The craftsman is at the time: the second craftsman competition of Sayyas Window Industry is officially opened!

  The craftsmanship spirit is the innovative spirit of pursuing excellence, the quality spirit of striving for perfection, and the customer-centric service spirit. In order to discover outstanding craftsmen and implement the incentive wage system, at 14:00 on June 5th, the second hand craftsman competition of Sayyas officially kicked off!


  △ The first participating workers took a group photo with teacher Bian, center manager, and process consultant

  In the second paint room of the wooden window, Chairman Bian Shuping, General Manager of Manufacturing Center Zhao Guocai, R&D Director Wang Yong, and Process Consultant Wang Yanbo came to the scene to guide and help out for the first game! Chairman Bian Shuping's interpretation of the word "craftsman" in the opening sharing touched everyone on the scene. Sayyas has been working hard for 23 years. It is the innovation and continuation of the craftsmanship, making Sayyas one of the benchmark enterprises in the building exterior window industry.


  △ Chairman Bian Shuping: Craftsman, the "craftsman" puts the tools in the box, and also precipitates the ingenuity

  The first skill contest was conducted in the manual painting process of the second part of the wooden window. Eight contestants, including two star craftsmen, completed the manual painting of the specified workpieces. The competition process is assessed from three aspects: standard operating procedures (including the wearing of labor protection supplies, pre-painting inspection, spraying process and handling, etc.), quality inspection (paint film thickness and color difference of paint) and working hours, following the principle of "non-zero or hundred". Among them, the accurate grasp of the paint film thickness is an important assessment item, that is, the paint film thickness determined by the lottery is sprayed on the designated glass sheet, and it is qualified by the judges. Among the 8 workers, 2 were eliminated due to non-compliance with the standard work, 2 were eliminated due to the unqualified paint film thickness, and finally 4 passed all the assessment items.


  △ Zhang Haijun, manager of the second department of wooden windows, and Li Tingting, manager of the quality department, inspected the thickness of the paint film


  △ Star craftsmen Zou Hongyuan and Zhou Li are competing

  Sayyas has been in the industry for 23 years, relying on the excellent products created by the ingenuity and recognized by customers. The craftsman competition is held to discover, cultivate, and inspire craftsmen, so that the "craftsman spirit" will become the most solid and profound force in the cultural soil of Sayyas, and become the label of Sayyas people. After the experience, forging, and promotion of the craftsman competition, we look forward to the birth of more star craftsmen in the future, driving the team and exerting energy in adhering to standards and technological innovation. Next, the various skill events of the Craftsman Competition will continue to be "updated" every week, so stay tuned!




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