Shanghai "14th Five-Year Plan" accelerates the implementation of the promotion of the planning and construction of the new city


  The New Town is an important strategic space that promotes urban group development, forming multi-center, multi-level, multi-node structure. "Shanghai City Master Plan (2017-2035)" (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai 2035 Overall Planning") (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai 2035 Overall Plan") is clear, it will be in an important regional corridor, the development foundation is better, Qingpu, Songjiang, Fengxian, Nanhui, etc. 5 New Town, cultivated into a comprehensive node city with radiation driving in the long triangular urban agglomeration. The high-level planning construction of the new city must be a strategic proposition, seizing the "14th Five-Year Plan" key window period, and the city's power to promote the development of the new city. To this end, the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" accelerated in this city will be proposed to promote the planning and construction of the new city is as follows:

  First, improve the station, fully grasp the overall requirements of the planning and construction of the new city

  (1) Guiding ideology

    With the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era, the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics is fully implemented through the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of the 19th National Congress and 19th Central, Sanzhong, Fourth, Fifth Plenary Session, firmly establishing and implementing innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing. The new development concept, comprehensively implement the new development of "double cycle", adhere to the comprehensive development of social progress and people's comprehensive development, with the "Shanghai 2035 Overall Plan" as the lead, focusing on planning oversized cities overall strategic layout and urban and rural space new The pattern, according to the independent comprehensive node city positioning, coordinating the economic needs of the new city, life needs, ecological needs, safety needs, and building the new city into the future of high-quality life, the city's economic development is extremely growing, promoting people The Strategic Support Point of the Innovation Practice Zone of Urban Construction, Digital Transformation of Urban Digital Transformation and the Strategic Support Point of Shanghai Services Radiation Long Triangle.

  (2) Basic principles

  1. Adhere to the high point positioning and implement new development requirements. According to the production city fusion, complete function, occupancy balance, ecological livable, convenient transportation, high-efficiency requirements, the construction of the new city has become "most modern" "most ecologically" "most dynamic" "most distinctive" Independent syndrome cities. Under the guidance of ecological civilization and overall national security concept, promote the planning, construction, management, learn from the advanced concept of modern urban development and advanced experience, to create a livable city, tough city, intelligent city, make the New City healthier, more Safe, more pleasant.

  2. Adhere to the people-oriented, implement the people's city philosophy. In response to the yearning and demand for the people's living environment, focus on the quality improvement of people, coverage, transportation and municipal infrastructure improvement, historical and cultural inheritance, ecological environment governance, urban special space creation, etc. Crack restrictive development, the masses reflect strong outstanding problems, priority promotion of high display high, and have a significant experience. Innovative governance methods, improve the scientific, refinement, intelligent management level in the new city.

  3. Adhere to the reform and innovation and enhance the concept of system. Breaking the system barriers to the development of the new city, through management innovation, institutional innovation, continuously enhance the development of the new city to develop motivation and vitality, promote high quality development, create high quality life, and achieve high performance management. Coordinate overall and local, current and long-term, development and safety, morphology, and function, strategic breakthroughs and overall propulsion, adhering to the construction of ecological environment, infrastructure and major social undertakings, adhering to the construction of the new city and urban management, adhere to the new city Development and rural revitalization synchronization.

  4. Adhere to local conditions, form development and cooperation. Follow the regularization of urban development, combined with the natural endowment, real foundation and development conditions, and to find a national strategy and Shanghai development globally, the focus of key areas, the construction and major projects of focus, and promote the planning and construction of the new city. Strengthen the work mechanism of "zone main, urban linkage", implement the subject responsibility of the various districts and management committees to promote the planning and construction of the new city, and give full play to the support of the municipal sector to form the work of promoting the planning and construction of the new city.

  (3) Construction goals

  By 2035, the 5 new city gathered more than about 1 million, and the total resident population was found, and the basic blends of the long triangle area had a comprehensive node city with radiation. By 2025, the total size of 5 new urban residents reached 3.6 million, and the total GDP in the area where the new city is located reached 1.1 trillion yuan. It basically forms an independent urban function. It is preliminary in the Yangtze River Delta urban network. . Specific performance is:

  First, the urban industry level is greatly improved. High-starting layout advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, high concentration agglomerate various innovative elements, realizing a new batch of 100 billion-level industrial clusters, the new city center preliminary with Shanghai urban center function level, New Town became a high-quality development of Shanghai industry Demonstration benchmarks of the important bearing area of the "five economy" and the fusion of the production city.

