Xiamen Green Architecture Creation Action Implementation Plan

  In order to fully implement the party's 19th National Congress and 19th Ethini, Sanzhong, Fourth Plenary Session, in-depth implementation of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization, all-round promotion, high-quality development, according to "Fujian Housing and Urban-Rural Development Office, etc. Notice on Printing and Distributing the Creating Action Plan of Green Building in Fujian Province ( [2020] No. 9) and "Xiamen Development Reform Commission on Printing and Distributing Xiamen City" (Xiafa Reform Ecology [2020] 458 No. requested to carry out the creation of the green building in Xiamen City to formulate this implementation plan.

  First, create a goal

  Green buildings create action as a creative object. By 2022, the area of green building in urban new civil buildings in urban buildings reached more than 75%. The star-rated green buildings continued to increase, and there were both construction energy efficiency levels and continuous improvement, residential health performance continued to improve, and the assembly construction mode is steadily improved. The application of green building materials is further expanded, and the green residential user supervises is fully promoted. The people actively participate in the creation of green buildings to form a social atmosphere that advocates green life.

  Second, key tasks

  (1) Fully promote green buildings. The new civil buildings in urban are fully implemented green building standards, strengthen design, granter, construction, acceptance and operation management, and ensure the implementation of green building standards. Encourage government investment of public welfare buildings, large-scale public buildings and building area than 100,000 square meters of residential communities to improve green construction level, and actively guide the urban new district according to the green eco-urban standards.

  (2) Regulating the management of green building logo. According to the management of the green building logo management of the Ministry of Housing and Construction, green building logo works. Improve the green building logo declaration, review, publicity process, and adopt a national unified identification style. Relying on the national green architectural logo management platform, improve the work efficiency and level of green building logo.

  (3) Enhance the effectiveness of building energy efficiency. Combined with urban old community renovation, sponge urban construction, etc., promoted both residential buildings, saving water-saving transformation, and promoted the implementation of green transformations of the establishment and eligible cells before the end of 2000. Promoting has the development of public building energy-saving and transformation, and completing the establishment of public building energy efficiency and completing the establishment of public building energy efficiency. Carry out construction of building energy-saving supervision system, implementing the energy consumption statistics of civil building, energy audit, energy efficiency publicity and energy consumption monitoring. Encourage ultra-low energy consumption research and pilot, and increase the promotion of renewable energy applications and regenerative water use.

  (4) Promoting the way of assembly and formation. Implement the assembled building projects, strengthen integrated design, standardize component selection, improve architectural standardization, modal quotation level, and focus on improving project assembly rate. Vigorously develop steel structures and other assemblies, actively promote the application of steel structural assembly in large-scale public buildings, high-rise buildings and other projects. Promote assembled decoration, improve the overall bath, overall kitchen, dry work building, pipeline separation, etc., promote construction waste reduction. Carry out key technological studies suitable for assembly construction in coastal areas, promoting assembly building products, development of partial components, guiding enterprises to strengthen standards, work research and application, and create a batch of assembled buildings industry bases.

  (5) Promote the application of green building materials. Promote green building materials certification and promotion. Carry out premixed concrete green production management, the city's green concrete star reached a 100% increase Improve green building materials promotion policy measures, encourage government investment projects, key projects, municipal public works, green buildings and ecological urban, assembled buildings, etc., and gradually improve the application ratio of green building materials in urban new buildings. Promoting the resource utilization of building waste soil in promoting the residential construction site. Encourage green building materials and technical application research, cultivate green building materials demonstration products, enterprises and projects, and vigorously promote the application of new green building materials.

  (6) Strengthening technology research and development promotion. Strengthen green building technology research and development, vigorously promote 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, construction robots and other new technologies in the construction of engineering construction, promote green construction and new technology integration development. Support for the requirements of the Conditional Green Building Science and Technology Achievements and Engineering Application Construction Science and Technology Plan Projects, Science and Technology Progress Awards and Green Building Innovation Award for Housing and Construction Department.

  (7) Establish a green residential user supervision mechanism. New product residential buildings should be renovated in place. Standardize sales behavior, development and construction units should refer to "Fujian Provincial Residential Decoration Construction Contract (Demonstration Text)", clear all-decoration unit price, quality, environmental standard, period, and test payment method and other matters in sales programs and commercial housing sales contracts. Promoting the "Green Residential Buyer Guide", providing home green performance and full-decoration quality acceptance method, guiding development and construction units to cooperate with the purchasers to do well.

  Third, organize implementation

  (1) Strengthen organization leadership. The Municipal Construction Bureau is the lead unit of the city's green buildings, which is responsible for creating the overall deployment of action, organizing, taking up, and summarizing promotion. The District Construction Bureau is responsible for led to organize the creation of green buildings in the jurisdiction and implementing various tasks. Development of changes, education, industrial information, organs, etc., in accordance with their respective responsibilities, and cooperate with various tasks.

  (2) Increase financial support. Strengthen communication with the finance department and strive for financial support. Actively promote the development of green finance and green buildings, improve the policy environment, increase product and service innovation, and encourage banking institutions to open contractual energy management income mortgage loans, green architectural development loans, and encourage insurance institutions to provide engineering quality insurance services. Strive for green development fund support, encourage the use of government and social cooperation (PPP) and other methods to advance the creation work.

  (3) Strengthen performance evaluation. The Municipal Construction Bureau shall organize an annual summary assessment of the implementation of the work of green buildings in various districts in accordance with the implementation of this implementation. Each district construction department is responsible for organizing the establishment of a green building in the jurisdiction, and forms an annual report, requested the Municipal Construction Bureau before November 10th every year. The Municipal Construction Bureau is responsible for organizing the establishment of the city's green buildings, and forms an annual report, reporting to the provincial housing and construction hall before November 15th every year.

  (4) Do a good job in publicity training. Organize multi-channel, multiple forms of publicity activities, make full use of all kinds of news media and activity carriers, popularize green building knowledge, promote advanced experience and typical practice, guide the masses to use all kinds of green facilities, reasonably control the indoor air conditioning temperature, and promote the formation Green lifestyle. Play grassroots organization role in the streets, communities, and actively organize the participation of the masses, and create a social atmosphere, which is conducive to green buildings, and create a social atmosphere that is conducive to green buildings.




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