energy review and acceptance penalties] Violation of Article 15 of this Regulation, construction units start construction without energy-saving review or review that have not passed fixed asset investment projects, ordered by energy-saving supervision agencies to stop construction Or stop production, use, time-limited transformation; can not be transformed or overdue, and departmental reports managed by management of energy-saving work shall be committed to shutting down in accordance with the prescribed authority, and investigate the responsibility of the responsible person according to law.

  Article 49 [Unit product energy consumption exceeds the standard penalty] Violation of the second provisions of Article 21 of Article 21 of these Regulations, the production unit exceeds the capacity of the energy consumption limit standard for the mandatory unit, ordered by the energy-saving supervision agency Governance, and according to relevant regulations, the relevant departments shall be punished (ladder) electricity prices according to the relevant departments; if they are not governed or not required within the deadline, the management of energy-saving work is required to order the people's government in accordance with the prescribed authority to suspend business. Or close.

  Article 50 [Not available online monitoring penalties] Violation of Article 32 of this Regulation stipulates that the key use energy unit does not carry out an online monitoring system construction and energy consumption online monitoring work, from energy saving The monitoring agency is ordered to rectify within a time limit; if it is not rectified or rectified, it is not required to be required, and a fine of less than 10,000 yuan or more.

  Article 51 [Institutional and staff violations] Management energy-saving work and relevant departments of the staff, the staff of the energy-saving supervision agencies have one of the following circumstances in energy-saving supervision and management, for direct responsible personnel And other direct responsible personnel, give place according to law; constitute a crime, investigate criminal responsibility according to law:

  (1) Improving the construction of fixed asset investment projects that do not meet the mandatory energy-saving criteria through energy conservation review or energy-saving review;

  (2) Do not implement supervision and inspection and administrative penalties;

  (3) Report on energy use illegal acts, complaints are not processed;

  (4) violating the use and management of energy-saving funds;

  (5) The technical and commercial secrets of leak supervision and inspection objects, and the circumstances are serious;

  (6) Other functions, abuse of powers, and malpractice.

  Article 52 [Punishment and Unity] Violation of this Regulation, the laws and regulations such as the "Save Energy Law of the People's Republic of China" have been prescribed, and the provisions of the provisions of laws and regulations have been punished.

  Chapter 7

  Article 53 [Date] This Ordinance is implemented from the date of Month. On May 26, 2000, Yunnan Provincial Save Energy Regulations contained in the sixteenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Ninth People's Congress of Yunnan Province was discontinued.




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