Guangxi · Building energy saving and green building "14th Five-Year Plan" (Draft for Comment)



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  First, planning background

  (1) Development Foundation

  During the "13th Five-Year Plan", Guangxi attached great importance to the development of building energy conservation and green building, and conscientiously implement the policy and policies of the central and autonomous regions on energy conservation and emission reduction, fully implement the "13th Five-Year Plan" Building Energy Savings and Green Building Development Planning And task, by strengthening the legal construction, strengthening the incentive mechanism, actively enhances the new construction energy efficiency level, and comprehensively promote the development of green buildings, exploration and solid promotion of both public building energy conservation and renewal, centralized connectivity, renewable energy architectural applications, etc. Steadily promote the development of buildings and green buildings and achieve significant results.

  1. New building energy efficiency level is significantly improved

  Strictly control the quality of building energy-saving standards, clearly incorporate energy-saving management into new construction to open the completion management procedure, implement the building energy-saving closed management model, strengthen the overall process of engineering construction. The promulgated "65% design standard for residential buildings" DBJ / T45-095-2019, "65% design standard for public building energy conservation" DBJ / T45-096-2019, in order to further enhance the new building energy efficiency level in our district laid a good technical foundation.

  During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, our district has implemented compulsory standards, and the proportion of energy conservation compulsory standards in the design phase and construction in the design phase and construction in the construction stage reached 100% and 99.1%, and all in accordance with energy-saving standards. The accumulated energy-saving construction area of 2,794,918,800 square meters, the building energy conservation realizes saving standard coal 4806,300 tons (equivalent to power saving 14.407 billion kW), reducing carbon dioxide emissions from 1030.01 million tons, accumulating the financial energy conservation and emission reduction of the autonomous region (building Energy Saving) Special funds 12 million yuan support the implementation of low energy consumption public building construction demonstration projects in 3 summer hot winter.

  2. Green building is fully promoted

  Increase the promotion of green buildings and improve the quality of green buildings. The introduction of "Green Building Evaluation Standard" DBJ / T45-020-2016, "Green Building Quality Acceptance Specification" DBJ / T45-068-2018, "Guangxi Green Building Evaluation Technical Rules" and other Guangxi project construction local standards, in "house The "Green Building" is set as a special review in the implementation of the municipal engineering construction drawing review. Printing from the "Notice on Strengthening the Quality Supervision of Green Building" (Gui Jianfa [2019] No. 11) and other related documents, accelerate the establishment of the quality acceptance system for green construction projects, clarify the quality acceptance of green construction projects and the quality acceptance of various partition projects , Strengthen green construction projects to participate in quality responsibility. According to the seven departments of the Ministry of Housing and Rural Development, "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Creation Plan of Green Building" (Jianbao [2020] No. 65), combined with the actual situation of Guangxi, the "Green Building Creation Plan for Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region" is formulated, further increase The implementation of green building standards in urban new buildings.

  During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the new green building in Guangxi, the construction area was constructed of approximately 253 million square meters, and the completion acceptance of approximately 883.715 million square meters. Get a total of 233 items in the green architectural star evaluation logo, with a building area of approximately 31,467,600 square meters, including 105 items above 2 stars, accounting for 45.06% of the total. The total amount of financial energy saving and emission reduction in the autonomous region has supported the construction of 9.38 million yuan to support the construction of the green building operation evaluation logo demonstration project, which effectively guarantee the in-depth development of green building logo in our district.

  3. Large application of renewable energy building

  In the "Regulations on the Energy Saving Regulations of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region", "air energy" is clearly incorporated into the application of renewable energy building, and puts forward the renewable energy requirements for "four types" buildings in the urban planning area. The "Notice on Air Can Be Concept of Renewable Energy Application Conditions" (Guijianke [2017] No. 41), "Guidance Opinions of the Post-Outline Supervision Work of Renewable Energy Buildings" (Guijianke [2018] No. 32 Policy documents, further strengthen the quality management of renewable energy building application projects, focusing on project selection materials, products, equipment quality, and post-run regulation levels.

  During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the accumulated solar photothermal construction area is 556.553 million square meters. The accumulated shallow area can build an area of 93.593 million square meters. The accumulated solar photoelectric building applied installed capacity 5.656 MW, the urban renewable energy Consumption in construction is significantly improved. In the autonomous region's financial energy saving and emission reduction (building energy saving) special funds, the total amount of 34 million yuan supports 14 renewable energy building application demonstration counties (districts, towns) construction, implementing the application area of renewable energy building is not less than 1.7 million square meters Meter. Focusing 2 million yuan to support the construction of regional renewable energy stations in Nanning, the construction of the regional renewable energy station and the construction demonstration of smart photovoltaic construction application demonstration small towns, accumulating 330.5 million yuan to support 129 villages to carry out solar street lamp construction.

