The next line of management: stepping into the front scene, alleviating the anxiety of the second line

    The modern division of labor has made posts and functions more and more specialized, showing a state of segmentation, and senior managers are getting farther and farther from users and customers. Therefore, Sayyas's "management taking the front line" came into being. Up to now, in the fourth quarter of 2020, 9 senior management have submitted reports and visited 10 sites, covering in-factory production, off-site installation, retail front-line, etc.; a total of 23 rationalization suggestions have been put forward, and the process has been adopted and promoted. Next, 18 managers will come into the front line, from the perspective of different functions and positions, find more problems, and then propose improvement items, from the grassroots single business unit layer by layer, in-depth analysis, search for the cause... …The starting point for improvement is always on the spot, where there is gunfire on the front line.



The following is the experience of some managers who completed the "next line" in the fourth quarter:

The road is still very long, no project is not big, no retail is not strong

  The first line I visited this time was the Red Star Kazi store in Nanjing. I visited more than a dozen of my colleagues and found many points that could be improved from the details of the sample windows. The wooden window industry has become a red sea of competition. The homogeneity of products is serious. Only the details of the product can determine the success or failure. It is a weapon to win the respect of customers and highlight the brand. Therefore, stepping into the front line, discovering problems in the front line and promoting improvements in the factory, will become a fixed action of the managers at all levels of the manufacturing center, and it will continue to be promoted for a long time!

  No project is not big, no retail is not strong! The retail road is full of difficulties and dangers, but the prospects will be bright after getting through! We look forward to having more managers come to the front line of retail, go deep into the scene, discover and solve problems together, and make retail stronger.

—— Zhao Guocai, General Manager of Manufacturing Center


Receive feedback from multiple angles and dimensions, and implement "heart research and development"

  The aluminum-clad wooden window that Sayyas is best at. When we came to the scene, we wanted to look at the products launched from multiple angles and levels, find and solve problems, and continue to consolidate. According to the characteristics of Sayyas's current product customization, our R&D team will combine products with a relatively large demand and a relatively high degree of satisfaction, and proceed further on this basis. The problems found will also be combined with the construction of a new laboratory for research and development, to give full play to the maximum function of the laboratory's new equipment such as fire resistance and sound insulation, and do a good job in "heart research and development".

——Wang Yong, Director of R&D Center


Come to the scene and examine Sayyas products from the perspective of customers

  This time our team came to Baoyu site to review the quality of the engineering windows, and still saw some problems. The windows in the factory were full of windows and the key points were not visible, but when entering the customer’s home, there was only one window problem per room. To appear. For some details, we will continue to improve and keep improving. Customer-centric is the first step to the customer, the follow-up needs to continue to carry out the next-line work, our goal is to "eliminate" the after-sales service!

—— Liu Peng, Manager of the First Wooden Window


Software is not a stumbling block, it is a tool to serve customers

  Unlike what I imagined before, the situation on site is actually more complicated and changeable, requiring more patient explanation and familiarization with the operation! Software is for various business departments, not a stumbling block, but the most powerful tool in their hands. Therefore, in the future, our IT department will be closer to the front line, understand the business and be familiar with the process, so that the software can play a greater role in the process and business.

——Gao Qun, Manager of IT Department


Coming to the front line, shortening the time for service sales to enter the project

  For engineering projects, the terminal owner is the customer who accompanies Sayyas products every day, and it is the starting point for quality management to receive feedback from the sales service. Eliminate intermediate links to avoid omissions and misunderstandings in the circulation process. I choose to directly communicate with end customers on the after-sales site, and list existing problems into the project to be improved, depending on the optimizability of the process and standards. This is more advantageous for shortening the process time and solving problems in batches.

——Wang Mi, Manager of Quality Management Department


  Teacher Bian once summarized the formula for success as: products of Sayyas factory + service of Sayyas distributors = customer reputation = success. Through standardized unified actions, let managers return to the front line, listen to the voices of customers, understand customer needs, and continue to create value for customers, so that the system can be integrated with culture, and the communication between managers and customers and employees can be strengthened. In the future, all backfield outposts and second-line departments of Sayyas will work hard, research, and improve around the front desk and the front line, so that the system culture of “customer-centric and culture-based” will continue to be implemented.




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