C90-New Tide

Sayyas Aluminum-clad Wood Window丨C90

Mullion wood and fixed layering are optional from classic type (double arc type) and modern type (rectangular type).

  • C90 Detail

    C90 Detail

  • C90 Detail

    C90 Detail

  • C90 Detail

    C90 Detail

  • Air tightness

    Air tightness

    GB/T7106-2008 standard Level 8 q1 ≤0.5 [m³/m·h]
  • Water tightness

    Water tightness

    GB/T7106-2008 standard Level 6△p≥700Pa
  • Anti-theft


    Adopt multiple mushroom head lock point system for multi-lock point linkage to meet RC2 anti-theft standard
  • Chinese style

    Chinese style

    The natural texture of wood is more close to nature, which shows retro style collocated with side frame, window stool, casement, grille and skirt board
  • Opening method

    Opening method

    Opening method: single outward casement opening and double outward casement opening
  • Wind load resistance performance

    Wind load resistance performance

    According to the calculation results of the stress bar, the standard test sample window can reach GB/T 7106-2008 standard Level 9 P3≥ 5.0KPa
  • Window and screening integration

    Window and screening integration

    Wire mesh can be assembled to meet people's requirements for various forms of ventilation such as anti-mosquito, anti-theft and anti-pollen. The diamond mesh is flat with the aluminum surface outside the window, which does not affect the pressing frame installation of external wall insulation or external shutter louvers, etc. It is very convenient and practical.

Mullion wood and fixed layering are optional from classic type (double arc type) and modern type (rectangular type).

Outer aluminum grille is standard, and inner wood grille is optional (inner wood grille can only be matched with modern wood). The grille can be removed to facilitate the cleaning of glass. Organ mesh structure design is window products for window products. The mesh can be pulled out from the cavity when in use, and can be hidden in the cavity when not in use. The mesh is installed on the side of the frame, which is removable for maintenance.

Insulating glass configurationHeat transfer coefficient K valueThermal insulation performance SHGCSound insulation performance Rw
5L+12Ar+5+12A+5 (Note: tempered according to national standard)1.4W/㎡·k0.4≥SHGC>0.336dB

    C90-New Tide

    C90-New Tide




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