2021 Heilongjiang Construction Standards and Key Technical Work Points

  In 2021, the general idea of the construction standards and technical work in Heilongjiang Province is to take the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the guide, firmly establish and implement the new development concept, focus on the green development of urban and rural construction and the vision of CO2 emission peak and carbon neutrality, improve the building energy consumption, accelerate the development of green buildings, steadily promote prefabricated buildings, promote scientific and technological innovation in construction, improve technical standards, and actively promote the high-quality development of urban and rural construction in Heilongjiang.

  I. Improving the building energy consumption

  1. Strictly implementing energy-saving standards: We will continue to increase the publicity and implementation of the "Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in Heilongjiang Province" (DB23/1270-2019) and the "Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings in Heilongjiang Province" (DB23/T2706-2020) to promote the implementation of the standards. All localities shall be guided and encouraged to implement the "Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings in Heilongjiang Province". We will promote low-energy building technologies and products, and continue to carry out pilot projects for low-energy building construction. Besides, we will also strengthen the whole process management of the implementation of mandatory energy-saving standards for new buildings, and ensure that the province's new building energy-saving design compliance rate and construction qualification rate reach 100%.

  2. Promoting the energy-saving renovation of existing buildings: All localities shall consider the energy-saving renovation of buildings as a basic part of the renovation of old urban residential areas, and coordinate efforts to promote energy-saving renovation of existing buildings in combination with the renovation of old residential areas To this end, they shall seriously implement the requirements of "Notice on Issuing the Implementation Plan (2020-2022) of "Three Keys and One Transformation" Tackling Action for Pollution Control of Bulk Coal in Heilongjiang Province", and the annual plan to renovate residential buildings shall be not less than 13 million square meters, of which the renovation area of Harbin, Suihua and Zhaozhou shall be not less than 6.5 million square meters, 400,000 square meters and 30,000 square meters respectively. All localities are encouraged to implement energy-saving renovation of high-energy-consuming public buildings, with an annual target of more than 100,000 square meters.

  3. Promoting the application of renewable energy in buildings: All localities shall earnestly implement the "Special Plan for Geothermal Energy Heating in Heilongjiang Province," and key demonstration areas and active demonstration areas shall start the construction of demonstration projects as soon as possible. The focus is on the promotion and application of geothermal energy in areas not covered by central heating and in government-invested projects. All localities are encouraged to tap the application potential of renewable energy, and develop solar photovoltaic, biomass energy, air source heat pump and other renewable energy as heating energy supplement, so as to promote the adjustment of local energy structure, and strive to promote the application of renewable energy in 500,000 square meters of buildings annually.

  II. Promoting the increase of both quantity and quality of green buildings

  1. Expanding the scope of implementation: We shall implement the "Green Building Creation Action and Implementation Plan in Heilongjiang Province", strengthen the supervision and management, implement work responsibilities, implement a quarterly report system for tracking and supervision, and promote the full implementation of green design in new urban buildings. In all cities and towns, the proportion of green building design in new buildings shall reach more than 70%, and the annual new green building area shall be not less than 10 million square meters. The government-funded public buildings, affordable housing and renovation of various shanty towns shall implement the green building standards, guide commercial real estate development projects to build high-quality green buildings, and actively promote the evaluation of green building labels.

  2. Improving technical standard: We shall organize the compilation of green building design and acceptance standards to improve the bottom line control level of building construction; publicize and implement related green building standards, and promote technical personnel in all aspects of design, construction and acceptance to deepen their understanding and application of green building standards; promote technical service units to carry out whole-process consultation and management of green buildings, and improve the quality of green building design and construction

  3. Promoting the popularization and application of green building materials: We shall accelerate the certification of green building materials and products, establish a product information collection mechanism and management platform, focus on promoting the application of high-strength steel bars, high-performance concrete, integrated wall panels with thermal insulation structures, and prefabricated building parts. The government-funded projects shall take the lead to adopt green building materials. Harbin and other places are encouraged to carry out construction of demonstration projects for the application of green building materials, and strengthen demonstration guidance.

  III. Promoting the development of prefabricated buildings

  We shall further strengthen policy guidance, introduce substantive preferential policies in land supply, industry management, taxes and fees, encourage local governments to introduce policies and measures to promote prefabricated buildings, and guide local governments to adopt prefabricated construction in the construction of subsidized housing, with an annual plan to promote at least 800,000 square meters of prefabricated buildings. We shall strengthen production capacity construction, strive to cultivate more than three prefabricated construction industry bases every year, and promote the balance between supply and demand of prefabricated construction. Besides, we shall also strengthen project construction, organize on-site observation and giving play to the leading role of demonstration projects.

