Sayyas Passive Door - Ped86

Sayyas Passive Door丨Ped86

It is suitable for the entry door in the outer envelope of passive building.
The structural style of inner wood and outer aluminum and 59mm thick EPS insulation board ensure that the whole door has good thermal insulation. Meet the thermal insulation performance requirements of passive buildings for doors and windows.

  • Air tightness

    Air tightness

    National standard GB/T29734.1-2013 Level 8 q1≤0.5[m³/(m·h)]
  • Thermal insulation performance

    Thermal insulation performance

    National standard GB/T29734.1-2013 Level 10 K<1.1W/(㎡·k)
  • Sound insulation performance

    Sound insulation performance

    National standard GB/T29734.1-2013 Level 4 35dB≤Rw+Ctr<40dB
  • Anti-theft performance

    Anti-theft performance

    In addition to the wind tongue and lock tongue from top to bottom, it is also equipped with four sealing lock points, with excellent air tightness and anti-theft performance. Stainless steel plate is embedded in the sash, which provides necessary conditions for theft and fire prevention. Biaoyang domestic manual handle with fingerprint password function
  • Opening method

    Opening method

    Middle opening, double opening and three-to-seven opening can be achieved
  • Wind load resistance performance

    Wind load resistance performance

    According to the calculation results of stress bar, it belongs to the national standard GB/ T297341-2013 5.0kpa
  • Efficient and convenient

    Efficient and convenient

    The fingerprint electric opening function can be added without the need of any key

High-quality insulation board

The door contains 59mm thick EPS insulation board to improve the thermal insulation performance of the entire door

Middle rubber strip

There are four seals between the frame and sash to open the ring sealing rubber strip without breakpoint, thus improving the air tightness of the whole door

Full flatness inside and outside

The door fits perfectly with the frame to make it flat inside and outside in vision

    Sayyas Passive Door - Ped86

    Sayyas Passive Door - Ped86




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