Mori Ying Bian Shuping: Destiny is greater than choice, and choice is greater than effort!

  Good afternoon everyone!

  This is the first time I have come to the lecture hall of Heilongjiang University. I am fortunate to share it with you. I am very happy. Everyone is about to enter society soon, and they are probably in their twenties. I was admitted to Harbin Institute of Technology at the age of 18, with a 4-year undergraduate and 3-year master’s degree. I was just 25 years old when I left the school. Therefore, I like to take 25 as the starting point of my life. Now I dare not tell you my age today, but when I think about my 25 years old, it feels like yesterday. Time is really cruel, and soon you will reach my age. Life is too short, so I think it is necessary to tell you some of my heartfelt thoughts so that you can avoid detours. From the age of 25 to the present, 32 years of life experience has made me deeply agree that these 6 words determine life-destiny, choice, and hard work. If you rank them, destiny is greater than choice, and choice is greater than effort. This is the theme I share with you today.

  There is a saying in the "Book of Changes" called "One life, two luck, three geomantic omen, four accumulate yin and virtue, five reading, six people with seven phases and eight awe, nine friends and ten nobles, ten health preservation." Mao Zedong liked to say this sentence very much. It means that there are ten factors that will determine your life. The first is destiny. There is also a saying, "Getting rich is fate, and learning is bumping." Knowledge is obtained through constant exchange, collision, communication, and discussion; and getting rich is destined. In the dark, we seem to be controlled by something invisible, intangible, and inexhaustible. What is this thing? This is a force above destiny, choice, and hard work. This is the "Dao", the Tao of the Great Way.

  Dao is greater than destiny, choice, and effort. Therefore, before I discuss destiny, choice, and endeavor with you, I want to say "Tao" and "Tao" to everyone. In life, we must spend more time to think about and experience the word "Tao".

  2500 years ago, a sage came out of Luyi, Henan, China, named Li Er, who was Lao Tzu. Laozi wrote 81 "Tao De Jing", the central idea is to say two words: one is Tao and the other is virtue. "The way of heaven is profit but not harm; the way of saints is not to fight." It means that the way of heaven is beneficial to all things, not harmful to all things; the way of saints is to do it, not to fight." Classmates are about to leave school and enter the society. You must think about what "Tao" is. I am 57 years old and I have been thinking about it, but I still don't know what "Tao" is. In fact, Lao Tzu doesn't know much about it. What is "Tao". The first sentence of "Tao De Jing" says: "Tao can be Tao is very Tao." If "Tao" can be stated clearly, it is not Tao. "Tao" is in all things, and it cannot be explained clearly. , Invisible, incapable of grasping, there is a dynamic state in the emptiness, called "Dao Chong, but use it or not make it, the abyss is like the sect of all things." The 25th chapter of the "Tao De Jing" describes: "There are things." Mixed, born congenitally. "The "Tao" existed before our world was formed. "Lonely, independent and unchanging, Zhou Xing but not dying, can be the mother of heaven and earth. "It is the foundation of heaven and earth." I don't know its name. I don't know its name. I don't know its name. I don't know its name. I don't know its name. I can barely call it "Tao."

  The 25th chapter of Tao Te Ching continues to say, "Therefore, the Dao is great, the earth is also great, there are four in the domain, and the human is one of them." What does this mean? There are four big things in this world. The first is Tao; the second is heaven, where people are doing things and heaven is watching; the third is earth; and the fourth is people. How did our life path begin? We must recognize that among all things in the universe, man is not the largest. Don’t believe in the term man will conquer the sky. Man cannot conquer the sky. It should be “Man follows the earth, the earth follows the heaven, the heaven follows the path, and the Tao follows the natural.” To survive on the earth, people must follow the law of the growth of all things on the earth; the earth inherits the sky, and the reproduction and migration of all things on it must follow the natural climate; the sky originates from the Tao and must follow the "Tao" in the universe; and the "Tao" is Everything in the world is what it is.

  Therefore, in our life, following the ways of heaven, believing in fate and recognizing fate, is a very high-level thing, which is of great benefit to our destiny, choices, and efforts.

  Tao is the word "de" when it is manifested in people. What is virtue? Liu Xuande, everyone knows? Xuan De is the highest state of virtue. "Therefore, the Tao is born, the virtue is the animal; the long-term nurturing; the matured; the pavilion is the poison; the nurturing is overwhelmed. To be born and not to have, to be without reliance, to grow without slaughter. It is called Xuande." You created it, but you never own it; you let it grow, but you never dominate it. For example, I am the founder of Sayyas, but I shouldn’t treat Sayyas as my own private property. That would be narrow-minded. I never felt that I should consume Sayyas; Sayyas should be a platform for everyone to struggle. Still continuing to practice. In fact, no money, power, or fame can be taken away when we die. In our whole life, we are searching for ourselves and pursuing the process of sanctification. Everyone here is also likely to become a saint; Wang Yangming said that everyone has a conscience and everyone can be sanctified. When we formally enter society, we must think about "Tao"; in our life, we must also pursue "Tao". If you can understand this word, your life will be brighter and more transparent. In this way, when you reach my age, there will be few regrets and confusions, and life will be free and easy, and longevity will be prolonged.