  4. Large public building energy-saving management continues to advance

  Actively carry out energy consumption surveys, energy consumption statistics, energy audits, energy efficiency publicity and sub-item metering work, and continuously promote construction energy monitoring platform construction. During "13th Five-Year Plan", the urban urban area has a public building area of 309.635.52 million square meters, and a large public building (300,000 square meters or more), with a construction area of 71,564,0 million square meters. The four sets of 14 sets of autonomous regions and the districts have built a state organ office building and a large-scale public building energy consumption monitoring platform. The accumulation of 654 public building energy consumption is dynamically monitored, covering the building area of approximately 139.743 square meters. Accumulated 3 million yuan special funds support the construction of the construction demonstration project construction of public building energy consumption monitoring platform.

  5. There are both construction energy-saving transformation steadily advancement

  "Notice on Promoting the Application of Contract Energy Management Application in Building Energy Saving Universal" (Gui Jianfa [2019] No. 12), from the perfect energy conservation and emission reduction project support policy, implement national tax preferential policies, improve the relevant financial accounting system and other eight The work requirements have been put forward to give full play to the positive role of contract energy management in promoting the construction of energy conservation and emission reduction in the whole region, promoting the development of building energy-saving service industries. During the "13th Five-Year Plan period, the financial energy conservation and emission reduction of the autonomous region (building energy saving) has implemented 79 million yuan to support the construction of the public building energy conservation and renovation demonstration county (district) construction, which is not less than 197.5. 10,000 square meters, accumulated 14 million yuan to support 14 schools, hospitals carry out energy-saving green transformation. As of the end of 2020, there is a total of 10498,100 square meters of public buildings, and public institutions have 81,415 million square meters, which exceeded the "13th Five-Year Plan" building energy-saving target tasks.

  6. Green building materials application certification is gradually carried out. Notice on "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Guangxi Green Building Materials Evaluation Identification Management" (Gui Jianke [2016] No. 20), "Notice on the Establishment of the Establishment of Guangxi Green Building Materials Evaluation Label" (Guasheng [2017] No. 14) Waiting for a series of policy documents, established the Green Building Materials Promotion and Application Coordination Group, Green Building Materials Evaluation Label Management Office and Green Building Materials Evaluation Logo Management Office, Selected Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Building Institute, Guangxi Building Materials Science Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. The three units of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Construction Engineering Quality Testing Center as the green building materials evaluation agency in our district, clarify the process of applying for green building materials evaluation logo in our district. Organize the promotion of green building materials logo evaluation work meetings, improve the cognition and recognition of green building materials.

  7. Rapid development of assembly buildings

  Since 2016, since the promotion of assembled buildings in 2016, the development of assembled building development planning, introducing supporting policies, improving standard systems, construction industrial bases, encouraging pilot demonstrations, actively cultivating humanity, carrying out publicity exchange, has established more complete assembly buildings The industrial chain is currently a basis for promoting assemblies. It has set up a pilot city of Nanning, Liuzhou, Hezhou and Yulin, and will be classified as the autonomous regional assembled steel structure residential pilot city. As of December 2020, the area has been put into production of 38 assembled building industrial bases, including 16 PC industry bases and 22 steel structure industry bases. In addition, there are 11 building industrial bases, including 9 PC industry bases and 2 steel structural industries. It is expected that the annual production capacity of the PC design in the region can reach 37.75 million cubic meters, and the steel structure can be reduced by 12.841 million tons.

  8. Safeguarding the construction of the system

  1 improve the building energy saving laws and regulations system

  In September 2016, Guangxi released the first building energy-saving and relevant local regulations, "Regulations on the Energy Conservation of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region", based on the National Administrative Regulations "Civil Build Energy Conservation Regulations", "Green Building Promotion" content is incorporated "Regulations on the Energy Saving Regulations of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region", which is the first province in the western region of our country to propose to promote "comprehensive green buildings"; at the same time, the first time, "Air Can" is included in the renewable "Air Can" in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Energy building application ranks, improve the building energy-saving laws and regulations system, and ensure the promotion implementation of renewable energy buildings.

