In 2021, Liaoning Province Building Energy Savings and Construction Science and Technology Work

  First, work ideas

  Fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of the 19th National Congress and the 19th National Plenary Session, implement the new development concept, and deepen the provincial partnership agreement to give full play to the strategic support of scientific and technological innovation, and take advantage of "Double Control" as a starting point. Building energy saving and green building development, strengthening scientific and technological innovation capacity and engineering construction standardization, promoting the creation of green buildings, and promoting the development of low-carbon development in the construction field.

  Second, the main goal - 100% of the new civil buildings in urban construction implement national energy conservation mandatory standards; - The new construction of the new construction of the new construction reached 70%; - assembled building accounts for 21% new construction area of urban construction; The construction of scientific and technological independent innovation is further improved, and a batch of urban update technology application pilot demonstration project is completed.

  Third, key tasks

  (1) Promote the development of building energy saving and green building

  1. Find a good job of "double control" work in building energy consumption.

  First, clarify the "Double Control" target task of building energy consumption in the region (see attachment), including: building energy-saving compulsory standard implementation rate, green building and assembly architecture, existing residential buildings and public buildings energy-saving reconstruction area, Recycling energy building application area, green building materials application;

  The second is to strengthen organizations, strengthen leadership, compaction responsibilities, refine work measures, set up node goals, strengthen supervision and management, and resolutely implement the requirements of "double control";

  The third is to strengthen statistical work, "The Statistics of the Basic Status of Building Energy Saving" is an important basis for the national assessment provincial governments and the province to assess the municipal government. All regions should be highly valued, the special person is responsible, seeking truth from time to report.

  2. Enhance the level of energy conservation of buildings.

  First, strengthen building energy conservation supervision, implement supervision responsibility, strictly implement 75% of urban residential buildings, 65% energy-saving standards for public buildings;

  The second is to implement energy-saving renovation of existing buildings with transformation value, clearly have both residential buildings and public buildings to modify the annual target tasks and complete tasks; encourage both public building energy-saving transformation to implement contract energy management models;

  The third is to promote renewable energy technology architectural applications, and clearly renewable energy building applications and complete tasks.

  The fourth is to hold "building energy saving publicity week".

  3. Promote the high quality development of green buildings.

  First, clarify the development annual target of local green buildings and complete tasks;

  The second is to implement the "Liaoning Provincial Green Building Regulations";

  The third is to actively carry out green buildings, implement "assembly + ultra-low energy consumption + health buildings" green building system;

  The fourth is to improve and implement star green building logo system; five is to explore the establishment of a green residential user supervision mechanism, and guide the buyers to do a good job in green indicators.

  4. Promote the development of assembly architecture.

  First, clarify the development annual target of local assembly buildings and complete tasks;

  The second is to promote the establishment of steel structure industry base in Anshan, Benxi, Yingkou, Chaoyang and other cities;

  The third is to improve the layout of industrial bases, explore the transformation of commodity concrete and cement production enterprises to upgrade to assembled building industry base;

  The fourth is to explore the establishment of the "Internet + Construction Industry" platform, cultivate new construction industrialized backbone enterprises, and do a good job in talent training.

  5. Promote green building materials.

  First, clarify the annual development goals of the local green building materials and complete the task;

  The second is to promote the implementation of the green building materials evaluation mark, establish a green building materials, the quality of building materials, and promote the quality of building materials;

  The third is to strengthen the supervision and management, new, change and expansion of materials applied in green buildings. The new product materials, government investment projects take the lead in using green building materials, and gradually improve the application ratio of green building materials;

  The fourth is to create a green building materials application demonstration project and vigorously develop new green building materials.

  (2) Accelerating the innovation of construction technology

  1. Strengthen technical experts, institutional management.

  First, improve the province's construction science and technology expert library, and form a provincial construction science and technology professional committee;

  The second is to rely on the Provincial Building Energy Saving Engineering Technology Research Center, carrying out key technologies such as green buildings, intelligent heating.

  2. Promote the development of science and technology.

  First, build a market-oriented green technological innovation system, organize research and development of research and development of key sections such as building energy saving and green buildings, assembled buildings;

  The second is to carry out pilot application research on ultra-low energy green building technology and musical steel fiber concrete pipe sheet;

  The third is to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, introduce advanced technologies from internationally renowned companies such as Bekart and Danfoss.

  3. Promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

  First, continue to expand the construction of scientific and technological achievements library projects, and cultivate the new achievements of science and technology;

  The second is to surround the urban update technology, green construction, health house, ultra-low energy consumption, building insulation structure integrated, green building materials, steel fiber concrete, etc., prepare "four new technology" promotion catalogs, carry out project demonstration and results transformation;

  The third is to encourage the transformation of key technology provinces in the construction industry chain, actively recommend the typical projects of our province to declare the Science and Technology project of the Ministry of Housing and Construction; actively organize the provincial scientific and technological progress awards and Huaxia Awards.

  (3) Promoting the construction of new urban infrastructure

  First, the preparation of the "new urban infrastructure construction work program" and accelerate the promotion of new urban infrastructure construction in our province;

  The second is to fully promote the construction of the urban information model (CIM) platform, start the provincial, Shenyang, Dalian, Shenfu Demonstration Zone and CIM foundation platform for conditions in the city;

  The third is to implement intelligent municipal infrastructure construction and transformation;

  The fourth is to cooperate with the development of smart cities and intelligent networks, carry out the pilot work of intelligent networks;

  The fifth is to accelerate the construction of smart community;

  Sixth is to promote intelligent construction and construction industrialization.

  Seven is to promote the construction of urban integrated management service platform.

  (4) Improve construction standard system construction

  First, further improve urban update, CIM platform, green building, building energy saving, construction science and technology construction;

  The second is to develop standard preparation revision plans, highlight public welfare standards, organize health residential and existing standards for local standards such as building green transformation;

  The third is the expert team of optimizing the standardization of engineering construction;

  The fourth is to strengthen the standard publicity, cooperate with national standards, labeling, and organize local standards publicity;

  The fifth is to organize steel fiber concrete tube standards to rise in national association standards.

  (5) Strengthening the management of engineering quality testing

  One is to optimize the business environment. Continue to deepen the qualification of engineering quality testing institutions, "one network through", streamline approval process, improve approval efficiency;

  The second is to strengthen industry supervision. With the foundation, subject structure, steel structure, and reliability identification and testing mechanism, the registered personnel verification; combined with the quality and safety of construction projects and the supervision of construction market, focusing on the quality of ready-mixed concrete; there will be serious illegal violations, Complaint reporting, a testing organization such as major work quality accidents, listed as a key supervision, strengthening on-site inspection;

  The third is to severely investigate violations of laws and regulations. All localities should increase investigation and punishment for the illegal violations of the testing organization, for the qualification standards, forgery test data, issue false test reports, and violating the corresponding laws and regulations, it is necessary to investigate and punish in time, and announce to the public .




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