Jinan City Green Building High Quality Development Support Policy Implementation Rules

  In March 2021, in order to further promote the high-quality development of green buildings in the city, promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in the construction industry, and promote the overall development of urban and rural green buildings, Jinan City, Shandong Province issued the detailed rules for the implementation of Jinan City's green building high-quality development support policies and passed Jinan City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Jinan City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Jinan City Finance Bureau, Jinan City Administrative Approval Service Bureau approved the release and implementation.

  Article 1 In order to promote the high-quality development of green buildings and strengthen the supervision of the whole process of supporting the implementation of policies, it is based on the Jinan Municipal People’s Government "Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting the High-quality Development of Green Buildings" (Jizhengfa [2021] No. 3, below (Referred to as "Implementation Opinions") document requirements, combined with the actual situation of our city, formulate the implementation rules.

  Article 2 The building types covered by the implementation rules include high-star (two-star and above) green buildings that meet the current design and evaluation standards, high-star (two-star and above) healthy buildings, fabricated buildings, and passive ultra-low energy buildings. High-standard buildings (hereinafter referred to as "high-quality buildings") that meet the goals of ecological development, energy conservation, emission reduction, and improvement of the people’s living environment, such as energy-consuming buildings and near-zero energy-consuming buildings.

  Article 3 These implementation rules are applicable to new and under construction projects within the urban area of Jinan that meet the scope of the supporting policies of the "Implementation Opinions".

  Article 4 The Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau is responsible for organizing experts with rich work experience and familiar with high-quality construction technical standards to conduct special technical reviews.

  Article 5 The main body of the project application is the construction unit. When applying for relevant support policies, the construction unit shall submit the application and technical documents for the proposed implementation of high-quality construction, and issue a letter of commitment to implement the project in accordance with the technical requirements of high-quality construction. Responsible for authenticity, accuracy and completeness.

  Article 6 The construction unit shall submit a policy support application and issue a letter of commitment to the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau before applying for the review opinions of the construction project design plan for the construction of high-quality construction projects. After being reviewed and approved by the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the "Professional Review Opinions on High-Quality Building Construction Projects in Jinan City" will be issued to clarify the types and areas of floor area ratio awards that can be enjoyed. The construction unit shall apply for joint review of the design plan with the professional review opinions issued by the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, and the natural resources and planning authority shall implement the incentive policy when issuing the construction project planning permit for the construction project, and it is clear that the floor area ratio is not included in the floor area ratio.

  Article 7 The construction unit shall design the construction drawings in accordance with the high-quality construction technical standards. After the construction drawing design is completed, pre-evaluation shall be carried out. The Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau shall organize experts to conduct a special technical review and issue the "Jinan High-quality Building Construction Project" Special Review Opinions" and make it public.

  Article 8 The construction drawing review agency shall review the construction drawing design documents according to the planning review opinions and attached tables issued by the natural resources and planning department, verify the area not included in the construction drawing design, and issue construction drawings in accordance with the floor area ratio support policy Area verification form. After the construction unit obtains the construction project planning permit, a comprehensive review certificate of construction drawing design documents shall be issued in accordance with the approved area verification form. The drawing review certificate shall specify the excluding area and high-quality building types.

  Article 9 When handling the pre-sale fund supervision procedures, the construction unit shall handle the pre-sale fund supervision procedures and enjoy relevant supporting policies in accordance with the "Special Review Opinions on High-quality Construction Projects of Jinan City".

  Article 10 When handling the pre-sale permit procedures, the construction unit shall apply for the pre-sale permit with the "Special Review Opinions on High-quality Construction Projects of Jinan City" and enjoy the relevant project progress support policies.

  Article 11 During the emergency response period of severely polluted weather level II and below, the construction unit shall handle the non-stop procedures in accordance with the "Special Review Opinions on High-quality Construction Projects of Jinan City".

  Article 12 The housing and urban-rural construction bureaus of districts and counties shall be responsible for the process supervision of the construction phase of high-quality construction projects that have enjoyed policy support.

  Article 13 The construction unit shall submit a special acceptance application to the district/county housing and urban-rural construction bureau before the completion acceptance of a high-quality construction project. The municipal, district/county housing and urban-rural Opinions on Special Acceptance of High-quality Building Construction Projects.

  Article 14 After the completion and filing of a high-quality construction project that does not connect to the municipal heating pipe network and uses renewable energy for heating, the construction unit submits an application for funding awards to the district and county housing and urban-rural construction bureaus, and district, county housing and urban and rural housing The Construction Bureau accepts the application materials, reviews the project application materials, and cooperates with the heating management department to verify whether the installed capacity of renewable energy heating equipment accounts for more than 60% of the heating system design heat load. It organizes the data review of the construction project and After the on-site inspection is passed, the "Special Review Opinions on the Utilization of Renewable Energy for High-quality Building Construction Projects in Jinan City" will be issued and submitted to the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau for review and filing.

  Article 15 The source of the subsidy funds is the urban infrastructure supporting fees, which shall be jointly approved by the municipal and district/county finance and housing construction departments in accordance with its collection management regulations and the principles of project territorial management. Among them, for the construction projects involving Lixia District, Shizhong District, Huaiyin District, Tianqiao District, and Licheng District, the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau will propose a bonus fund allocation plan, which will be included in the next fiscal budget after being reviewed by the Municipal Finance Bureau. At the beginning of the next year, the Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, together with the Municipal Finance Bureau, transferred the fund budget to each district, and each district was responsible for fund allocation and performance management. The funding policies for other districts and counties shall be determined by the housing construction departments of the districts and counties in conjunction with the financial departments.

  The construction unit shall ensure the healthy and stable operation of the renewable energy heating equipment, and shall be fully responsible for the management of the heating equipment. If the heating conditions are not met, the municipal heating pipe network shall be connected to the relevant fees.

  Article 16 The construction unit shall implement the project construction strictly in accordance with the design drawings and standards. The construction unit must strictly fulfill the commitment to the implementation of high-quality construction projects, and it is strictly prohibited to have enjoyed the support policy but fails to implement the project construction in accordance with the relevant requirements of the "Implementation Opinions" and these implementation rules.

  Article 17 High-star green buildings applying for supporting policies shall be evaluated within two years after the completion of the acceptance check and obtain a labeling certificate, and the labeling level shall not be lower than the approved construction requirements. A healthy building shall conduct design evaluation after completion of the construction drawing review, conduct operational evaluation within two years after passing the completion acceptance and put it into use, and obtain the corresponding identification certificate.




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