  2 strengthen the construction of standard system

  According to the development of Guangxi buildings and green buildings, it has been released the implementation of the "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Residential Building Energy Conservation Design Standard" DBJ45-029-2016, "Public Building Energy Conservation Design Standard" DBJ / T45-042-2017, "existing public building energy conservation Reconstruction Technical Specification "DBJ / T45-051-2017," Building Energy Saving Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance Specification "DBJ / T45-059-2018 and" Green Building Evaluation Standard "DBJ / T45-020-2016," Green Building Design Specification "DBJ / T45-049-2017, "Green Ecological Community Evaluation Standard" DBJ / T45-069-2018, "Green Building Quality Acceptance Specification" DBJ / T45-068-2018, "Green Building Operation Maintenance Technology Specification" DBJ / T45-084 -2019, "65% design standard for residential buildings" DBJ / T45-095-2019, "65% design standard" DBJ / T45-096-2019 "DBJ / T45-096-2019, etc., a series of Guangxi project construction, comprehensive coverage project design The evaluation, acceptance and other engineering stages, promoted Guangxi building energy conservation and green building work in an orderly manner.

  3 Improve economic incentive policy

  During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the total amount of 200 million yuan in the special fund of the financial energy conservation and emission reduction in the autonomous region, the total number of buildings, green buildings, construction science and technology, etc., issued "on further strengthening energy-saving and emission reduction buildings for autonomous regions Notice of Acceptance Management Work "(Guijianke [2018] No. 16)," Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Finance Department on Printing and Distributing the Special Fund Management Measures for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region "(Guihua Order [2018] No. 4) Document, standardize the performance management and acceptance of financial fund support projects, providing a strong financial support for building energy conservation in our district.

  9. Accelerated transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the construction industry

  During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the scientific research results were highlighted. 44 construction scientific and technological achievements recommended certificates; accumulative access to 167 scientific and technical planning projects in Guangxi Housing, urban and rural construction, recommend 47 projects included in the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, 54 projects of Guangxi Construction Science and Technology Demonstration 4 Project Get a batch of 17 in Guangxi Science Research and Technology Development Program, earned 2005 million funded support; 3 Issue of China Construction Science and Technology Award. The "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Science and Technology Innovation Development Guidance of Housing and Urban-Rural Development" (Gui Jianfa [2018] No. 7), issued "Guangxi Construction Field Technology, Process, Materials, Equipment and Product Promotion, Restriction and Prohibition of Use" (2018 Edition), "Technical, Process, Materials, Equipment and Product Promotion of Guangxi Construction" (2020 Edition).

  Although our district has achieved certain results in building energy conservation and green building work, there are still some problems need to be solved: First, green building work is not enough. The green building in the whole area accounts for the low-construction area, the actual operation effect of the green building evaluation identification project is not expected, and the number of operation evaluation identification items is less. Some counties (cities, districts) institutions are not perfect, and managers are not in place, and become an important reason for restricting the development of building energy saving and green building. Second, the renewable energy building application system is in poor operation. Due to the influence of resource conditions, policy planning, energy efficiency, economic benefits, as well as system equipment management, operation and maintenance, property rights distribution, resulting in renewable energy building application system is not high, and its promotion work It needs to be strengthened. The third is that there is existing building energy-saving renovation needs to continue to strengthen. At present, there are both public building energy-saving renovation mainly relying on government guidance. It has not formed effective technical path and propulsion mode, and social capital participation is not high, and the energy-saving and transformation of residential buildings needs to further explore research. Fourth, green building materials applications need to establish improved supervision and management systems and evaluation certification. The green building materials promotion and application of our district still uses the system propulsion, lack of effective government guidance and economic incentive policy, star evaluation work has not achieved substantial progress, and work is unbalanced. Fifth, the construction of science and technology work is not sufficient. Insufficient research motivation in various enterprises in the relevant fields of construction industry, the difference in resource information is large, the innovation capacity is low, and the application of scientific and technological achievements is relatively lag. The relevant incentive policy mechanism of government management department has to be improved.

(2) Development Situation

  The 19th National Congress of the Party clearly put forward that China's economy has turned from the high-speed growth stage to high-quality development stage, and economic and social development must adhere to the application of the new normal, "14th Five-Year Plan" period is China's comprehensive development of socialist modernization. At the beginning of the stage, people have increasing the use of construction, and space environment quality requirements, controlling building energy resource consumption and the pressure of greenhouse gas emissions are further increased, bringing new opportunities and challenges for Guangxi Building energy conservation and green building work.

