Sayyas Nanjing near zero energy office building PHI certification!

In recent years, with the development of China's "3060 double carbon strategy", many related industries have been given opportunities to develop vigorously. The construction industry, as a big energy user, is also particularly concerned.

On March 11, 2022, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a Notice on the 14th Five-Year Plan for Building Energy Conservation and Green Building Development, requiring that by 2025, more than 350 million square meters of existing buildings should be renovated to conserve energy, and more than 50 million square meters of buildings with ultra-low energy consumption and near-zero energy consumption should be built. Subsequently, the state and various provinces and cities have issued a lot of support policies for the construction of near-zero energy buildings, and put forward relevant standards and requirements.

Sayyas Nanjing near zero energy office building PHI certification!

In buildings, doors and Windows are particularly key to controlling building energy consumption, and the energy loss through doors and Windows accounts for more than 40%. Therefore, small Windows, not only the key to building energy efficiency, but also an important role in the overall goal of reducing carbon, should not be underestimated.

Sayyas, as a high-tech enterprise, focuses on the research and development, design, production and sales of customized energy-saving aluminum-clad wood Windows. In 2012, it took the lead in developing and mass producing passive Windows (heat transfer coefficient Uw≤0.8) in China; In the following year, a passive window with a heat transfer coefficient of 0.6 was developed. In 2015, it developed China's first passive curtain wall; In 2020, GFRP was introduced to develop a new generation of energy-saving aluminum-clad wood Windows.

Sayyas Nanjing near zero energy office building PHI certification!

In addition to focusing on research, development and production of energy-saving beauty Windows, Sayyas has also built its factories and office buildings into green and low-carbon buildings. Recently, Sayyas Nanjing Office building as an existing office building near zero energy transformation project officially obtained PHI passive transformation project certification.

Sayyas Nanjing near zero energy office building PHI certification!

It is reported that PHI transformation project air tightness limit n50 standard is 1.0h-1, and Sayyas Nanjing office building air tightness test results show that under the conditions of indoor and outdoor positive and negative pressure difference 50Pa, the building average hourly ventilation times is only 0.56 times. The quality of the overall air tightness of the building strongly guarantees the project to achieve the goal of near zero energy consumption and a comfortable indoor environment.

The large-scale facade envelope of this project adopts Sayyas Scw60 aluminum-clad wood open-frame curtain wall, three-glass, two-cavity, double-hollow and double-LOW-E warm edge spacer, and the hollow cavity is filled with inert gas.

Sayyas Nanjing near zero energy office building PHI certification!

Sayyas Nanjing Office building near zero energy consumption renovation project through efficient external insulation system, high-performance doors and Windows, good air tightness, efficient fresh air heat recovery, the use of renewable energy and other means, in the realization of indoor health and comfortable indoor environment at the same time greatly reduce the building energy consumption. According to IBE (a near-zero energy building evaluation tool applicable to the engineering field), the comprehensive energy saving rate of this project is 60.90%, which meets the requirements of "Near-zero Energy building Technical Standards" and passed the 2021 near-zero energy Building Evaluation of China Academy of Building and Architecture last year.

Sayyas Nanjing near zero energy office building PHI certification!

Sayyas Nanjing office building successful transformation, not only practice their own "limit consumption reduction, extremely beautiful life" corporate mission, but also to the current existing office buildings near zero energy transformation provides a successful example, and with an open attitude to invite people from all walks of life to visit this project.

The "3060 two-carbon target" is actually much closer than thought. According to the Tsinghua University report, to be carbon neutral by 2060, the country needs to enter an emissions plateau by 2025, peak before 2030, and then accelerate emissions reductions on the most stringent path. As a pioneer in the field of passive exterior Windows in China, Sayyas will continue to help the development of energy-saving buildings in China, focus on energy-saving beautiful Windows, and make a contribution to the realization of China's double carbon goal of 3060.




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