  Second, the quality of public service is significantly improved. It has a batch of high-energy facilities and high-quality facilities and high-quality resources such as new city, radiation area, and special characteristics, and forming a strong diversified housing supply system. It is basically a high-quality equilibrium layout of Puhetic public services. 15 minutes. Community life circles is more complete.

  The third is that the status of the transportation hub is initially established. The basic framework of the integrated transportation system that supports "30, 45, 60" travel targets, that is, 30 minutes to achieve internal commute and contact peripheral center town, 45 minutes to reach near Shanghai, central city and adjacent New Town, 60-minute connection international hub .

  Fourth, the human environment is continuously optimized. Forming a blue-green interleaving in the central city, opening the "big ecological" pattern, the two sides of the backbone and the main lakes and the main lakes are basically realized, and the new model of space governance of green low-carbon, digital wisdom, safety toughness is first. The refined management level and modern management ability is fully improved in the new city.

  Second, strengthen the function lead, comprehensively improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the new city city

  (1) Find the development of development, agglomerate strengthening features

  Based on the service all the city to play "four functions" and the "five central" overall situation, excavate resource endowment, and accelerate the new city characteristics. Jiading New Town strengthens the hub node role on the Shanghai-Nanjing development axis, building a national smart transportation pilot test area, build new energy and intelligent networks, intelligent sensors, high-performance medical equipment and other industrial clusters, and build science and technology innovation high. Qingpu New City undertakes the important function of the Hongqiao International Open Hub and the Long Triangle Ecological Green Integration Development Demonstration Zone, actively developing digital economy, forming innovative research and development, competitive green industry systems such as trade, tourism and leisure. Songjiang New City strengthens the G60 Science and Technology Corridor Strategy Leading Role, Strengthening Innovation Strategy Source Capability, Doing Great Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment, Electronic Information and other industrial clusters, development of literary tourism, film and television media and other characteristics. Fengxian New Town played the comprehensive node role in the corridor of the riverside coast of Shanghai in the southern China, starting the "Oriental Mei Valley" brand to create an international and healthy industrial strategy source. Nanhui New Town takes "five important" as a guide, building an integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, aerospace, etc. "7 + 5 + 4" facing future innovation industrial system, building carrier platforms such as international talent service port, top scientist community Accelerate the special economic ribbon of more international market influences and competitiveness.

  (2) Improve cultural influence and take the lead in realizing digital transformation

  As an important carrier that enhances the competitiveness of the new city, it continues to grow strongly, influence and radiation. In-depth excavation of the cultural themes of 5 New Town, enhance the cultural image of public space in the portal hub, public activity center and important street squares. Integrate natural and human resources, attract cultural talents and institutional agglomeration, gather high levels, specialization, and branded public service resources. In the new city, the first layout of the digital economy is the first to build a group of leader's digital application scenarios. In important areas such as urban governance, life services, new economic new states, and promote digital innovation breakthroughs, driving the overall digital transformation of the new city.

(3) Pay attention to the concentration of resources, and build a new city economic growth

  Enhance the population agglomeration capacity of the new city, form a reasonable distribution, functional multidimensional support, and complementary advantages. According to 12,000 people / square kilometers of population density standards, further improve the spatial layout and resource allocation of the new city to ensure service security. Optimize the development strength, improve economic density, and implement volumetric difference management. In the public activity center and transportation hub, the development strength of the rail transit site is improved, enhance space performance, strengthen the development of underground space, and promote multiple functional integration, encouraging compact integration, composite utilization, station city integration.

  Third, strengthen industry support, greatly enhance the economic vitality and energy level of the new city

  (1) Focus on the key link of the industry chain value chain, consolidate the development of manufacturing development

  Optimize the industrial park management system, form the advancement mechanism of "one city", strengthen policy resources support focus, start "Shanghai Manufacturing" famous garden brand, and promote the linkage development of the internal and external industrial parks in the new city. To build an open industrial system that constructs various characteristics, collaborative development, the introduction of a batch of functional agencies, high-energy projects, major platforms and leading enterprises around the industrial segmentation areas, to build the regional control center of the industry to drive industries Chain, innovative chain upstream and downstream enterprises and institutions collectively, create a good industrial ecotry ring. Delined the industrial land control line, which must be adjusted according to the principle of "accounted for one, on the near-balance" principle, and actively promote the "Teng Chan" to ensure the development of advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries. space.