  First, from the development opportunity, with the continuous innovation of technology, the new industries such as green economy and low carbon technology flourish, green buildings, smart buildings, health buildings, etc., have become the mainstream trend of the current construction industry, "quality improvement, The new development concept of green transformation and mechanism innovation has become an important part of green buildings and buildings. The energy resource utilization model of housing urban and rural construction needs to be transformed and upgraded. The people to improve the quality of residential quality to improve health performance, and a large number of new use can enter the family, and the high-quality development of building energy conservation and green buildings is the current and future period for our district. Determined development ideas.

  Second, from development potential, "14th Five-Year Plan" is a milestone in the national carbon market, and the carbon market will be implemented from a single industry to multi-industry, from starting transactions to continue smoothly. Around "Carbon Dioxide Emission" to achieve peaks 2030, strive to achieve carbon neutrality 2060, "the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the development of national economic and social development of the fourteenth five-year-old plan" Propose a stronger carbon emission control goal and clearly propose "developing green buildings". The construction industry is the key area of carbon emissions. Guangxi should improve the building energy-saving standards, improve the energy-saving and renovation level of the building, promote the renewable energy building application, and actively promote high-quality green buildings, thereby enhancing building energy utilization, reducing building energy consumption growth Realizing the steady reduction in building energy consumption in our district, making important contributions to completing the energy saving goals in the region.

  The third is to see the development challenge, the Party Central Committee, the State Council proposed to promote energy production and consumption revolution, take a new urbanization road, comprehensive construction of ecological civilization, put the green development concept throughout the process of urban and rural planning construction, etc., for Guangxi Building energy conservation In the direction of green building development; the broad masses of the people's energy-saving and environmental protection awareness is increasingly concerned about building residence quality and comfort, building energy utilization efficiency and green consumption, etc., which is higher to do a good job in building energy conservation and green building development in our district. Require.

  The fourth is to see the development pattern, the 2020 new coronary pneumonia epidemic spread in the whole world, leading to the global economic decline, the external demand shrinkage, my country is facing the new development pattern of the domestic international double cycle mutual promotion. In the face of sudden public health events, epidemic prevention and control is a key link, as the main battlefield for epidemic prevention and control, "building" is not only the main space of people's lives and work, but also an important barrier for human health. The new crown pneumonia epidemic will bring important enlightenment to the development of building energy conservation and green buildings. To transform the development ideas, adhere to the green development concept, improve the healthy and epidemic prevention performance of the building, expand market demand, to strengthen market vitality, create jobs, for hitting Win this battle contributively to win active in the future of the ecological crisis that may occur in the future.

  (3) Development direction

With the continuous improvement of building energy saving standards, green buildings continue to promote, green building management mechanisms continue to reform and innovate, green buildings will enter the comprehensive popularization stage. The district should be based on the "13th Five-Year" work, and actively respond to changes in the future energy supply and demand structure, improve the electrification level, and further reduce energy consumption through technological innovation, so that the building enters the new stage of green low-carbon development.

  1. Green building development improvement results

With the original energy-saving, water-saving, festival, and environmental protection, the green architectural indicators is transformed into safe durability, health and comfort, convenient living, and greatly satisfied people's masses of quality life. need. Green building development needs to adhere to green saving architectural forms and use mode, improve star green building logo system, improve green construction star level, realize the balanced development of urban and rural areas, promote smart community, implement health buildings, improve residential health performance, establish Green residential user supervision mechanism, green buildings will enter the development phase of the improvement and efficiency.

  2. Building energy saving level is steadily improved

The fast urbanization drives the continuous development of the construction industry. The scale of the construction industry in our district has continued to expand. People's mass requirements are increasing, and the new use energy consumption is increasing. The total construction energy consumption is still growing, and the scientific research is fully District Building Energy Saving Standard Target Plan, promoting the construction of 65% of new civil buildings in urban construction in the district; continuously strengthening both building energy-saving management, focusing on both public building energy-saving reform demonstration counties and schools, hospital energy-saving green transformation construction, exploration Summer hot winter warm area has both residential buildings, establishment of operation management systems, promoting contract energy management models, further improving building energy-saving energy efficiency levels, reducing building energy consumption growth.

