Sayyas's heavy new product vibration industry, brand upgrade meeting is a complete success!

  Today, the brand upgrade of Sayyas Window Industry, the completion of the new plant and the global launch of new products are grandly held! Guests from construction, building materials, decoration and other industries participated in the grand event, exchanged brand building ideas, discussed industry development trends, and jointly created a cross-border gluttonous feast. As the industry is facing accelerated reshuffle and in-depth adjustments, this grand event The entire industry is of milestone significance.

01 New brand strategy release:

     Iteratively upgrade "air conditioning windows"

  The highlight of this brand upgrade is the concept of "air conditioning windows". 22 years ago, Sayyas defined and named "aluminum-clad wooden windows"; today, Sayyas borrows the well-known concept of "air conditioners" to break the naming logic based on materials and make it easier for consumers to understand the importance of energy-saving windows. The regulating effect of indoor temperature, and expressing it in a dramatic way, is the "air conditioning window".


  △ Professor Xu Zhiyong, Professor Zhang Xu, Mr. Xie Yuanjian and other guests presented the plaque of "Inventor of China's Aluminum-clad Wood Air-Conditioning Window" to Mori Ying

02 Sayyasku 8th release:

Super single product dazzling debut

  After two years of research and development, the new product Sayyasku 8 degrees surprised the audience as soon as it was launched at this event. As the flagship window type of air-conditioning windows, Sayyasku 8° not only has a minimalist design language and a narrow frame, but also has obtained the A-level certification of the German PHI (Passive Research Institute) and has a passive window with super thermal insulation. Energy-saving attributes, good products speak with strength.

Sayyas "Cool 8 degrees": Warm three or four degrees in winter, cool three or four degrees in summer



  △ Sayyas's "Cool 8 Degrees" has received high attention from consumers and media

03 Message from industry big coffee Sayyas:

Innovation leads the future of the industry

  As the first company in China to obtain the building exterior window certification issued by PHI in Germany, Sayyas is also the company with the most PHI certification in China. In this grand event, four products of Sayyas have obtained PHI certification. Behind the results are Sayyas's unremitting efforts and dedication in the field of energy-saving exterior windows for more than 20 years.


  △ Mr. Xu Zhiyong, Honorary Secretary-General of China Passive Construction Alliance, issued PHI certification to Sayyas


  △ Mr. Xie Yuanjian, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Landsea Green Group, delivered a speech

  To this end, Dr. Benjamin Krick, the leader of the component certification work group at the PHI headquarters in Germany, sent a congratulatory video to thank Sen Ying for providing an excellent window solution for passive buildings and spare no effort to promote the development of passive buildings. Mr. Xu Zhiyong, Honorary Secretary-General of China Passive Construction Alliance, also said: Every certificate has full weight and represents the strong energy of Chinese enterprises and Chinese manufacturing. In addition, experts in the field of passive construction, such as Xu Wei, Dean of the Environmental Energy Institute of the Chinese Academy of Building Research, and Zhang Xu, Chairman of the China Passive Construction Alliance, also praised Sayyas’s product innovation.


  △ Mr. Xu Wei, Dean of the Institute of Environmental Energy, China Academy of Building Research, sent blessings via video


  △ Professor Zhang Xu, the rotating chairman of the China Passive Architecture Alliance, visited the site and expressed his recognition of Sayyas’s contribution to the development of passive architecture in China

  "Customer-centric" has long been integrated into Sayyas's blood. At a memorable moment such as the brand upgrade, Mr. Deng Tianji, chairman of Hunan Great Group, also came to the scene and highly praised Sayyas's thoughtful and meticulous installation service and the professionalism of Sayyas people. In his speech, Mr. Zhang Yongzhi, editor-in-chief of Tencent Home Furnishing & Youju New Media, affirmed the important role of Sayyas's product quality and brand concept in the consumption upgrade of the home furnishing industry.


△ Mr. Deng Tianji, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of Great Group, visited the press conference and delivered a speech


  △ Mr. Zhang Yongzhi, Chief Editor of Tencent Home & Youju New Media, Dean of Youju Research Institute

  The new upgrade of the brand represents that Sayyas has entered a new era. The completion of the Nanjing factory and the commissioning of the Nanjing plant also marked the official opening of the north-south layout of Sayyas's production base. New strategy, new image, new journey... Sayyas will take this grand event as an opportunity to abide by ingenuity, keep improving, continue to deepen the energy-saving building exterior window industry, and join hands with industry colleagues to help China's green building industry enter a broader future!







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