  (2) Strengthen service radiation function and speed up the development of modern service industry

  Actively develop the headquarters economy, attract advanced manufacturing enterprise headquarters, research and development center, and operation platform in the new city, promote health industry, sports industry, cultural industry in the new city forming characteristics, promoting the new city high-energy productive service industry and high quality life Service industry development. In accordance with the functional level of Shanghai urban center, build a new city center, improve the new city public center system with the new city center as the leading, several regions and professional centers. Create a batch of high-quality business business aggregation areas, making it better to carry the core function of the New City, drive innovative talents and high-end functions to speed up agglomeration.

(3) Strengthening the new linkage of industrial research, promoting the development of production

  Innovative linkage in industrial park, R & D institution, university, and industrial headquarters, and realize the transformation of high-quality industrial research condiction. Promote the facilities, spatial linkage and functional integration of the New Town Industrial Park, University Campus and Town Living Area. Increase rental housing, public space and service facilities in the New Town Industry Community, enhance the overall quality, and promote occupational balance. Encourage the transformation of existing old business buildings and commercial network facilities, both rental housing, research and development, leisure and other composite functions, providing low-cost, embedded industrial space and innovative space for innovative enterprises and entrepreneurial talents.

  Fourth, adhere to the traffic first, building an independent and improved integrated transportation system

  (1) Strengthening the anchor of the hub, building a convenient and efficient external transportation system

    According to the city's integrated transportation system and hub layout network, the new city integrated transportation hub and the construction of fast transportation channels with the surrounding city will enhance the external direction and linkage of the new city. Relying on the construction of the national iron rail and intercity railway, strengthen the new city and the Yangtze River Triangle city, accelerate the implementation of the municipal line (intercity line), strengthen the convenience connection of the New Town and the Near Shanghai Hub node. Implementing public transport-oriented development (TOD) concepts, important hub nodes should be located in urban development borders, providing traffic support for key areas such as New Town, deputy center. Advocate the separation of passenger cargo, optimize the inner river shipping function, and establish a green-safe foreign goods collection system.

  (2) Adhere to the green intention, build a comprehensive internal integrated transport system

  Accelerate the public transportation system based on track traffic (including domain lines). Optimize the internal road network structure of the New Town, increase the implementation of the main secondary road planning, pay attention to the overall optimization of the regular bus network, and improve the new city bus service level. Improve static transportation system, moderately improve the configuration standards for the construction parking, combined with the transportation hub into the new city parking transfer (P + R) facilities construction. Building a high-quality slow-proof system with the characteristics of the New Town, improve road slows and landscape segments.

  (3) Adhere to the public transport priority, explore the innovation of the new city traffic management mechanism

  We will improve the multi-level, multi-type urban integrated transportation system combined with public transportation, and various types of urban integrated transportation systems, and the rights distribution of road rights to the public transport, which greatly enhances the public transportation of the new city. Advocate green travel and encourage the use of clean energy vehicles. Further decentralize the construction and management of transportation, further improve the rights division of labor, and coordinate research-related support policies. Encourage social capital to participate in public transportation facilities construction and operations to enhance public transportation.

  5. Pay attention to people-oriented, create a new city excellent hindler environment

  (1) Strengthen urban design, enhance construction and public space quality

  Strengthen the overall urban design, coordinate the layout of the new city space from the overall flat and three-dimensional space, focus on the overall shape of urban colors, skyline, public space, and architectural style. Do a good job in urban design, integration of space quality, integral, systematic, synergistic, and formulate implementation of construction management in the city's public centers, portal hubs, and waterfronts. Pay attention to the design of the "fifth panel" and the top design of the building, improve the level of architectural design, and fully implement the "applicable, economic, green, beautiful" building policy. Strengthen sculpture, urban products and green landscape design and management levels, actively cultivate and promote public art.

  (2) Adhere to the "big ecological" pattern, improve the open space network of the new city

  Implementing the city philosophy of parks in the park, basically forming the overall ecological pattern of the new city in the backbone, Lin, Tian, Lake and Park, and realizes the openness, production and living space of the ecological space. Through the Blue Net Greenway, large parks, gallery forests, main lakes, and all levels of public activity centers, strengthen the combination of park green spaces and sports, cultural functions, and promote the support of public opening and urban functions. By 2025, each new city has at least one large park green space with an area of more than 100 hectares. The glory of the park has more than 40%, and the per capita park has a green area of 10 square meters, and the average forest coverage reaches 19.5%.

  (3) Adhere to the green and low-carbon development, enhance the environmental quality of the new city

  The New Town has fully advocated green low-carbon lifestyle and urban construction operation mode. 100% of the new urban area implemented green eco-urban standards, the new civil buildings strictly implement the green building standards, and vigorously improved both building energy efficiency. Optimize the new city energy structure, encourage cleaning energy to promote distributed supply models. Strengthen renewable water, rainwater and other very water use. The "fourteenth fifteen" period of the new city has reached 80%. Actively enhance the environmental quality of the new city. By 2025, the water quality compliance rate of each new city water function is about 95%. The safety utilization rate of pollution block reaches 100%, and the total real-life garbage landfill, industrial solid waste efficient resource utilization level Located in the city.