  3. Renewable energy application is enlarged

Continuously promote the scale development of renewable energy building integration, encourages the construction of renewable energy regions to concentrate on cooling and heat transfer projects, carry out the roof photovoltaic power generation, solar street lamp engineering application demonstration, in the construction area, intelligent photovoltaic feature or service The system promotes the development of renewable energy in villages in our district, accelerating the trend of low-carbonization in construction.

  4. Building industry development green

Green building materials is an important foundation for green buildings. The use of green building materials can improve green building quality and connotation levels, develop green building materials, increase the proportion of building materials emerging industries, adjust and reduce energy consumption products, and speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, promote energy saving. Consolidation, digestive energy capacity. Promote green construction and new technology integration, application new technologies, new materials, new equipment, effectively improve construction levels and building quality, and drive the construction industry to fully transform upgrade, and promote the green development of construction industries.

  Second, the overall requirements

  (1) Guiding ideology

Adhere to the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, fully implement the party's 19th National Congress and 19th Central, Sanzhong, Fourth Middle School, Five Plenary Session, with a new round of technology and industrial revolutionary opportunities as an opportunity Adhere to the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing, and coordinate the "five-in-one" overall layout and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, continue to promote building energy conservation, actively promote high quality development of green buildings, and practical Improve science and technology and industrial innovation capabilities, continuously improve the energy-saving management capabilities of government departments, and continue to enhance the people's acquisition, happiness, sense of security, provide support for energy-saving and emission reduction in Guangxi architecture.

  (2) Basic principles

--people oriented

  Adhere to the people-oriented thinking, actively launch the people's participation, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole society, multi-strength to build high-quality green buildings to meet the requirements of the people's health, comfort, and functionality, and promote Urban and rural construction green development, promoting people and nature harmonious symbiosis.

- Energy priority

  Responding to the national significant strategy of carbon emissions and carbon neutralization, energy production and consumption revolution, etc., in response to the weak links and lag fields of Guangxi Building energy conservation and green buildings, comprehensive improvement of building energy utilization efficiency, optimizing architectural energy structure, improvement The construction of the construction of the building has promoted the Guangxi Construction Industry to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction targets as soon as possible.


  According to the actual situation, the development goals are developed, combined with the development strategy of Guangxi, with the key points of county-level cities, taking into account the rural areas, and accelerate the development tasks of building energy conservation and green building development, forming a development pattern with Guangxi local characteristics.

- Innovation and development

  In line with the development trend of modern high-tech technology and ideas, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, establish a new development mechanism, build market-oriented technological innovation system, promote building energy saving and green building technology and product independent innovation and integrated application, promote Guangxi architecture with scientific and technological means Green low carbon development.

  (3) Development Goals

  By 2025, the construction energy efficiency standards accelerates, the level of energy efficiency in the new construction is steadily enhanced, and the green building in the new construction of the city is full of green buildings. The green building has been widely used. The green building materials are widely used. The green building has further extended, both buildings. And green transformation is an orderly, renewable energy building application scale, integrated, construction energy consumption structure is gradually cleaned, low carbonization, so that the overall energy consumption of our district has continued to decline.

Third, key tasks

  Resolutely implement the important declaration of General Secretary Xi Jinping, focusing on the implementation of carbon dioxide emissions to the peak target and carbon neutralization, implementation of green, energy-saving, low carbon concept in construction construction, transformation, management, and promote green building development by scale expansion New stage, enhance energy utilization efficiency, optimize energy consumption structure, and provide people with better green building products to the people to promote green development in urban and rural areas in Guangxi.

  (1) Promote the high quality development of green buildings

  1. Strengthen high quality green building construction

Fully promote the implementation of the "Green Building Evaluation Standard", using state-owned fund financing or national financing public buildings and other large-scale public buildings to perform two-star and above standards, and encourage other new civil buildings to build in high-star green architectural standards. The basic requirements of the green building are included in the engineering construction, strengthen the control indicator source management, standardization implementation phase construction procedures, regularly carry out operational assessments, implement the pre-process, and afterwards. Carry out a pilot of green farmers. Promote a group of residential health performance demonstration projects, strengthen residential health performance design requirements, strictly completed and acceptance management, and promote green health technology. Strictly implement the implementation of the "Regulations on the Energy Saving Regulations" of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

  2. Improve the green building logo and operation management system

According to the requirements of the "Green Building Evaluation Identification Management Regulations" requirements, the green building logo management is regulated. Strengthen green building operation management, implement green property management mode, incorporate green buildings daily operational requirements into property management content. Establish a green building user evaluation and feedback mechanism, regularly carry out green construction operation assessments, and continuously optimize the improvement of green building operations.

