Reasonable suggestions for ALL IN for all employees: small ideas, great effects!

  Ma Yun said: The innovation of a company is not designed, but forced by unfinished goals.

  Sayyas’s corporate culture includes both "responsibility" and "struggle-oriented". We have been pursuing to drive management with a sense of responsibility and drive efficiency with struggle. Process improvement, 6S management, service improvement, process lean, those details that have not been noticed are the "unfinished" annotations in the past and the starting point for our rationalization suggestions. Dissatisfied, not stuck, not trapped in one-acre three-cents of land, derived from real improvements in practice, we will verify and screen every suggestion you make, and issue rewards after review and confirmation.

  The following is a demonstration of the improvement effects of some of the rationalization proposals awarded to the employees in the first quarter of 2020. Change is accumulated in the end, let us see who they are...

Glass workshop Guocheng

全员ALL IN合理化建议:小点子,大作用!

  Effect: Reusing the corner protector for protective transportation reduces the chance of scratches and saves 600 hours of working hours per year; the introduction of a spraying exception call system saves workers walking time and improves work efficiency by 28%. Receive a cash prize of 100 yuan.

Nanjing Sayyas Qin Jie

全员ALL IN合理化建议:小点子,大作用!

  Effect: The efficiency of the stamping machine was improved and the stamping time of a single piece was shortened to 11 seconds, which greatly improved the production efficiency and received a cash reward of 500 yuan.

Retail Center Ren Xiaojun

全员ALL IN合理化建议:小点子,大作用!

   Effect: Improve the efficiency of Muyang order design, reduce the use of design drawings, make it easier for workers to check and process, and receive a cash reward of 50 yuan.

Glass workshop Sun Lingling

全员ALL IN合理化建议:小点子,大作用!

  Effect: Improve the efficiency of end milling of the beauty bar, and solve the bottleneck of the end milling of the beauty bar of the Chinese window. The end milling time is increased to 17 seconds; the increase of the sliding table saw handle baffle realizes the whole board blanking, and the efficiency is increased by nearly 70%. Receive a cash prize of 100 yuan.

Glass workshop Xiao Xiuling

全员ALL IN合理化建议:小点子,大作用!

  Effect: Improve the pressure regulating glass process, optimize the number of operations to 5, and now one person can complete it, and get a cash reward of 50 yuan.

PMC Department Zhao Runan

全员ALL IN合理化建议:小点子,大作用!

  Effect: Design the sun room label, realize the paperless sticking label, provide convenience for the upper and lower order, and get a cash reward of 50 yuan.

  The remaining selected proposals

  Glass workshop Zhou Meiyu

  Improve the large-format polysulfide rubber inspection tool to achieve zero missing inspections around the large-format

  Project Center Xie Baoze

  Change the position of the fixing iron at the hinge to reduce the bumps of the hinge cover

  Muyang Studio Bai Yu

  The model of conventional 304 steel plate is changed to avoid insufficient materials to affect order execution

  Retail Center Cui Lingnan

  Communication Hotel, add a free breakfast for each room, saving costs

  The environment is unpredictable, nothing can stay under the original framework, the original vitality of the enterprise is constantly emerging in innovation and improvement. This constantly iterative reality puts higher demands on every employee. Only by holding deep learning ability, delving into the thinking of improvement, and the sense of responsibility that everyone is the boss can form the core competitiveness and enable Sayyas to cope with all changes calmly and go further.




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