  (4) Strengthening the protection of historical style and promoting organic update in the old city

  The census combing of the historical and cultural and landscape resources of the new city, strengthen the overall protection and activation utilization of various historical and cultural heritage, strengthen the organic integration with public open space, highlighting the style of the new city with modern and modern blending. Promote the "City of Chengzhong Village" and the old community micro-update, pay attention to the service support and infrastructure, and accelerate the old housing update and multi-storey housing installation elevators, promote the opening of all kinds of greenhouses and pocket parks, and the construction of forests. Strengthen policy innovation, actively introduce market mechanisms, classify different types of urban update policies.

  Sixth, the first-class standard, improve public service level and level

  (1) Increase high quality public service resources to improve the radiation service level of the new city

  Strengthen planning pre-control to ensure that each new city has at least 1 higher-visitive higher education institutions (campus), 1 three-level comprehensive hospital, 1 municipal sports facility, 1 large-scale cultural venues. Promote the sharing of new city and universities' cultural and sports facilities, functional integration. Promote high quality and balanced development of compulsory education, increase high quality resources supply, construct a system, high quality, diverse, and distinctive new city education system. Accelerate the city-level quality medical resources to the new city to expand sink, and accelerate the configuration of medical and health resources in accordance with the standards of the average level of the city. Combined with the characteristics of the new city, introduce high quality cultural and sports resources and high-level professional exhibitions, planning and operation teams, promote high-quality Wenbo Daily and art resources in the new city wheel exhibition, support the new city to hold high-level literary performances and professional top sports events, forming Influence, with radiated feature.

  (2) Creating "15 minutes of community life circle", improve community-level public service configuration

  According to the construction standards and quality requirements of the central city, promote the construction of the community-level public service facilities in the new city, combined with the residential pathway to the service facilities mixed layout, encourage construction of one-stop, functional compound community service complex, improve the full age Basic public service guarantee. By 2025, the new city-level public service facilities were 15 minutes walk to over 85%, and the coverage rate coverage of Pu Huiji housing point in Xincheng Street is not less than 85%. The coverage rate of the community citizens' fitness center is 100. %, Strengthening community integrated into community commercial service facilities such as old-age service facilities such as old service centers and breakfast. Strengthen the fusion of the online line, pay attention to the space reservation and elastic adaptation of community-level public service facilities, and actively respond to future lifestyle changes.

  (3) Optimize residential space layout, improve diverse housing supply system

  Promote the construction of housing planning and rail transportation construction, employment position distribution, public facilities supporting linkage, guiding population and housing reasonable distribution. Increase housing land supply, provide high-quality, specialized international communities, entrepreneurial communities, high-quality commodity housing, etc., maintain a smooth and healthy development of the new city real estate market. Improve the housing system for multi-subject supply, multi-channel guarantee, rental and purchase, promote talents housing projects, explore support to use the ranching and construction of collective construction land, enhance the new city "145" new housing, government, institutions and enterprises The proportion of rental housing, priority planning of public rental housing around the rail transit site.

  Seven, strengthen urban toughness, building intelligence safety infrastructure and security system

  (1) Adding new infrastructure, promoting infrastructure intelligent application

  Adhere to the high standards of "full coverage, full connection, large capacity", realize the depth coverage of the 5G full coverage and key area of the new city, fully enhance Gigabit light network access, promote IPv6 Internet protocol applications, and speed up urban management information platform, city information New infrastructure construction such as model (CIM) platform, data center, to create data drivers, intelligent decisions, unified intelligent urban information management hub and basic operations platforms. Combined with road integrated rod construction, accelerate urban neuron intelligence aware node deployment, and improve existing infrastructure perception. Establish intelligent traffic monitoring and management system, guide the rich and convenient people's livelihood services, strengthen the construction of the new urban underground pipeline data to build a total factor environment monitoring and management system, strengthen information data security.