  3. Implementation of a balanced development of green construction urban and rural areas

Implement the green development requirements of urban and rural construction, carry out green buildings, guide the new construction of the whole district, change the construction, and both buildings use green architectural standards, construction and transformation, and promote the problem of solving urban construction and imbalance, implementing Guangxi Town New Civil Buildings in the Planning Area perform a full coverage of green building standards. Strengthen the construction map review of green buildings in the city, beforehand, in the case of events, and afterwards.

  (2) Enhance the level of building energy efficiency

  1. Accelerate the energy efficiency of new buildings

In-depth promotion of building energy efficiency. Scientific research formulates the main building energy-saving standard target plan, promoting 65% of the new construction of civil buildings in the district, further implementing the internal construction energy-saving target responsibility system and assessment evaluation system, strengthening the energy-saving supervision mechanism for new construction in the construction of the building, Relying on the "big data" platform, establish a digital information management system, focus on strengthening the energy-saving control persons in construction and acceptance stages.

  2. Enhanced the level of existing buildings

Carry out the energy efficiency of public building energy efficiency, establish and improve the operation management system, promote contract energy management and contract water-saving management, promote public building energy consumption statistics, energy audit and energy efficiency publicity. Continuously strengthening both building energy-saving management, impatient with both construction stocks, combined with urban old community renovation, sponge city construction, etc., exploring Guangxi has both residential buildings, energy-saving renovation routes, explores both residential buildings, energy-saving modifications, and improve architecture Efficiency and indoor comfort. Focusing on the construction of existing public building energy-saving and renovation demonstration counties and schools, and strengthening the construction management of office buildings and large public building energy consumption monitoring platform in Guangxi state organs, gradually increases the construction of urban-level platforms, and continuously expand public buildings. Energy consumption monitoring quantity and monitoring range.

  (3) Promoting high quality applications of renewable energy

  Adhere to the principle of local conditions, coordinate planning, classification, and economic efficiency, and explore the application potential of renewable energy applications. Renewable energy resource conditions survey and construction conditions are required to carry out the survey of renewable energy construction applications, and implementation. Vigorously develop solar photovoltaic distribution, integrated application in urban and rural buildings, and achieve local production, in place in place. Promote the application of renewable energy systems in residential, hotels, schools, hospital buildings, encourages the application demonstration of roof photovoltaic power generation and solar street lamp engineering in villages. The system has been assessing the assessment of various renewable energy construction applications, and the operation strategy, standard, industrial access, etc. of the optimization of renewable energy applications are adjusted according to the assessment results.

  (4) Gradually promote the application of green building materials

  Conductation of green building materials for improved building materials, strengthening green building materials information management, effectively connecting with national green building materials and application database; combined with actual development of green building materials certification promotion applications, actively encourage and promote enterprises Green building materials certification, and do a good job in the supervision and management of building materials products. Promote high-strength steel, high-performance concrete, high-performance masonry materials, structural insulation integrated wall panels, and encourage prefabricated components and department components with excellent development performance. Encourage the construction of green building materials, and gradually increase the application ratio of green building materials in new construction in engineering construction projects.

  (5) steadily develop assembly architecture

  Steadily develop new construction industrialization represented by assembled buildings, consolidate the development of assembled buildings, expand the cultivation of assembled building industry bases, improve base coverage, and play industry support. Promote assembled buildings and green construction, digital construction depth integration, increase the promotion of BIM technology, and help assemble industry development with information. Deepen the implementation of the "three board" policies, accelerate the promotion of prefabricated stairs, prefabricated floor boards, extensive application of internal and external wall panels in our district, urge Nanning, Liuzhou, Yulin, Hezhou 4 installed architectural pilot cities to implement "three board" policies, encourage non- The pilot city actively applies "three board" systems. Continue to carry out standardized construction, accelerate the development of assembly farm development, vigorously develop assembled steel structural buildings; fully carry out assembled architectural talents training, build construction industry Internet platforms, and strengthen the management of industry organizations.

  (6) Establish a green residential user supervision mechanism

  According to the Ministry of Housing and Construction, "Green Residential Buying Guide" is issued, and the corresponding supporting policy is developed. Provide housing green performance and full-decoration quality acceptance methods to the buyers, guiding green residential development units to cooperate with the purchasers to do well. Encourage residential green performance and full-decoration quality-related indicators into commercial housing sales contracts, residential quality assurance books and residential instructions, clear quality warranty and disputes.