  I talked about the most important word in life, the word "Tao".

  Next, I will ask you three questions. I believe many people have thought about these three questions: where are you from, where are you going, who are you?

  While thinking about the word "Tao", we must also seriously consider the three issues mentioned above. Some people say that of course I came from my mother's belly. That's right! Going deeper, it's a small embryo formed by sperm and egg, which grows up slowly. Going deeper, where are you from? Did you choose your parents, or did your parents choose you? It is a very usual thinking that our parents have chosen us. Recently, I have a thought, I think you chose your parents. why? When you have not yet become an embryo, you already exist. where are you? In the "spiritual world", not in the world; where are your parents? In the world. The spiritual world is nothing, the world is there, and what is born from nothing, so naturally you chose your parents, and you will return to the spiritual world from the world in the future. Don't be afraid of death. Death is a very good subject. We always say how beautiful life is, but there is not only life and life in the world, but also death. Death is also one of the forms of life. We are afraid of death because we have no experience of death. It's like, we have never been to London, and we don't know that London is really better than Harbin. You chose your parents and you came into this world. What are you doing in this world? Two words: spiritual practice.

  When we first entered society, we were not afraid of tigers, thinking about how to achieve a career. What you have practiced in this world is what you have done, which determines who you are. All of you here are students, but 25 years from now, you may have a secretary of the provincial party committee, an entrepreneur, or a changer. Does this make a difference? From the perspective of our society of power worship and money worship today, the difference has gone far. However, from the perspective of God's creation of man, there is no difference. Man is equal, precious, and unique. "So the saint always saves people with kindness, so there is no abandonment; if you always save things with kindness, so there is no abandonment, it is known as shiming." So there are no discarded items. We don’t want to compare; we must compare, which means that people live better than others, and shop around has to stay. As long as we respect the ways of heaven, obey our destiny, make the right choices, keep working hard, and be serious, it is good to be able to accomplish one small thing in our lifetime. Everyone must appreciate and like themselves. But we have to establish a mind-the ultimate mind. Start with the end, and end with caution. For example, imagine what you are like when you are 50 years old, and you will know how your life should go. Twenty-five years have passed in a blink of an eye. If you want to be confused, you will not be confused. "Tao De Jing" Chapter 41: "The sergeant hears the Tao and walks diligently; the sergeant hears the Tao, if it survives; the corporal laughs when he hears the Tao." What does this mean? The sergeant listened to the theory of Tao and worked hard to practice it; the sergeant listened to the theory of Tao, and sometimes remembered it in his heart and sometimes forgot; the sergeant laughed and dismissed it after listening to the theory of Tao. We must learn to be a sergeant and look for our own path with awe. As Confucius said, Zhao Wen Daoxi is dead.

  After talking about Tao and destiny, we began to talk about choices and efforts.

  A person’s life is so short, and his career is only 25 years. If he retires at the age of 45 at Huawei, he will only have 20 years. This can be described as a golden career cycle, which affects whether you will be good for the next 50 years. Two of these words are very important, that is, choice. How do we choose our career? You can refer to these three points: First, do you have a certain talent? Second, do you like it? If it can be cultivated into something you like later, it's okay. Third, we must be able to earn what we need for life. Talent, liking, and earning a life, these three things are integrated, and then you can choose your career direction. As for how much money you can make, getting rich is your life. Money has four corners, and people have two feet; if money is chasing people, you really can't get away; if people want to chase money, it runs faster than you. You must have a good mentality. Once you choose, you should work hard and do your best without seeking fame or profit. To become an expert, life is not a problem.

  In life, choosing a partner is also very important. When my son chooses his wife, he asks me, which one is the smarter and the beautiful one? Do I need to ask if I said that? From the perspective of eugenics and education, you have to choose smarter ones, right? Besides, this smart one is also very good-looking. When I was young, I looked rather stubborn, and my daughter-in-law chose to be smart in the end. Now I have two grandchildren, my grandson is obviously smarter than my son; my son is obviously smarter than me, this is the importance of choice. Which road you choose in your life determines what kind of scenery you will experience along the way. So choice is more important than hard work. Of course, no matter which path you choose, you have to work hard; but the same effort will not necessarily have the same reward. One may get twice the result with half the effort, while the other may get twice the result with half the effort.