  IV. Leading innovation in the construction industry

  Focusing on the key work in the field of construction, the government shall give full play to its leading role, and take enterprises and scientific research institutes as the main body and demand as the orientation, to promote project scientific research and technological breakthroughs in line with the high-quality development of the industry. The construction enterprises and scientific research institutions shall be guided to apply for annual science and technology plan projects of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and provincial science and technology awards. We shall strengthen guidance and services for scientific and technological innovation, establish an information system for the application of scientific and technological research projects, actively organize the appraisal and promotion of scientific and technological achievements, and strengthen the promotion and application of the "four new (new technology, new processes, new materials, and new equipment)" technologies and products. We shall also expand engineering applications, rely on key projects to guide the application and implementation of innovative technological achievements, summarize experience, and form a reproducible and extendable technical standard system.

  V. Strengthening the support of construction standards

  In accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, focusing on the key work of the construction industry, we shall improve the engineering construction standard system in the aspects of green environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon, refined urban management, promotion of urban livability, fire prevention and disaster reduction, etc., improve the coverage of the standard, and complete the compilation of no less than 13 local standards for engineering construction every year. We shall continue to promote the compilation of local standards for the "solid waste to sand" series; further intensify the management of local standards, and establish a local standard information disclosure mechanism and management system for project construction; regularly review standards to abolish or revise standards that are incompatible with high-quality development; and explore the establishment of a standard application evaluation mechanism to promote the implementation of standards.

  VI. Strengthening the support of construction standards

  We shall continue to carry out annual evaluation of the green town construction evaluation index system, form a long-term working mechanism, and promote the evaluation of the green town construction index system on a regular basis. All professional commissions are urged to study and adjust evaluation indexes in accordance with the "14th Five-year Plan", continue to improve the data collection channels, verification methods and evaluation standards of the index system, and promote the index system to become more scientific and reasonable. The evaluation ranking results of 13 prefecture-level cities have been announced. We shall find the shortcomings in the development of the industry in combination with the evaluation results of the index system, innovate working methods and measures, and continuously improve the management level of green town construction.

  VII. Strengthening organization and implementation

  1. Improving ideological understanding: The 2020 Central Economic Work Conference listed the "doing a good job in emission peak and carbon neutrality" as one of the key tasks in 2021. The construction industry is a key area of carbon emission. Local housing and construction departments shall focus on carbon emission and carbon neutrality, actively apply the building energy consumption monitoring platform, clarify the status quo of local building energy consumption, analyze the development trend and determine the peak target. The departments shall also integrate the concept of green and low-carbon development into the whole process of project construction, renovation and management, continuously improve building energy utilization efficiency, and optimize heating energy structure.

  2. Strengthening supervision and assessment: The development of building energy-saving, green buildings, and prefabricated buildings has been included in the provincial government's "dual control" of the total energy consumption and intensity of the municipal and local governments, the annual target responsibility assessment content for the control of GHG emissions and the annual key tasks of the housing and urban-rural construction departments. Local housing and urban-rural construction departments shall strengthen hierarchical supervision, strengthen the whole process management of project construction, implement the main responsibilities of construction, survey, design, construction, and supervision, and ensure that related technical standards related to building energy-saving, green buildings, and prefabricated buildings, etc. are implemented. Local governments shall carry out special inspections of building energy-saving and green buildings in conjunction with local supervision and inspection of construction quality and safety, and handle violations of laws and regulations in accordance with the "Regulations on Energy Saving for Civil Buildings". Harbin is encouraged to carry out pilot work on energy management of public buildings based on quota indicators.

  3. Standardizing statistical reports: Building energy-saving, green buildings, and prefabricated buildings in various regions shall follow the requirements of the "quarterly reporting system" and earnestly do a good job in the submission of data reports related to work progress and phased tasks, realizing reporting all that should be reported. According to the relevant report content of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the "Annual Statistical Table on Basic Situation of Building Energy-saving" (Annex 1), "Annual Statistical Table of Prefabricated Building Development" (Annex 2), and "List of Annual Promotion of Prefabricated Technology Application Project" (Annex 3) has been adjusted. All localities shall fill in the new forms. The rest of the forms still be filled in according to the "Notice on Standardizing Statistical Reports Related to Building Energy-saving and Green Buildings" (Heijianhan [2018] No. 219).

  4. Organizing the publicity and training: All localities shall combine special events such as "Energy Saving Week" and "Low Carbon Day" to carry out publicity and education of green life in communities and agencies, and increase the publicity of relevant policies, regulations and measures such as building energy-saving, green buildings, and prefabricated buildings, to create a good atmosphere for publicity. Heilongjiang governments shall make full use of building a vocational training and employment service platform to carry out the publicity of technical standards and other technical standards for disaster prevention shelters, such as the "Design Code for Disaster Prevention and Refuge Sites", "Construction Standards for Emergency Shelters in Urban Communities", and "General Technical Requirements for Emergency Shelters in Cities and Towns". The government shall actively organize the promotion and implementation of the "Special Plan for Geothermal Energy Heating in Heilongjiang Province" and continue to organize prefabricated building presentation groups and carry out prefabricated building technology presentations. All localities shall strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and expand the team of prefabricated construction management and technical personnel.

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