  (7) Starting the Carbon-Damu Action Plan for Construction Industry

  Implementing the State's Strategic Deployment of Climate Change, the research and development of carbon peaks and carbon neutrics and development road maps for 2030, 2060, and work with five-year planning, annual plan, etc. Improve renewable energy in the construction sector consumption, actively promote the development of the construction industry to the intensive, green low carbon direction, extend the industry chain, increase the added value, and improve the quality of industrial development. Research explores the construction planning, design, construction, operation, and renovation of carbon emission control technology, and advocate green low-carbon lifestyle.

  (8) Developing green finance

  According to the "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guide" ", the relevant policies such as" 2013) ", study Guangxi Green Financial Products, energy-saving buildings, green buildings, green building materials, assembled building technology, product development and promotion, intelligent building products and equipment Production and manufacturing and integrated technology research, high strength, high-performance structural materials and systems, etc. Incorporate key development projects and innovate. Promote the establishment of the green financial reform and innovation demonstration area, actively explore the development of green finance and green building, and accelerate the construction of green financial implementation systems in Guangxi construction industry, actively cultivate the business environment of stimulating market vitality, and enhance the size of green investment in urban and rural construction.

Fourth, safeguard measures

  (1) Improve policy and regulations

  In engineering construction planning, survey and design, construction, completion acceptance and operation management, standard, and further strengthen building energy saving and green building work. Carry out the revision of the "Regulations on the Energy Saving Regulations of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region", continuously improve the building energy saving and green building supporting system covering the whole process of building engineering projects, strict implementation of various provisions and requirements for laws and regulations, and increase the disciplinary discipline for illegal violations Strength. Research and improve the incentive policy, the associated departments actively carry out financial, tax, finance, land, planning, industries, support policy innovation, research on high-quality green building projects in the approval of land transfer, start-up license, etc., design and construction The industry is suitable for green financial products, fully mobilizing developers and owners to carry out green products procurement, support financial institutions in accordance with risk control, business sustainable principles to increase building energy saving and green building project financing. Promote contract energy, contract water-saving management model, encourage the use of government and social capital cooperation (PPP) mode to promote Guangxi architecture energy conservation and green building development.

  (2) Implementation Standard System

  In terms of standard systems, the scientific and perfect construction industry has a standard system, and give full play to standard basis and leading role. Organization revised green architectural design standards, green building construction map review guidance, green building test standards, green construction project construction quality acceptance standards, renewable energy building applications and other related projects, atlas; Establishment and improvement of green building materials And green building materials application engineering construction local standard system; research to prepare new technical standards such as green transformation, BIM application, assembly construction, promote green revolutionary innovation development; continuous improvement from design construction to core technology, product application, project operation maintenance, The standard procedures, strengthening design standards, construction standards, building materials standards, acceptance standards, evaluation criteria and other implementation and conversion.

  (3) Promote new technology research and development and application

  Implement urban and rural construction green development requirements, according to the development direction of intelligence, green, low-carbon, fully extract new concepts such as ecological architecture, low-carbon construction, assembly architecture, health buildings, smart buildings, with "ventilation, insulation, dehumidification , Lighting, sound insulating, etc., optimizes green building technology route, and conducts high quality green building suitability technology research and application. Actively explore 5G, Internet, VR, BIM, assembly, low-energy, intelligent, and other technologies in innovation and integration applications in engineering construction, promote green construction and new technology integration development. Combined with epidemic prevention and control and reality, strengthen residential health performance design requirements, improve the health performance indicators such as construction indoor air, water quality, sound insulation, and improve architectural vision and psychological comfort.

  (4) Strengthening scientific and technological innovation

  Focusing on the Guangxi Energy Saving and Green Development Strategy, construct a market-oriented building energy saving and green building technology innovation system. Establish the Science and Technology Achievements of Guangxi Housing and Urban-Rural Construction System to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Organize enterprises, universities, research institutes, etc. Research and development of key links in key areas, promote technical application demonstration projects, promote depth of production and research; give full play to the scientific and technological plan project platform, energy conservation and emission reduction special funds, etc. Applying a batch of independent innovation technologies and products that can form new economic growth points, nurture emerging strategic industries with core competitiveness, and effectively play the role of technology support and drive the economy and faster development.