  (2) To ensure the bottom line of urban security, enhance the new city's disaster prevention and disaster reduction capabilities

  Construct flexible and secure urban space with anti-impact and fast recovery capabilities. Enhance flood control and drainage function, achieve 35% of the new city to reach 3-5 years. Implement the sponge city concept and promote the construction of a group of demonstration urban and projects. Improve the construction of comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation and electricity, gas and other safety facilities, improve the life channel system, strengthen the construction of new city disaster prevention and refuge. Adhere to the principle of "first underground, back to the ground", coordinate municipal infrastructure and other municipal infrastructure and other municipal infrastructure and accelerate the construction of underground integrated pipe gallery, and promote the overhead. Accelerate the public health system of the New Town, improve the comprehensive emergency command system, enhance the level of professionalization of emergency rescue teams, enhance the ability to resist natural disasters, dispose of emergencies and crisis management.

  Eight, strengthen implementation planning and planning, strengthen development operation management and refined management

  (1) Rational planning timing, ensuring the new city construction aggregation and display

  Develop a new city rolling into a film development plan, have a focus, step, classify the construction of the new city, insist on concentrating the development, and achieve development, mature, drive a piece. According to different types of public activity centers, old city communities, and industrial parks, the new concept and new technologies of "14th Five-Year Plan", integrated the planning and construction of urban planning and construction are rationally determined in accordance with different types of public activities. Promote all kinds of municipal major facilities to focus on the new city layout, form a major project library of the new city, and incorporate into the city's major project propulsion mechanism. Coordinate land use plans and fund balance programs, focus on public infrastructure and environmental quality, ensuring infrastructure, public service facilities and public space construction and regional development and construction synchronization.

  (2) Improve the long-term mechanism, improve the development and construction and operational level of the new city

  The expert consultant group of each New Town, established the functional platform company developed in the new city, selecting the strength, high-level design, development, operation team at home and abroad, establish a high-standard development and design general control mechanism for the development of the new city, preparing high standards Design plan, promote high quality construction, and ensure high levels of operational management. Give full play to the driving role of the municipal state-owned enterprises to participate in the construction of the new city. Encourage social capital to participate in the construction of the new city, expand the investment and financing channels, and innovate financing models. Develop different types of key areas and major projects, develop differentiated long-range development and construction and management operation mechanisms.

  (3) Innovative governance model, enhance the level of urban refinement management

  Adhere to the data empowerment, deepen the construction of the new city integrated management information system, coordinate the material resources, information resources and intellectual resources of the new city development, and achieve resource sharing and business association. Increase the construction of the new city "One Netcom" and "One Network Standards", focusing on the needs of public living services, cultural and leisure, transportation travel, etc., promotes application scenario development and iteration upgrades. Enhance the public participation of the whole process of the new city planning and construction management, forming the spatial governance pattern of multi-participation. In-depth implementation of the new city mesh gridization and the joint linkage governance, realizing the cultivation of urban management, intelligent and social governance synergy, transparent development.

  Nine, strengthen system innovation, form policy integration

  (1) Strengthening the introduction of talents

  Develop differentiated population imports and talent introduction policies, improve the residence permit points and settlement policies, and increase the introduction of the new city to the introduction of talents and excellent young people, broaden the introduction channels of overseas talents. Explore the purchase and lease policy issued and the central urban area, study and improve the talent housing policy for renting and selling and selling. A package of public service supporting policies involved in education, medical, and pension, etc. are formulated.

  (2) Optimizing land security policy

  The city and district plans to tilt to the key areas of the new city and major projects. Implementation plan indicators rewards for the construction of the new city planning and construction annual assessment. Increase the industry's "standard land" supply, encourage the use of forensic leasing, long-term leases. Support for the implementation of hybrid land and other policies, encourage functional mixing, and accelerate innovative functions. Improve project access standards, strengthen full life cycle management, regularly carry out industrial project resource utilization efficiency evaluation work, innovate low-efficiency classification and exit mechanism, advocate regional overall transformation, and support residual industrial land segmentation transfer.

  (3) Strengthening the financial and tax support

  The city and district two governments have increased support for the financial and tax support of the new city, strengthen the support of the new city construction, operation and maintenance. In implementing the city-level land transfer income support policies within the scope of the new city, and increase the support of the new city government bonds. Improve the financial and taxation policy, encourage companies that meet the development of the new city industry to transfer agglomerate from the central city and surrounding cities.

  (4) Optimize business environmental policies

  Deepen the "venting service" reform, accelerate the business environment of marketization, internationalization, and rule of law, promote intellectual property, elements, competition policy, dispute resolution, regulatory law enforcement and other fields of reform exploration and institutional innovation. Clear business environment, corporate services, investment promotion, etc., focus on the key regions and major projects in the new city, and implement project approval green channels. Optimize the supervision of the secondary of the matter, establish a regulatory standards and standardization system for internationally engaged, and create a new high-level environment of the first-class business environment.




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