The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued "Opinions on Strengthening Green Low Carbon Construction in County City"

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Opinions on Strengthening the Green Low Carbon Construction of County City

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  County City is a key node of the center of county economic and social development and urban and rural integration development. It is an important carrier that promotes green development in urban and rural areas. In order to deliver the party's 19th National Plenary Section and the "14th Five-Year Plan" deployment requirements, promote the green low-carbon construction of the county, and is now proposed.

  First, fully understand the importance of promoting the green low-carbon construction of the county

  The local urbanization in the county is the importance of urbanization in my country. With the middle and late in my country's step in urbanization, the county is gradually become the first choice for the county agricultural transfer population and returning farmers' settlements, which plays a very important role in promoting the new urbanization of people. Since the reform and opening up, my country's county construction has achieved significant achievements, and the appearance of the county is a huge change, but there is still no unordered expansion of the county, the layout is unreasonable, the density and intensity, the infrastructure and public service facilities are insufficient. Higher problems, urgently need to change the development and construction of counties, and promote the construction of green low-carbon development in the county. Strengthening the green and low-carbon construction of the county, is an inevitable requirement to implement the new development concept, promoting the high-quality development of the county, is an important part of implementing a rural construction action, coordinating the development of urban and rural integration. It is a short board for the construction of the county. Meet the people's increasingly growing Important measures for a good life need. It is necessary to establish a new development stage, implement the new development concept, and promote the construction of new development, adhere to the economic needs of the people-oriented thinking, and coordinate the economic needs of the county construction, the needs, ecological needs, safety needs, and promote the improvement and efficiency of the county city. Enhance the county city carrying capacity and public service level, enhance the comprehensive service capacity of the county, lead the high-quality development of the county city with green low-carbon concept, and promote the formation of green production methods and lifestyle, promote carbon-up peak, carbon neutralization.

  Second, strictly implement the relevant requirements of the green low-carbon construction in the county

  (1) Strictly defending the county construction safety bottom line. The construction of the county should insist on system concepts, coordinate development and safety, and clarify the requirements of the safety bottom line of the county. The new construction of the county should choose to build in a safe and suitable location, avoiding the area of geological and natural disasters such as hill flood, landslide, mudslide, and do a good job in disaster prevention safety argumentation.

  (2) Control the construction density and strength of the county. The construction of the county should be democked, and there is a mispristed, it is necessary to prevent the blindness of high-density high-intensity development, but also to prevent the spread of the bulletin. The population density of the county should be controlled at 06,000 to 10,000 per square kilometer, and the ratio of the total area of construction area and the construction area of the county city should be controlled from 0.6 to 0.8.

  (3) Restrict the height of the county in residence. The county's residential building is high to match fire rescue capabilities. The new housing in the county is 6 floors, 6 floors and below the residential proportion should be no less than 75%. The new residential house in the county does not exceed 18 floors. If you need to build 18 floors, you should strictly fully demonstrate, and strengthen the construction of fire emergency and municipal supporting facilities.

  (4) The construction of the county should coordinate with the natural environment. The construction of the county should make full use of the original terrain landform, do not dig the mountain, do not fill the lake, do not destroy the original landscape environment, keep the mountain water wrap and natural style. The greening landscaping in the county is mainly used to use the local tree species, realizing the organic integration of the county style and the surrounding agriculture and forestry. Make full use of the county natural environment, promote the construction of ecological greenways and green recreation spaces.

  (5) Vigorously develop green buildings and build energy conservation. The new construction of the county is generally reached by basic green architectural requirements. Encourage starry green buildings. Accelerate the implementation of green buildings and build energy-saving standards, strengthen design, construction, and operation management, and continuously improve the proportion of green buildings in new buildings. Promote the energy-saving transformation and functional improvement of the old community. Vigorously promote the application of green building materials. Implement new construction methods such as assembled steel structures. Improve the efficiency of energy efficiency in the county, vigorously develop the renewable energy sources of local resource endowments and demand, promote clean energy applications, and promote the purity of the northern county, reduce the proportion of traditional fossil energy in construction.

  (6) Constructing a green holiday infrastructure. The construction of the county city infrastructure should be suitable for local characteristics, with miniaturization, decentralization, and ecological methods, reducing construction and operational maintenance costs. Advocating the infrastructure layout of large dispersion and small area concentration, which is equipped with a facility such as distributed energy, sewage treatment, and reduces the construction and operating cost of the transmission line, and is organically integrated with the surrounding natural ecological environment.

  (7) Strengthening the inheritance of historical and cultural protection in the county. Protecting the historical and cultural and style of the county, preserving the overall pattern of traditional blocks and the original street network. Do not remove historical buildings, do not cut the ancient trees, do not destroy the historical environment. Accelerate the development of historical and cultural streets and the determination of the historical building, and timely identification of the old city and buildings with protection value, implement the listing of surveying and mapping, clear protection management requirements, and ensure effective protection, reasonable utilization.

  (8) Building a smooth walking system. Create an appropriate walk of the county transportation system to build a continuous and smooth walkway. Click on the walkway breakway, connect the interrupt node, optimize the cross-street facilities, clean the illegal and road behavior, and improve road accessibility. Improve safety measures to strengthen management and maintenance to ensure the safety of walking path.

  (9) Creating a humanized public environment. Strictly control the size of the county square, the concentrated hard area of the county square should not exceed 2 hectares. Practice "Narrow Mart Road, Military Network, Small Street" to create a spatial scale of the county. Control the road width of the county, the county road includes the red line width of the green belt without more than 40 meters. The high and band of the main living street along the street and the road is controlled by 1.5 to 2.

  (10) Implementing the way of co-ordination construction in the neighborhood. It is necessary to reasonably determine the size of the county in residence community, strengthen municipal infrastructure and basic public service facilities, which should be equipped with facilities such as sewage and garbage treatment. Exploring the construction of a public service, commercial services, cultural sports and other facilities, strengthening the construction of community green, public activities spaceplaces, and has a range of scales, complete support, neighboring harmonious lifetime.

  Third, earnestly do a good job in organizing implementation

  (1) Refining the implementation measures. All localities must be based on this advice, according to the scope of resident population, geographic location, natural conditions, functional positioning, etc. according to the county city of the region, especially the county town in the main production area of agricultural products, the county town of the ecological function area must be strictly carried out in accordance with the relevant requirements. Carbon construction. All localities should make specific measures based on local actual conditions, refine relevant requirements, and further improve standards, but cannot reduce the bottom line requirements.

  (2) Strengthen organization leadership. All localities must fully understand the importance and urgency of strengthening the green and low-carbon construction of the county. As an important part of the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan", promote the important content of the green development of urban and rural construction, strengthen the supervision guidance of the green low-carbon construction in the county town of the region. Establish incentive mechanisms to strengthen policy support. All counties should do well to organize implementation, compaction work responsibilities, and ensure that all measures are implemented. To step up publicity efforts to guide, mobilize all forces involved in the construction of low-carbon green county, create a good atmosphere.

  (3) actively carry out pilot. All localities should be based on local reality, choose representative county-cities to carry out pilots and explore experience practices that can be copied. It is necessary to assess the green low-carbon construction in the county town of the region, summarize the progress of work, and promote good experience mode in time. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will incorporate the production of green low-carbon construction in the county city into a rural construction evaluation system, assessment, and propose improvement measures for existing problems, guiding to increase its efforts, and continue to enhance the level of green and low-carbon construction in the county.




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