  (5) playing market role

  Actively do a good job in building building energy saving and green building products and technology market supervision and management mechanism construction work, timely grasp the price information of energy-saving materials, products and equipment used in new buildings, through market supervision functions, standardize the unfair competition behavior of the market, Establish actions in the construction of construction engineering and construction quality. Further cultivate energy-saving technical service systems, requiring various energy-saving technical services across all levels through strengthening service awareness, broadening service scope, enhancing service capabilities, improving service level, providing planning, design, transformation, operation, management for enterprises and users, etc. Fine process refine services, and promote the sustainable development of Guangxi buildings and green buildings in the market.

  (6) Strengthening the whole process supervision

  Strengthen the whole process of engineering projects, improve the new construction of the construction of the construction and green building standards, improve the quality supervision of building energy conservation and green building standards, improve the quality of construction maps, and improve the energy consumption of the autonomous regional public building energy consumption Monitoring platform construction management, establishing the supervisory management system for the third-party certification bodies and certification enterprises of green building materials, relying on building energy saving and green architectural design planning platform, credit supervision platform, statistical report direct reporting platform for building energy saving and green building The information supervision system uses the "Internet + Regulatory" means effectively improved supervision efficiency.

  (7) Strengthening data statistics

  Attach great importance to and strengthen the organization leadership of statistical work, struggle to consolidate statistical foundation, improve statistical investigation capabilities, and actively carry out analytical research, improve statistical data quality, and make statistics to better adapt to building energy conservation and green building development needs. Introduced data statistics, configure the necessary statistics processing equipment, realize multi-level units such as zones, municipalities, counties, and the network interconnection of the department, and actively promote the departments, the unit online report statistics to ensure online data security. Using information technology such as big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing to achieve data information collection, processing, transmission, storage, and database modernization and intelligence management.

  (8) Let's give full play to the role of industry organizations

  Give full play to the function of "providing service, reflecting the appeal, industry self-discipline", playing a good government, enterprise, and market bridge linkage; doing a good job in industry self-discipline and integrity system; playing a good reflection of members' demands, maintaining legitimate rights, Participate in the industry collaborative role in negotiation; actively build the technical cooperation and exchange service platform for the new technology of green buildings, building energy conservation and construction science and technology in our district. Organize technical training, technology promotion activities, make full use of websites, new media and other platforms to promote the advanced experience of green buildings and buildings, leading the development of industry.

  V. Planning organization

  Promote the development of Guangxi buildings and green buildings, to strengthen organizational leadership, improve work mechanism, improve planning and implementation supervision and performance assessment mechanism, mobilize the whole society, and ensure the smooth completion of the key tasks.

  First, strengthen organization and leadership

  Strengthening the Party 's Leadership of Building Energy Saving and Green Building Work. Improve the coordination mechanism of building energy saving and green building work, fully understand the significance of promoting the implementation of Guangxi Building Energy Saving and Green Building Planning, and the Protection of Planning is successfully implemented.

  Second, clear responsibility division

  Establish a coordination mechanism, a reform, and the relevant department, departments, and units, the relevant department, departments, and units of the party, the relevant department, and the department, and the department, the department, the department, and the department, and the department shall strengthen communication. Collaboration, forming a working force. At the same time, pay attention to strengthening the connection between various plans and policies in Guangxi, to do it up and down, left and right.

  Third, strict performance assessment

  All relevant departments, the unit should decompose the "14th Five" goals and tasks to the annual goal, and the annual target responsibility assessment is an important starting point to promote the implementation of all the construction of the entire area and the work of green buildings. , Improve the effectiveness of work, enhance the results, and fully promote the level of energy conservation and emission reduction in the whole district. Further modification, improve the relevant target responsibility assessment method, establish and improve the work system of the inspection and notification system, the feedback system, the regular system, clear the reward and punishment mechanism, and give full play to the incentive orientation of the target responsibility assessment, and stimulate the work of the relevant personnel.

  Fourth, do a good job in promotion

  Further increased publicity efforts to Guangxi Building Energy Savings and Green Building Work, give full play to exchange platforms such as scientific and technological propaganda week, publicity training sessions, play traditional media such as radio, television, newspapers, and the public opinion orientation of new media such as WeChat, Internet platforms Role, carry out a variety of publicity activities such as news propaganda, policy interpretation, education and popularization, improve the public's understanding of new ideas, new technologies such as building energy conservation and green buildings, making new materials, new products, and new technology production and application The consensus of the whole industry and the whole society has strengthened public opinion supervision and reporting criticism on illegal violations.




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