  Sayyas is a window maker. Many people ask me why I chose this line. I say fate is hard. In fact, I am very clear about this career choice, so I can stick to it for 22 years. In 1998, I had 40 million in cash in my hands. At that time, 40 million yuan was considered a lot of money. I did a small real estate project and invested in a window factory. How much did you invest? 10.4 million for the first phase. The developer came over and said that this is a small workshop. It seems that if you want to do a good job, you have to continue to invest, so I invested more than 30 million in the next year, adding up to more than 40 million, and my life was locked in a small window factory. Although Sayyas is hailed as the No. 1 brand in the Chinese window industry, it is also regarded as a famous brand in the world window factory; but if the factory is built to make money, then I will regret it. Real estate projects earning hundreds of millions are considered small projects. I stood at the fork in the road and hesitated for half a year. Should I be a real estate or a window? Later, the investment in windows became more and more large, and I just plunged in and never had a chance to look back. this is life. Sometimes I think that if I chose real estate at that time, I might make a lot more money than it is now, but the risk is also greater than it is now. It is hard to say whether we can live with the current mission. Doing the window industry can be regarded as avoiding misfortune, so I can comfort myself. Therefore, human choice is very important. But think about it, the choice seems to be involuntary, and it seems to be destined.

  Sayyas is a small company that is growing into a big company. A few years ago, I thought that Sayyas would only need 12 words to survive-out of Longjiang, stock listing, and organizational change. Sayyas has two factories in Harbin, one of which is a passive factory, and has won the Guinness World Record for the world's largest passive factory. Since 2017, Sayyas invested more than 300 million yuan to build a factory in Nanjing, and it has been put into use now, and the second and third phase factories are also being planned. We bought an office building near Nanjing South Railway Station, and the office environment is also very good. Making windows is not like making air conditioners. Sister Dong Mingzhu can achieve 200 billion yuan in air conditioners. The industry of building exterior windows is very complicated. If it can achieve 10 billion yuan, it will be the largest window company in the world.

  In terms of organizational change, Sayyas wants to build a platform for common struggle and also a platform for dividing money. In addition to the basic salary, monthly KPI bonus, KSF salary, and year-end bonus, the income of Sayyas people also includes project bonuses and various innovation bonuses. Project bonuses are not fixed. It depends on which projects you participate in and what role you play in them. Use results and performance to speak. The project team is inter-departmental, such as the heart service team, brand committee, product line committee, and so on. Therefore, Sayyas is a company with departmental boundaries and unclear concepts of superiors and subordinates. If you have a good idea, you can apply for the project and become the project team leader. Instead, your superior may become your team member. This is to activate each individual and let everyone do their best. I believe that such an organization is what our college students are looking forward to.

  Next, I will talk about Sayyas air-conditioning windows. Air-conditioning windows are windows with air-conditioning functions, which can cool indoors by 3 to 4 degrees in summer and 3 to 4 degrees in winter. Why does Sayyas produce such energy-efficient building exterior windows? Because Sayyas's mission is: extreme reduction in consumption and an extremely beautiful life. We must dedicate aesthetics and energy saving to the world. In order to live more comfortably, human beings do not save energy or protect the environment, and over-exploit energy, and emit a lot of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. As a result, the earth is put on a thick coat. Short-wave sunlight can shine in but cannot be reflected, causing the earth to become hotter and hotter. Antarctica melts 300 million cubic meters of ice a year, the sea level continues to rise, the ocean gradually acidifies, and extreme weather occurs frequently. How to protect the earth? To reduce energy consumption. The energy consumption of the entire human society is divided into three categories: industrial energy consumption, building energy consumption, and transportation energy consumption. Among them, building energy consumption accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption, and 50% of the building energy consumption is run away through the windows. In other words, good windows can save 15-20% of energy consumption, which shows how valuable and meaningful the industry we are engaged in. Sen Ying must always follow the values of love and temperature, and do everything possible to slow down the pace of temperature rise in this world. The common vision of Sayyas people is: to block climate change with Sayyas air-conditioning windows. Although it sounds a bit like a man’s arm blocking a car, and even a little brash, it is indeed our wish in the hearts of the Sayyas people, we just have to stick to it!

  In the past, everyone liked to make cars, airplanes, air conditioners, and computers, but they were reluctant to make windows. Because the window is transparent during the day and hides behind the curtain at night, no one cares about it. Now people have become more aware of the impact of windows on building energy efficiency and home comfort. Starting in 2019, China has entered a period of historic opportunities for the development of the window industry, just like the automobile industry 30 years ago. Lao Tzu said: Be rich, not be weak; in fact, not be rich. We must stand honest, not superficial; be simple in mind, not vain.

  Sayyas is a well-developed company and it is worthy of everyone's choice. I invite you all to join our team and fight with us. I look forward to creating brilliance together with you!

  May everyone obey the way of heaven, believe in fate, make good choices, work hard all their lives, and have a beautiful life that belongs to you.

  Thank you all!




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