Notice on Wuxi City Organization Declaration 2021 Municipal Construction Energy Saving Special Guidance Fund Demonstration Project

Notification tin building on the organization to declare 2021 the year the municipal building energy-saving demonstration project of special funds to guide No. 6 [2021] Wuxi City Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

  District Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, the relevant units:

  To promote the city's building energy efficiency and green building development, give full play to the demonstration effect of demonstration projects, according to the "on the issuance of <Wuxi City building energy-saving special guide funds' Administrative Measures" requirement (tin Jianke [2017] No. 28), now to carry out the declaration of the year 2021 the municipal building energy-saving special funds demonstration projects to guide and inform on specific issues as follows:

  First, the declarations and conditions

  (A) green building demonstration project

  1, the three-star green building design or identify new projects identified in the operation of green buildings in Wuxi city limits.

  2, the reporting unit for the project construction unit or project owner.

  (B) existing buildings energy-saving demonstration project

  1, Wuxi city limits floor area of not less than 5,000 square meters of existing public buildings (including office buildings, commercial buildings, tourism, construction, science, education and construction, communications and transportation construction class construction) or area of not less than 5 million square meters of existing residential buildings. Priority Support to transform according to green building requirements and obtain an item identified and contract energy management projects using the transformation.

  2, the project deal with HVAC systems, domestic hot water system, power supply and distribution and lighting systems, monitoring and control systems, building envelope, doors and windows, renewable energy, etc. one or more energy saving, to achieve the transformation unit building saving the area of not less than 10%, no single building savings less than 100 tons of standard coal / year.

  3, to declare the project should provide energy saving less than 1 year of continuous energy consumption bills, electric equipment details and technical parameters. Has been prepared in accordance with energy-saving programs, "Jiangsu Province Existing Building Energy Saving Technical Specification", detailed rehabilitation programs, engineering and cost details specific.

  4, public buildings should be in accordance with the relevant standards, synchronous design, installation and building energy sub-metering device, real-time building energy consumption data uploaded to the city center monitoring data after transformation.

  5, the reporting unit for the building owner or their authorized delegate of people use; use of contract energy management, reporting by the contract energy management unit alone.

  6, to declare the project should be completed by the project (approval) procedure or building owners and energy service companies signed energy-saving contract implementation period not exceeding two years.

  7, support and encourage the strength of the energy conservation service agencies involved in the implementation of demonstration projects, participate in demonstration projects of energy service companies should have the following conditions:

  (1) reporting units with independent legal personality, with energy-saving diagnosis, design, renovation, and operation of energy-saving services for the main business; (2) with a registered capital of 300 million yuan (inclusive), has strong financing capability; (3) business conditions and a good credit record, sound financial management system; (4) has a matching full-time technical staff and contract energy management personnel, the ability to guarantee the smooth implementation of the project and stable operation.

  8, priority support and has completed the transformation project to provide building energy efficiency evaluation report.

  (C) ultra-low power (passive) energy efficient building demonstration project

  1, according to "priority passive, active optimization" principle, integrated passive application of green building materials and technology in the Wuxi city limits, and to achieve a comprehensive building energy efficiency rate of more than 85% of the project.

  2, the reporting unit for the project construction unit or project owner.

  Second, the reporting requirements

  1, to declare the project should be carried out in the city administrative area.

  2, has enjoyed national, provincial or municipal similar special funds to support the project may not be repeated declaration.

  Third, the required application materials

  1, application materials comprising: a return, embodiments, materials of Registration;

  2, the new project to provide construction permit; both projects provide proof of ownership documents; adopt the way of energy services, should provide service contracts signed with construction unit, the landlord or property management company;

  3, who provide a copy of the declaration shall be stamped with the official seal on a copy and provide the original check. All materials to be declared in duplicate and bound, while providing an electronic document (dials).

  4, each reporting unit to be declared to the organization in strict accordance with the notice requirements, application materials to ensure the integrity, authenticity, fraud and deception. If the declaration of the project exist falsifications, once discovered, will cancel the declaration of qualification held responsible, and be informed criticism.

  Fourth, the declaration time limit

  The deadline for the declaration of May 21, 2021.

  Fifth, Reporting Site

  Application materials submitted to the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau building energy efficiency and design at the (Civic Center Building, room 8739). Tel: 81822720.

                                                                                                                                                                                   April 15, 2021




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